Manifest Your Dream House!

Home is a powerful word. It brings to mind a place to live and thrive, and most of all, a place that you feel you belong. Even if your experience of home so far has been less than positive, “home” holds a promise of being in a place where you feel supported, secure, and happy. Home isn’t just a place you find, it’s a place you can create through manifestation, starting right now.

To manifest something in a spiritual sense is to create an energetic pathway between your desire and your reality, using clear visualization. Because of the energetic nature of the universe, this really works! All you’ll need for this simple manifestation spell is a pen and paper, and your imagination.

Whether you feel your current house is dreamy as it is, or perhaps that this place is still somewhere way over the rainbow, these manifestation exercises will allow you to lasso your best future life and manifest it into the here and now!


dream housePin

Step 1

Draw a simple shape of a house on a piece of paper. Just a square with a slanted roof on top should do it. Feel free to get creative with colors or collage materials here too.

Step 2

On a separate sheet, brainstorm some words that describe what you need and want in a home.
Include physical attributes, but most importantly write down words about the kind of life you want to live inside the home. General words like creativity, harmony, beauty, and inspiration might come to mind. Other words might relate to activities you value, like an art studio, home cooking, gardening, and good neighbors. When it comes down to it, this is a list of values!

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Step 3

Now from this list choose ten words that best reflect the whole picture. When you have come up with your new list, write them down inside your dream house drawing.

Step 4

Place your finished dream house drawing in a place you will return to often. It could be on an altar, bulletin board, or inside a journal. As long as it feels like an active and personal space. Return to it regularly for a week, and simply read the words.

Step 5

Now comes the active visualization! When you have a quiet half hour to yourself, take your paper, read it one more time, and then fold it up.

Step 6

Find a comfortable position and sit or lie down. Close your eyes and take three deep, gentle breaths. Bring your awareness into your body and find a sense of stillness there.

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Step 7

Imagine yourself walking up a pathway and opening your own front door. Once inside, visualize yourself having realized each word on the list. Make each word into an action that you can imagine yourself experiencing in the moment.
For instance, if you wrote down gardening, see yourself kneeling in the fresh dirt and planting your favorite flower. Feel every detail of it, including smells, tastes, and temperature.
If you wrote abundance, imagine yourself walking from room to room, feeling safe and secure with a healthy savings account and money flowing in regularly.

Step 8

Finally, visualize yourself stepping outside onto the path once more. Turn around and look at your dream house and invite every good thing that you haven’t thought of into your door. Say,

“For the highest good of all beings, let it be.”

Step 9

Open your eyes and say,“And so it is.”

By Raven Hinojosa

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