Master Numbers, Their Meanings, and the People Who Carry Them

Reducing numbers to single digits is a standard practice in numerology. However, there are instances when numerological calculations results in what are known as Master Numbers. The most common Master numbers are 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are very important in numerology because often denote a higher potential for the individuals that posses them.

11/2 – The Master Number 11/2 is known as a communicator and the spiritual. It is said that 11s are on a journey to find self-illumination and in their search, they have the potential to illuminate the people they meet along the way. They can also effect spiritual illumination and may be considered by a lot people as a guiding light.

Some of the keywords that describe people with an 11 in their numerology profile intellect, inspirational, illuminating, leader, peacemaker, mediator, a visionary, humanitarian, uplifting, and intuitive. 11/2s have the potential to live a very social life – this is a result of the 2. However, most 11s are more comfortable in the internal rather than the external world. 11s also thrive in the spotlight and it is common to find 11s among people of note. Inspiration is a Key trait for 11s. They have a great potential to inspire the people around them.

With the 11s greatness also come their great potential for self-destruction. It is then the challenge for the11/2 to seek enlightenment in order for them to truly fulfill their potential.

Former US president Bill Clinton and president Barack Obama have the Master Number 11 as their Life Path numbers. Other famous 11/s include Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Anwar Sadat, Collin Powell, Princess Diana, Prince Charles, James Earl Carter, and Tony Blair.

22/4 – Known as the organizer, the 22/4 has the ability to see things in a grander scale. Like the other master numbers, 22/4s have the ability to bring a focused and determined mind to any project or challenge. These individuals are often seen as the builders for humanity.

Some of the top traits associated with the 22/4 include organized, master organizer, practical, takes on large scale tasks, practical, ideal, ambitious, takes dreams and makes them come true, inspired, methodical, confident, wise, honest, creative, hard working, and competent.

Organizing, whether in large or small scales, is one of the most prominent characteristics of those who have a 22/4 in their profiles. They are also known as natural leaders. Creativity is also a part of the 22/4s nature and they are also highly adaptable, this makes life for the 22/4 more stable than that of the 11/2. The challenge for the 22/4 is to keep from feeling overwhelmed, especially when they undertake big projects.

Famous individuals with a 22/4 in their profiles include Woody Allen, Demi Moore, Isaac Stern, Luciano Pavaroti, Al Gore, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, and JD Rockefeller III. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates also have 22/4s in their numerological profile. Both of them have become builders for humanity.

33/6 – Considered as one of the highest master number forms due to its innate ability for human consciousness, the 33/6 is the advocate for the underdog. They are also noted for their willingness to give themselves fully to those who need them.

Some of the top characteristics associated with 33/6 include sensitivity, selflessness, altruistic, caring, nurturing, spiritual, protective, forgiving, emotional, and tenderhearted. They also have the talent for working with humility and great love. People with this master number in their numerology profile also have the ability to see the good in people no matter the situation. Love is also a recurring theme in the life of 33/6.

The 33/6s connection with the spiritual and the emotional can make it easy for them to be swept into the emotional burden of others. This also makes them an easy target for emotional distresses. They can also easily get caught up with the task of solving each and every one of humanity’s problems. 33/6s must also learn to fight the natural inclination of not asserting themselves to others when it comes to handling their responsibilities, properties, finances, etc. The lesson for those with a 33/6 is to learn to love the self first before they give out love to others.

Notable people with a 33/6 in their numerology profile include Fred Astaire, Francis Ford Coppola, Reba McEntire, Mikhail Barysnikov, Steven Spielberg, Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Rev Jesse Jackson Sr, and Meryl Streep. Britney Spears also has a 33/4 in her numerology profile, although this lends towards her expressiveness, the 33/4’s emotional vulnerability has also affected her life.

Aside from the above, here are the meanings of some of the less common Master Numbers.

44/8 – With a double dose of 4 for steadfastness and an 8 to denote an affinity towards wealth, 44s have the potential to be a master of both the spiritual and the material. They also have the potential to live the life that most people covet – one that is rich spiritually and emotionally, while not having to worry too much about finances.

55/1 – People born with a 55 carry the double vibration of the 5 coupled with the strong influence of the 1. The challenge for 55 is to balance out the fickle and freedom loving nature of the 5 with the strong urge to lead and dominate of the 1. People born with this number have a strong potential towards masters of new thought.

66/3 – The search for peace and love has the potential to dominate the life of those with a 66 in their numerology profiles. Their search for peace and love also has the potential to resonate to many people across the world.

77/5 – Those with the number 77 in their numerological profile have the potential for mastering spiritual energies. It combines the spirituality and intellect of the 7 and the 5’s love of freedom and affinity for change.

88/7 – The high intellect potential of the 7 is coupled with the 8’s penchant for the material world. People with an 88 have the great potential to connect the energy of the universe with the material world.

99/9 – People who have a 99 in their numerology profile have the potential to harness their great ability of motivation. These people are often characterized as leaders of leaders and the teachers of teachers.

If you have a Master Number in your numerology profile, don’t dismiss it. Make sure that the numbers in your numerology profile were not reduced from these master numbers. It is also your challenge to try and live up to the potential of your number. Use your abilities for the good. You should also learn to be at peace with yourself. Keep in mind that it is not rare to find people with master numbers among substances abusers and criminals.

Master Numbers, Their Meanings, and the People Who Carry Them

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