For this month’s reading, take a moment to connect with your intuition, go inside, and ask yourself which message is just perfect for you for the month: Message #1, #2, or #3. For fun, and because you can “read” anything, we’re using random objects I found in my office for this reading.

Message #1 — 01:05

Message #2 — 07:03

Message #3 — 11:47

Spirit Guide Message #1Pin

If you were drawn to Message #1, the object revealed is a Huichol Yarn Painting. In the image, you see a woman speaking to “the Gods” through an arrow and a candle. The arrow represents laser-like focus and intent, and the candle represents the light of your faith. Every time you have a wish or goal you want to achieve, it requires that you enter The Unknown to get there. The Unknown can be a very dark place. All you have is the light of your faith and the courage to enter the unknown. Talk to Spirit, make your intent clear, and take steps forward. That’s the invitation that’s waiting for you this month.

Spirit Guide Message #2

If you were drawn to Message #2, the object revealed is a Hummingbird. Hummingbirds are divine messengers. You may be receiving messages from Spirit, deceased loved ones, or your Angels and guides. The messages might come to you in a dream, in something you read, or in something someone says. Be open to hearing the guidance. The hummingbird is also a sign that YOU have something special — a message to impart. You have something today. Don’t worry, that someone else may have said it first. You are totally unique, and a message coming through you will reach the people it’s meant to reach. This month is about giving and receiving messages. Be open to the messages you sense and hear, and express what’s vital and alive in you as well.

Spirit Guide Message #3

If you were drawn to Message #3, the object revealed is a Black and White Stone. You may be feeling like you’re in a boat at sea with no wind. The sun beats down and there’s no land in sight. You worry because your food supplies are running low, and it seems as though the still waters are going to last forever. And then… suddenly, you feel a slight breeze. And then a gust of wind, and your boat starts moving again. Everyone on board gives a sigh of relief. “I knew it would be okay,” somebody says, and off you go. If it seems like nothing is happening, rest assured, invisible things are happening under the surface — and very soon, you’ll be moving forward again.

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