Oooh, can you feel that expansion in the air?

After a long and murky (but actually pretty transformative) Scorpio season, the energy of fire-sign Sagittarius has taken over. This week, Sun and Moon collide, as the New Moon Solar Eclipse rises in the sign of the centaur.

Their conjunction will be exact at the following times –

On December 4th:

  • 11:34 in Los Angeles (On Dec 3)
  • 2:34 in New York City
  • 7:34 in London
  • 8:34 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 9:34 in Moscow
  • 11:34 in Delhi
  • 14:34 in Hong Kong
  • 15:34 in Tokyo
  • 17:34 in Sydney


We all know that New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle. And with this being the last eclipse of this year, the new beginning energy is high!

The Moon’s energy is often subtle and receptive, creative and intuitive. But it builds and grows, as she does, becoming lighter and more expressive as the cycle progresses. Her culmination comes at the Full Moon phase, two weeks after the New, and for many people, they feel this sense of ‘fullness’ and accomplishment here, too.

Sagittarius Calls You OUT Where You’re Stuck!

In Sagittarius, la Luna’s energy becomes a whole lot more optimistic than at other times. That’s not to say She’s not normally a positive influence, yet this sign’s energy is especially curious, playful and adventurous. It seeks knowledge and understanding, needs variety and difference.

Very often when Sagittarius is activated (like it is this week) it highlights where in our own lives we’ve forgotten we also need these things: variety and difference, knowledge and adventure.

Are you getting enough? Ask yourself this question, and if the answer’s “no” (or even that you’re not entirely sure) then here are three steps you need to take at this New Moon, to expand into your potential.

1. Embrace a Fresh Perspective

During a solar eclipse, the air of change lingers all around us. And often, we can’t quite make sense of what is to be done. We usually know there’s something going on – something just below the surface that we can’t quite see what it is.

And that’s why it’s vital that you remain flexible and adaptable to be able to make the changes that you need to make. During this eclipse, keeping an open mind about your next move is so important.

And that’s especially true because of the perception-challenging energy this eclipse brings.

While you may have a certain opinion about an issue in your personal life or on a larger, collective scale, this lunation helps you see the bigger picture and might alter your perspective on what you believe to be true.

Change is never easy and when it comes to changing your mind it can often come with an added difficulty – you may need to swallow your pride.

And this is why you must be careful to ensure you’re not too righteous or opinionated and remain open-minded. Changing your mind is not a weakness. It might be exactly what you needed to be able to think strategically about where you want to go and who you want to become

2. Communicate!

This Eclipse conjuncts Mercury meaning communication will play a huge role in your new beginning. Communication with others may see you become more open-minded about certain issues as you gain a fresh perspective. So make sure you listen to what others have to say…

But this might not necessarily mean your communication with others. You must communicate with yourself and get clear on who you are and who you want to become.

In gaining this clarity, you’ll put yourself in a better position to communicate what you need from yourself and from those around you.

3. Get Personal!

Make sure you find out which of your personal astrological houses is being activated by this New Moon (you can read more about how and where to do that through your natal chart HERE).

  • Is it your first house of self? Then the signs are there, that there’s a truth that you’ve been neglecting about yourself. Decide what you’re going to do about it, or Uranus will decide for you.
  • Or does it sit in your sixth house of health, fitness, and systems? Then is this an area of your life that needs expansion, and an injection of some new, invigorated kind of knowledge?
  • Or maybe the New Moon falls in your eleventh house of groups, friends, community and collective pursuits? Where are you not stretching yourself and seeking to grow in these areas of your life?

You can be sure that this extra layer of insight into your horoscope will shift your lunar practice from guesswork to honed and aligned action.

Don’t have a lunar practice? This is the perfect time to begin one!

Wishing you an abundance of expansive New Moon blessings.