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Angel Number 2222 Hand Touching LightAre you wondering why you keep seeing the number 2?

Or perhaps you’re seeing 22, 222 or even 2222 wherever you look? Do these numbers have a meaning and is that why they keep appearing in your life?

If you’re happening to notice repeating 2s with increased frequency, we’re here to tell you there certainly IS a good reason for it, and we’re here to help you figure out what that reason is. So keep on reading…


Numerologists regard numbers as carriers of pure energy as they contain a huge amount of archetypal wisdom. This is wisdom which crosses time and space, it is Univeral and applies to us all: Collectively and personally. This is also one of the reasons the Spirit realm uses numbers to communicate with humans – numbers are unambiguous and once you speak their language, unmistakable.


It’s believed that Angels are the messengers of Spirit (or God, the Goddess, the Universe, whatever word you wish to use…) so when these number codes appear, they are actually sacred signs. Repeating Number sequences are designed to catch your attention, to break the hold of the matrix, to draw your attention into the present. They are like prayers from above, requests for attention and intention. One of the first people to start publicly interpreting the meanings behind number sequences was Doreen Virtue, but once you know some basic numerology, you can do this too. (We’ll give you a free gift at the end of this article to get you started!)

Many people even use number patterns as a means to connect with guardian angels on a regular basis … this is also something you can do, too.

Well, if you’re happening to notice these numbers with increased frequency, there is a good reason for it, so it’s important you figure out what that reason is.

Numerologists regard numbers as carriers of pure energy and believe they contain a huge amount of archetypal wisdom. Which is one of the reasons why the Spiritual realm uses numbers to communicate with humans. It’s also why many people call these kinds of repeating numerical patterns “angel numbers” as they’re becoming more widely recognized as messages from the divine, containing spiritual guidance and support.

What is the meaning of 1111?

Repeating 1s (111, 11:11) have become an anchor for many in the conscious community. They remind us of the power of thought, prompting us to make a wish and then give gratitude for what we have, sowing the first, delicate seeds of manifestation….

But this can be the easy bit! And whilst being the vital and necessary first step, setting intentions is safe and secure and doesn’t really require us to be seen in the world, or take too many risks. And that’s when the number 2 starts to appear …

What is the meaning of 2?

In numerology, the 2 is the first of the feminine numbers, holding the frequency of the mother archetype, and its nurturing, sensitive and strongly collaborative qualities. This archetype can’t exist in isolation – without the child, the role of a mother is unfulfilled and it’s the same with the number 2.

So if you’re seeing the number 2 repeating around you, you’re being encouraged to be sensitive, generous and to birth your gifts out into the world!

The 2 is flexible, relatable and seeks harmony, so ensure each step you take is protecting the delicate balance of life around you.

Trust your intuition and move slowly. Seeing angel number 2 is a powerful sign that you must listen to your inner wisdom.

What is the meaning of 22?

In numerology, the number 22 is a master number and contains visionary qualities, as well as the practical, grounded impulse which comes from the number 4. So when you see repeating 22, you’re being encouraged to lift your manifestational prowess up to the next level!

It can be a really scary thing to make your mark on the world. To take that first, brave step out of the box, away from the comfort zones of ordinary, everyday life and actually DO that thing that will make your heart sing!

Without the birth of your desire, intention, idea, project or task, out into the world, the vibration of the master number 22 (known in numerology as the master builder) can’t be fulfilled. So if this number is showing up for you, it’s time to release your intention, externalize it and start nurturing its existence in the big wide world.
22 is here to tell you to make that phone call, write that email and take the inspired action that will shape your desire into being!

Trust yourself, your instincts and the visions in your heart. Seeing angel number 22 is a powerful sign that it is time to take your big idea and make it your reality!

What is the meaning of 222?

If you’re seeing 222, it’s time to sit up and take note – the Universe is trying to get your attention! You’re receiving a powerful sign that you need to build and nurture your creative vision.
222 can often appear when doubts, anxiety and fears have begun to creep into your mind, and you’re avoiding doing the work you need to. So practice self-trust: believe in your intuition and your creative power, and you’ll become a catalyst for incredible change in the world. When you see these numbers, it’s a signal that you must dig deep and call on the trust that resides within, because YOU are the one steering the ship, and nobody else can do the work that you are being called to do.

Combined, 222 form the 6, which is a highly creative and nurturing number, so this is also a reminder to care deeply for yourself. Repeating 222s can also be a message that it’s time to be your own nurturing mother and to cultivate and care for yourself and your desires as a priority. So if your focus is being pulled elsewhere and your energy is currently scattered, you are now being called to pull it all back into center. You’re being guided and supported to do this, because only from this place of inner strength and poise, can you truly express your work out into the world.

Seeing angel number 222 is a powerful sign of protection. You are cared for and you are loved, so have no fear: do the work you came here to do.

What is the meaning of 2222?

Seeing 2222 is a very powerful omen.

It encourages balance and harmony, and contains the energies of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine principles. If you’re seeing this repeating number, you’re being encouraged to stay on track and create with beauty and care, rather than force.

Combined, 2222 reveals the frequency of the 8, which is regarded as a number of immense power and wealth. You have this potential right now, but your pathway is through the sensitivity and cooperation of the 2.

Trust your intuition, and keep going on the track you’re on.

Don’t be fearful of making your mark in the world because it’s only really through this actualization and the manifested expression of our human journey that we learn our soul lessons.

You are divinely supported right now. Remember that your creation is an extension of Mother Earth, so work in communion and collaboration with her.

Seeing angel number 2222 is a powerful sign of encouragement and affirmation. You don’t need to know what the big picture holds, simply follow each step as it is revealed to you, and you’ll make a great contribution to the world.



Do you keep seeing repeating numbers?
Is the archetype of the number 2 showing up in your life at the moment?

Comment below – I would LOVE to hear the hidden messages that your guides are bringing to your attention at the moment!


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