Welcome to your October Numerology Forecast.

What I’m gonna share this month, you’ll either love or hate…BUT please stick with me, because by the end of this forecast you’ll be ready to go.

October is a 4 Universal month inside a 3 Universal Year. 4 is the number of practicality, 4 is the number of taking tangible action on what you want. This month, your challenge is to take steps to put your plans into action. Tune in to the forecast to discover what the numbers will reveal to you…



September 30, 2019 is a 3 Day (3+0=3) of  a 3 Universal Month (9/2019=9+2+0+1+9=21, 2+1=3) of a 3 Universal Year (2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3). Can you feel it? When certain repeating numbers appear around you, it is evidence that there is a magical energy supporting you… an intelligent field of energy that is reaching out its hand to guide you. The repeating numbers you see are not random. They are powerful and specific signs that are here to give you the direction you need to turn your dreams into reality.

Click below to listen to Nat’s Repeating Numbers Initiation Event before midnight tonight to find out what your repeating numbers are trying to tell you.

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