Aries, you are the pioneer of the zodiac. As the horoscope sign which comes first of all, you pave the way for others to follow, and you always have. You’re determined and courageous and ever eager to blaze ahead and achieve the very best that you can.

If Aries is your Sun sign/zodiac sign you are lively, daring and passionate. Others are inspired by your get-up-and-go attitude to life and because of this you’re often given (and gladly take!) the role of the leader.

In order to thrive, you must achieve. Your ambitious traits and ever-expanding drive mean that whatever you’re doing, you need to be winning! But with such a self-starting approach to life, do you have the stamina to stick with a plan for the long-haul? We shall see….


  • Date Range: March 21 – April 20
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality/Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Symbol: Ram
  • House: 1st
  • Color: Red
  • Part of the Body: Head
  • Tarot Card: The Emperor
  • Day: Tuesday


As the very first sign – the youngest sign – of the Zodiac, you represent the head of the Astrological body, basically controlling every other sign.

You say “walk,” and Sagittarius (thighs), Capricorns (knees), Aquarians (ankles) and Pisces (feet) all start working together to make that happen!

You say, “look over there!” and Taurus (neck) has no choice but to turn to your voice!

You say “grab that!” And Gemini (hands) picks up the item and shows you what they got!

People with zodiac sign Aries are master delegators!


Ruled by Mars, Aries is known as the most daring, enterprising, passionate and energetically “masculine” sign of the Zodiac. This doesn’t mean you’re a caveman – even though we all like to joke about it! – It just means you’re someone who will always keep moving forward. You’re someone who will always be on the front line, fighting whichever opponent stands in your way, while at the same time fiercely protecting the rest of the Astrological body with your quick-thinking, powerful mind.

You think for yourself. You don’t need to be told twice to secure the oxygen mask on yourself, before helping those around you. Aries people know their own limits and they know when it’s time to put up boundaries.


You are quick, headstrong, and express exceptionally assertive personality traits when you need to, making those hard decisions that someone’s got to make. You don’t have time for silly banter and chitchat, as it cuts into your “me” time (and let’s face it, Aries Zodiac Sign, it’s all about the “me”, right?) But on the other hand, you can be kind, considerate and SO aware of those around you; other people don’t give you enough credit for that. You want things to be nice and easy for everyone. (But especially for yourself!)

For you, your career path must involve opportunities for you to aim high, and then achieve your goals. As the very first of the three cardinal signs, Aries, you’re a go-getter like no other. Competition is in your blood (and this compulsion actually stems from your deep need to protect what is yours).

It (almost) goes without saying that positioning yourself as the leader, manager or CEO of any company will put you right at home. But, too much rigidity and structure could undermine all your strengths, as variety is what you really need. Without this, your impulsive streak could turn to recklessness, so be careful and be sure to control your fire (and your temper!) when it flares.

Entrepreneurship could suit you – being your own boss is really where you could thrive. As could seeking out work which provides continual opportunities to start a new project, try something new, set a new goal, break some new ground, make a new win… You are fearless. “What Next?” could be your personal mantra.


In Astrology, Aries is ruled by Mars: the God of War. And at times, this fiery, hostile side can erupt inside you, but only when you truly believe in something and feel genuinely threatened.

Others may perceive you as mildly arrogant when you’re in the midst of a good discussion – your opinionated, persuasive and self-asserting nature can leave little room for anyone else, so this is something you need to watch.

You do have a selfish streak (or two), Aries people! This personality trait can reveal itself through impatience and intolerance – you find it unbearably frustrating to be waiting for others when you know full well exactly what needs to be done, and how and when to do it! So developing the precious skills of patience, acceptance and the universal truth of divine timing – not everything needs to be done yesterday!- will serve you well.


Those with an Aries Zodiac Sign are passion incarnate. The fulfillment they seek in every area of life, they also seek in love (and especially between the sheets!)

Arians need to be adored.

And you need a partner to match your innate spontaneous, lively and dynamic personality, or you’ll quickly get bored… But that doesn’t mean you’re not loyal and committed, you just need to keep things interesting! But underneath that warrior’s attire, you DO have a sensitive side, and for this reason, you feel you must protect yourself in love. If someone hurts you, they are gone forever.

Even in partnership, you are the self. The identity. And you have to protect who you are, because if you don’t, there will be one less warrior among us.


Energetic and choc-full of elemental fire, those born under the sign of the Ram need to exercise! Finding dynamic ways to get that chi moving through your body every single day is imperative, and there’s virtually no chance of you getting stuck in a rut with your routine! You are drawn to every new fad that’s going, so you’re always more than ready to try something new. The trouble comes when you need to find the discipline required to get really good at that one thing you’re gifted at, so apply that strong-willed nature that you keep within, and try not to let your attention wander off when it gets a little boring….!

In astrology, the zodiac signs all rule different parts of the body. Aries rules the head, so you need to take care of all things neck-up. As a child you may have had many bumps to the head and unless you’re careful, as an adult too. Head colds and migraines may also be a personal weakness, so take extra care of this area of your body and stop before you hit that cusp of mental over-exertion (yeah right … we know this is falling on deaf ears…!)


Aries is the 1st sign and the ruler of the 1st house.

One is the archetypal masculine, most powerfully-driven and assertively-active number. And just like you, it leads the way, since in astrology, it covers the Ascendant.

The 1st house is the house of the “I am” and governs the ego, personal motivation and the wellbeing of the individual. This must come first or every other aspect of life will collapse like pack of cards and there will be no center from which to grow.

The frequency of the number 1 aligns closely to true expression and authentic action. Aries Man, Aries Woman, you are no one if you’re not being yourself! Whilst some signs will happily play second fiddle and dull parts of themselves down when in certain company, you must always shine as yourself. It’s your strength. You are your strength.


Aries is the 1st of the fire signs. You are the spark of ignition in any situation. You’re the origin, the first brave step, the will to exist at all!

All in all, you are extraordinary. Without you, none of us would be here: You start the whole wheel turning. You will achieve all that you set out to. Yours is the frontier which keeps moving on. Your challenges will be great, but that’s because you are!

And that is why we love you.

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