It’s soft, dreamy, escaping kinda week with the Sun moving into gentle Pisces, along with a New Moon and a reflective Mercury Retrograde in the same sign. It’s time to take a backseat and let the universe drive you to where you need to be; to relinquish control to the cosmic wisdom, baby! Try not to steer the car yourself too much – it’s not the right time to assert any kinda control, as much as driven Mars in structured Capricorn demands it.

Give yourself a break, take a trip to the ocean, dream up some new ideas and listen to some inspiring music – in other words, let your imagination lead the way! There are some lovely, gentle, and soft astrological aspects happening this week to make life feel smooth and easy, and with a few of them involving exciting Uranus, there’s a little bit of electricity in the air, a little bit of magic. And who doesn’t love themselves some good old magic, right? Wave that wand, honey, and weave a few spells to create the life of your dreams!

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Watch for glimmers of growth when it comes to spiritual matters, Aries. Open up and trust that the universe really does have a plan for you. Watch for a sudden opportunity.




New friendships and alliances may be born this week, Taurus, and you may stoke the fires of some new dreams. But wait until after Mercury Retrograde to make a start.





Sometimes it’s a good thing to be more intuitive, Gemini, rather than follow logic. When you open yourself to the magic of the cosmos, you’ll find that opportunities slide into your lap.





Sow a seed, Cancer, and watch the flowers bloom! Or visit a church, a yoga studio, or a temple, and feel the peace that’s waiting. This is a time for you. Just you.




The Sun, your ruler, moves into the sector that speaks to change, transformation and depth, Leo. You’re urged to embrace these things, to allow shifts to happen, including in your relationships.




The opportunity for new love – or a new start in a love that’s already established – arises, and sometimes when you least expect it, Virgo. But, there’s one small condition – you have to trust.




Focus on the New Moon in your lifestyle zone, Libra. Find new ways to bring imagination and creativity into your life, and explore ways to serve others in your world.




Your dating zone is about to get lit AF, Scorpio! Single or committed, passion is a priority this month. Just set boundaries and know your limits. Don’t sell yourself short.




This Mercury Retrograde is a tricky time, Sagittarius, and all decisions have to be delayed. Dream your dreams, don’t try and force anything, and be open to change.




There’s opportunity in your personal passions sector, Capricorn. Push your energy toward what you really love. The ideas flow – it’s as if you have a direct line to the gods of creativity.




Be on your guard when it comes to lending, borrowing or blindly investing money, Aquarius. The Mercury Retrograde in your financial zone could find the wool pulled over even your eagle-eyes.




This is your time, sweet Pisces! The Sun once again makes his move into your sign, and allows new beginnings. A New Moon bolsters this energy, and helps make dreams happen.