Leo Woman with Big Wild HairPinCreative, Expressive and Huge-Hearted: Traits of the Leo Personality

Leo, you are (literally) the King of the zodiac.

Ruled by the Sun, you sit at the center of the skies, while everybody else rotates around you. You’re the warm, beating heart, the source of love, affection and generosity that we all want to feel illuminating our lives.

No stranger to living life out in front, you’ll happily exist as a shining example to everybody else (whether they want it or not!) But your ease with taking the lead may mean your position at center stage isn’t given up lightly.  Is there just a drop of humility buried deep inside you, Leo? We shall see….


  • Date Range: July 23 – August 23
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality/Modality: FIxed
  • Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Symbol: Lion
  • House: 5th
  • Color: Red, orange and yellow – the colors of the Sun
  • Part of the Body: Heart, spine, back
  • Tarot Card: Strength
  • Day: Sunday

Inside the Leo Personality: Who is this Solar King?

Yours is an expressive and ambitious zodiac sign. You have an almost primal need to let your creativity loose pretty much all of the time, whether it’s in the kitchen, on the dance floor or between the sheets! You have an exuberant, animated and passionate personality. As a lover of drama and theatrics, this zodiac sign enjoys large displays of affection – why keep all that love locked up inside?!

But not everybody gets a taste of what it’s like to be your soft spot. Only those who are part of the Leo inner circle actually feel the lashings of your devotion – the rest of us are nobodies. That’s the way you keep it. And we wholeheartedly accept it because we’ll do anything to keep you happy.

Your unapologetic creative streak doesn’t mean you’re chaotic. On the contrary, Leo people are some of the most organized in the zodiac yet its something you’re rarely given credit for (could that be your close proximity to Virgo?) Maybe this is one of the reason’s this zodiac sign is SO adored by so many? You’re someone who’s in control of life, and it shows.

Seize the day could be your personal motto. You’re on a mission to squeeze every last morsel out of life and find fulfillment in every day you’re here. Leos live for fun! You are also born motivators and because you see the brightness that exists all around, you encourage everyone else to, too. Easily seduced by luxury and the finest flavors in life, your standards are high. Leos will settle for nothing less than the very best (which is the sure-fire way to reach your heart!)

Careers in which you can put your natural self-confidence and leadership powers to good use would suit you (and your employer) down to the ground. Positions, where you can also express yourself, flex your creative muscles and get up on stage every once in a while, would also be ideal. In top positions, Leos always make sure their underlings are all well looked after – this sign knows how to lead with compassion and fairness, but you’ll always expect 100% dedication, in return for yours.

Life with Leos is always full of entertainment. There’s never a dull moment – if you’re not cracking a joke or telling a tale, you’re busy creating one, to be told in the future…

Leo Shadow and Weakness (Yes, Even YOU have Negative Traits!)

So used to being the very center of everybody’s world, you, Leo, have a habit of thinking you know what’s best for them. It’s really because you hate nothing more than seeing wasted potential, but your know-it-all attitude and traits of reckless advice-giving can come across as domineering and really put people’s backs up if you’re not careful.

As children, Leos are often the bossy ones, so if this tendency wasn’t kept in check when you were a child, it may come back to bite you now! Try allowing space for other people’s voices to be heard once in a while. (We know yours is just SO much more enthralling to listen to, but try it!) You may find you actually learn something, if you hear a different opinion to your own.

Because of this zodiac sign’s need for drama, Leo’s have been known to create it out of thin air. Watch out for jealous, aggressive or arrogant traits, especially if they are aimed at somebody you know will rise to the assault. Try channeling your frustrations into something creative instead.

Another negative trait of the Leo sun sign is elitism. The regal air you carry so naturally can inflate into something just a little bit pomous if you’re not careful so try not to let that ego grow too big!

Inside the Leo Heart: Love and Compatibility

Those with a Leo Zodiac Sign are passion hot-houses of the astrological realms (whilst Scorpio’s passion is intense – you, Leo let it show!) Filled with SO much love and affection, who wouldn’t want to couple up with a Leo Man (or Leo Woman!)?

You’re romantic and expressive in love, and when you’ve been shot by cupid’s arrow, want the whole world to know about it!  But Leo, you’re a lover who needs to be worshipped in return. A regular, run of the mill relationship just won’t cut it for the leader of the pack – you need love to feel like you’ve made it to the royal palace, and nothing less.

A loving, affectionate, passionate relationship (with all the trappings) will keep you more committed than most other signs would ever be capable of – you are loyal to the core and there’s very little that will break the bond once you’ve decided on your love match. Despite your sometimes heady demands, you give (and expect) a great deal of respect in love (and in every other area of your life too) and will stay truthful and honorable to the very end.

Inside the Leo Body: Health and Wellbeing

Overall, this is a Sun sign of great vitality, strength, and vigor. Enjoying life and expressing your creativity whenever it’s possible – through dance and exercise perhaps – will do wonders for your overall wellbeing

As the astrological ruler of the heart, this is where your health-focus should be. Cardio workouts and exercise that you love should be top of your priorities list, to ward off any heart-centric illness.

Try to avoid too much heavy, rich foods (tricky – we know how much you love them!) as these won’t do your circulatory system much good either. And take good care of your back, especially as you get older as this area could be prone to weakness.

Leo at Home: Ruler of the 5th House

Leo is the 5th sign and the ruler of the fifth house. As the house of creativity, play, love, romance, self-expression and drama, you are fuelled by this lively energy. Life is a stage for you, and we only get one chance to give our best performance. You feel this deep in your bones – there is no second take, and you’re determined to make the most of it!

In numerology, 5 is the number of adventure, freedom and variety. You, Leo, are fuelled by the many interest, activities, and ideas that flow through your life. And whilst you’re not a fan of change – your fixed modality gives you a firm footing – you are always one to rise to a new challenge.

Inside the Leo Spirit: Fixed Fire

The Leo zodiac sign is the 2nd of the fire signs (coming after Aries, and before Sagittarius). You hold a strong, slow-burning flame that is the hearth-stone of the zodiac. Your presence is reassuring, and your fixed quality is dependable and true.

With such a wide-open heart, and self-assured spirit, you inspire others to trust their own authentic voice. The world needs to hear the tone held by every one of us. Your inner Sun glows with an invitation to let everyone’s sing true.

All in all, you are extraordinary. Without you, we would not have permission BE who we were born to be in the world

And that is why we love you.


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