Editorial Photo of Woman in BluePinCharismatic, Cool and Oh So Unique: The Aquarius Personality

Aquarius, you are Master of uniqueness. Your original, inventive streak is wild and deliciously eccentric. You have visionary ideas and can see the collective future stretching in bright, new directions that most of us can hardly imagine!

If Aquarius is your horoscope (Sun sign) you are friendly and always over-the-top helpful, solving the problems of your neighbors as though they were your own, with logic and good sense.

But in order to thrive, you must create a lifestyle which allows you time for both socializing and solitude. Just like the element of air, you need to keep enough emotional distance from others, to retain your radical independence.

The Essentials: Aquarius Facts

  • Date Range: 21 January – 18 February
  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Ruling Planet: Uranus (traditional ruler: Saturn)
  • Symbol: Water Bearer
  • House: 11th
  • Color: Blue
  • Part of the Body: Ankles, shins, circulation
  • Day: Saturday

Let’s Get Deeper: Inside the Aquarius Mind

On the Zodiac wheel, you come right after Capricorn (AKA the power-seeking sign). Therefore, you hold all of the hard-won power that Capricorn has built up and amassed, but instead of hoarding and keeping it safe (like the element of earth) you redistribute it, held aloft on the winds of change!

 Aquarius Power and Strength (Career, Work and Lifestyle Insights)

 You could basically be described as the Democratic Socialist of the Zodiac.

As the symbolic Water Bearer”, you’re well known as a far-sighted and visionary altruist. You think nothing of leaving the cushy comfort of the first world for the most destitute places on earth, to offer precious liquid gold (in whatever mystical form it takes) to those who are less fortunate. You are the natural humanitarian, the Social Justice Warrior!

You will fight whatever you consider being an injustice… And work to destroy those who use their power to impoverish others.

You’re always trying to find ways to progress, to innovate, to march on and become more than you were… And to bring everyone else along with you!

For you, your career path must involve opportunities for you to innovate. With revolutionary Uranus at the helm of your ship, you’re always looking for radical new ways to solve the world’s problems. But the moment this creative urge is stifled, it’s bad news for everybody. Work involving modern technology, communications, connectivity, and design could all suit you. Just so long as whatever you’re involved in, has the greater good firmly at its center.

Virtually every Aquarius walks through life feeling like there is something more they are supposed to do. Normally, this inner urge leads you to the rally platform, working to silence hate speech, quash social injustice or raise money for important causes. But even this won’t satisfy you! Coming from Capricorn’s power and headed for Pisces enlightenment, you’re filled with an insatiable urge to take on the whole world! For this reason, (and to avoid burnout) you must choose your battles, focus your power, and actually learn to allow everyone’s truth to be spoken, even if you hate hearing it. Because moving towards compassion and true acceptance (hello Pisces cusp!) will ultimately lead the world to a place of healing.

Aquarius Shadow and Weakness

Your default unemotional state can make you detached from others, appearing aloof and disinterested. And if others read you in this way, and reject you even slightly, it can hurt you immensely. It’s a spiral which is easy to fall into but one you must try to avoid!

You can be so idealistic and at times becoming the archetypal rebel without a cause. Your drive to affect change is so strong, but you must beware of sabotaging the good: On occasion, you can become a little bit too self-righteous in your causes, and like a superhero, damage more than you actually save. This can happen when you don’t know your own strength, so self-awareness will ultimately save your reputation.

Inside the Aquarius Heart: Love and Compatibility

You do not love some more than others. You might say that you’re an equal opportunity lover, spreading yourself out evenly and strategically. Whilst love flows abundantly for some signs (hello Cancer), you are more controlled in your affections. Because of this, you, Aquarius can find it harder than most to sustain long-lasting and deep emotional ties with others. Modifying your independent lifestyle to accommodate a partner doesn’t come top of your list, so at certain times in your life, you may be one to avoid intimacy altogether. But, on finding your perfect match (whoever the lucky one may be!) you can be fiercely loyal and may even be known to unleash a deeply-hidden romantic streak! We know you have it in you, Aquarius!

Inside the Aquarius Body: Health and Wellbeing

Closely tied to the blood circulation, Aquarians can often find this bodily system to be vulnerable. So watch out for chilled extremities in cold weather and for low (and high) blood pressure.

It’s likely that you thrive in cooler weather, rather than the heady heights of summer. And like all air signs, you don’t especially enjoy a damp or humid climate. A light, fresh and raw diet is likely to suit your air-fueled body.

As ruler of the ankles and shins, you must also take extra care of this part of your body. Wear supportive foot-ware and focus on strengthening your joints, tendons, and ligaments as you exercise.

Aquarius at Home: Ruler of the 11th House

Aquarius is the 11th sign and the ruler of the 11th house.

Eleven is an insanely powerful number, and like I said, Aquarians are very powerful people! (You just like to deny this fact because you’re also a rebel, and denying your power makes you uniquely you.)

The 11th house is the house of friendshipsnetworking, and powerful allies, and so for you, it’s important that you stand out from the rest of the herd.  The frequency of the Number 11 also aligns with authentic expression and powerful influence, so retaining your independence, Aquarius, is paramount to your happiness and success.

Your mind is always active, you’re bright and intelligent. And so you teach. Aquarians are not allowed to hoard their power, it’s your responsibility to give, share and transmit what you know. And give you do.

Inside the Aquarius Spirit: The Holder of Highest Potential

Aquarians are the 3rd and final air sign. You are open-minded. You’re the dreamer, the visionary and the leap of faith between what IS and what could be. You’re not afraid to hold the space of potential for others to fill. You live to bring people together, you believe that religions and cultures can coexist and are always on the verge of achieving the Zen you search for.

Aquarius, you are extraordinary. You are more than worthy of achieving your dreams. And you will undoubtedly leave your mark, and change the world.

Aquarius, that is why we love you!

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