555 in numerologyDoes life want to shape itself differently around you?

Does life want to manifest in different ways, from how it currently does for you?

And if it does, then WHO is the one standing in its way?

One of the hardest things to do, is to look at our own resistance to change. It is so often a whole lot less threatening and easier to hold onto the comfortable, familiar but uninspiring old life, than to go through the mess of tearing it down and breaking it up, to make way for the shiny, ideal and SO much more aligned, brave new one. Dreams, intentions and the sowing of seeds are all great ways to spend your time, but to actually allow the ripples of change to rise through your reality, you need to actually, practically start to do new things, and to do them differently.

Keep waking up at 5:55?

This is the place that a lot of people have arrived at, when repeating 5s start to show up in their lives. Waking up seeing 5:55 on the clock is extremely common, or perhaps 555 or 5555 are popping into your field other ways (the spirits are unceasingly inventive!) However you see the 5s, the messages and guidance they have for you will be the same, and the more frequently they appear, the quicker you need to sit up and take notice!  But what is the significance of repeating 5s, and what is Spirit using these numbers to ask you to do?  

The lessons of the number 5 are predominantly about embracing change: about first seeking change out, and then expanding into it, so when 5 keeps on repeating for you, it’s a sure sign that change is currently, or imminently about to unfold through your life.  You need to embrace it.

But his doesn’t mean you’re expected to sit back and let change simply materialise around you, no.  The number 5 needs you to change too.

Change is Freedom!

Some people thrive in changing environments and shifting circumstances, but more generally change can feel uncertain, unstable and unsettling.  It feels risky, its outcomes are unclear and the big fear is that change will leave us with so much less than we started out with.  But in truth, change is a portal for potential, it is a precious opening for a myriad of new ways of being and seeing and doing!  You will never have less – whatever societal metrics tell you – because growth does not go backwards.  Change is growth in motion.  Change is freedom, change is life.

Your Spirit and guides know this (and they also know that change is the only constant in the Universe – it’s only through our narrow human perspective that we think life stays the same!) and they are using repeating 5s to remind you to embody this freedom.

Be fearless

Repeating 5s offer a strong message of confidence and daring, but also of light-footed flexibility!  An incredible and often overlooked quality of this number (which is amplified when you see it repeated) is that of detachment.  The more we can embody and embrace the dynamic, fluid, shifting nature of life, the easier it becomes to let go of the rigidity of the matrix which removes us from our truth.

So when you see repeating 5s, release what is weighing you down, and stretch out your horizons – your physical, geographical horizons, and the limits of what you think is possible.

Break your own mold.

Express wildly.

Explore with abandon.

Seek exhaustively

Try something new, then try something entirely different.

Soak up the unfamiliar until it becomes your normal.

Then break your own mold again, and again …

And repeat.

Are you seeing 55:5 or 5555 a lot in your life?

What are you doing to welcome the change that wants to appear in your life?

Share your journey below so we can help each other to flourish through these shifting sands!


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer at Numerologist.com: a truth-teller and weaver of words and stories. She specializes in reading, describing and helping others to navigate the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world.



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