And Breathe!

The Sun has swung into the most balanced and level-headed Zodiac sign and Libra Season is ON!

If you have a birthday between Sept 23 – Oct 23 … then here’s wishing you a huge happy birthday! Libra season is one of our favorite times of year (and after the whirlwind of the Sun’s 31-day sojourn through Virgo, we could all do with a little R & R, right?)


Just like sibling signs of the element of air: Gemini and Aquarius, Librans are social experts, concept connoisseurs, and absolute wizards of understanding when it comes to other people.

But, we know Libra, that with your gentle, unassuming presence and personality traits of grace and balance, that you sometimes get overlooked. In amongst the clamor of SO many other astrological voices, yours is one that gets “shushed”.

So in honor of you, our Libran birthday beaus, and to remind the world how precious you are, here are 10 of the reasons (we know) that friendship with one of you balanced beauties is the absolute best!

Pin1. They are Beautiful!

We’re not just talking looks here (though yes, that Libra woman/ man over there is superbly attractive – it must be something about that symmetry and supernatural skin-glow). This is one Zodiac sign that’s beautiful from the inside.

With a personality that oozes charm, grace, and loveliness, you’re irresistible.

2. They’re Cool, Calm, and Collected

Libra really has the most super chilled horoscope. As one of the three air signs on the wheel of the zodiac (along with Gemini and Aquarius) folks born under the seventh sign tend to carry this elemental energy with them.

Air is soft, nebulous, all-encompassing but totally liberating.  Air allows us to be whatever we need to be. It holds. Witnesses. Allows.

It’s the stuff of breath – if you do any kind of breathwork or yoga, you’ll know that changing the pace and depth of your breath has the ability to radically alter your internal body systems, especially your nervous system.

Spending time with your Libran BFF is a lot like taking in a long, soothing breath of fresh air. They will chill you right out!



3. They are the Zodiac’s Peacemakers

At the first smoke signal of strife, these level-headed loves know just how to smooth the way for the rest of us.

With a natural aversion for all things contentious or quarrelsome, Librans are always ready to jump to attention, acting as the mediator between warring parties.

Whether it’s a minor dispute in a supermarket car-park or a fully-fledged family feud, the balanced Libra personality understands how to get involved without “getting involved”.

5. They are the Zodiac’s Dealmakers

Planning an overseas trip to the souks of Marrakech? Or haggling down the price on a second-hand car?

Get your Libra buddy involved in making any kind of arrangement, you know you’ll end up with a win-win for everyone involved. These smooth talkers know how to negotiate practically anything!

4. Libras are Active Listeners

(Yeah, ok we know this is also one of our faves when it came to last month’s birthday boys and girls: Careful listeners Virgo. (Missed it? HEAD HERE) but this is also a trait we adore in Libra.

You listen deeply.

You remember.

You empathize.

Then you actually act on what we say! Because what’s so often forgotten about you, Libra, is your cardinality. Like other cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, you don’t just sit on the info you hear, you do something about it.


5. They Make Other People Feel Valued

When in company, Libra folks don’t just treat other people like sounding boards.

They will actually ask for feelings, opinions, perspectives, and reflections. They’ll seek out your point of view with genuine interest – not just because it’s polite to ask “How you doing?” but because they genuinely want to know how you are doing!

6. Life is Always Insta-ready with Libra!

Yes, we know there’s more to life than how it looks on the surface. But doesn’t how it looks on the surface matter just a little? Being in the native environment of your favorite sign of the scales is a lot like walking into a carefully curated Instagram homewares account.

Tasteful pastel tones, perfect angles, lighting to die for….man, your world feels good!


7. Libra Loves a Little Indulgence

Known for their more expensive tastes, Libra loves to spend out on beautiful things. This means they won’t make you feel guilty expressing a little of your own self-indulgent behavior.

So when you’ve just blown your entire month’s salary on an exquisite hand-crafted vegan leather bag, you can rely on your Libran BF to provide the right reassurance, that you have made the absolute best spending choice available to you.

8. They are the Zodiac’s Charmers

Reliably sociable when you need them to be, the Libra Zodiac sign knows how to “perform” in pretty much any social situation.

Any awkward silences will be artfully filled.

Any nervous party guests will be put right at ease.

And when they’re seated next to your obnoxiously conservative Uncle at a family dinner, you can rely on them to say all the right things, and none of the wrong ones.  

8. They are Idealistic

Sometimes penned as a negative trait, the idealism inherent in this Astrology can actually mean that these plucky people are more often than not, up for doing anything!

They want the best possible outcome in any situation, so they’re more likely to actually make it happen.

They’re optimists.

9. They are Tactful

Because they understand you, they understand exactly how to tell you things. Things you may not enjoy being told.

Tricky news to deliver? Entrust it to a Libran.

Another sign (umm… looking vaguely in your direction, Scorpio) could turn this trait into something verging on manipulation, but not Libra. They’re just too darn kind to even consider using their delicate gifts of discernment for anything less than purity.

10. They’re Kind.

…And speaking of kind, that’s a surprising personality trait in our Libran friends that we just can’t leave out.

Kind is underrated. But kind is what makes the world go round: genuine, simple, open kindness.  It’s Libra all-over. And actually pretty sexy..


Now tell us… were you born under the Libra Horoscope? Or do you have any lovely Librans in your life? Share in the comments what makes them your absolute bestie!