Practical, Modest and Meticulous: Traits of the Virgo Personality

Virgo, you’re a sign of the details.

Like your cousin, Gemini, you’re ruled by fast-moving Mercury which makes you a proficient, efficient and highly organized sign. Life’s always moving when you’re around. You keep momentum, join the dots and clear away the trouble.

You often like it best when you’re working “behind the scenes” – tending to the smallest details, overturning stones and tieing up loose ends. You’ll never let us down! But your analytical mind and your details-oriented focus mean you hardly ever give yourself a break! Virgo, how DO you do it?


  • Date Range: August 23 – September 22
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality/Modality: Mutable
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Symbol: Virgin/Maiden
  • House: 6th
  • Color: blue, green, dark brown
  • Part of the Body: Nervous system, stomach, intestines
  • Tarot Card: the Hermit
  • Day: Wednesday

Inside the Virgo Personality: Who is this Perfectionist?

Yours is an observant and perceptive zodiac sign. You have an almost unending need to be doing something, offering up your personal energy in service. This means that you’re the one to take care of things. You make lists, you think of goals, and then you achieve them! It’s a simple equation (that’s how you make it look, anyway!) Unlike your opposite sign, Pisces, who hopes that dreams and wishes are enough to take them to the top, you, Virgo, are pragmatic, logical and always hard-working about what you were put on earth to do.

Virgo, you’re dedicated. There you are, quietly moving mountains whilst the rest of us are still figuring out how to take our first step. A willing worker, you’re a true asset to any team, always preferring to stay busy than stop and let idleness creep in. Laziness is something you can’t abide or understand. But not everyone’s got that stream of nervous energy running through their veins, Virgo! Your astrology is quite unique.

Bringing order to the chaos is your specialty. With neat, clean and ordered characteristics as standard, there’s a certain clarity to Virgo people. Beauty in fact. And this is something you share as you beaver away, wherever you go…

But your love of simplicity (or perhaps it’s your easy understanding of complexity) doesn’t make you a pushover. The Virgo sign is opinionated and not unknown for getting into a good discussion. Perhaps it’s your ability to see right to the heart of the matter? Or your capacity to pick up every detail around a certain subject?  Or your supernatural knack of picking up on what remains unsaid? Your only downfall when it comes to hot debate is that you’re not always as self-affirming as you could be. The top Virgo personality trait is almost always modesty. It’s a gift but doesn’t always do your fabulous mind justice.

We may tease you for your perfectionism, your nit-picking, and your worrisome tendencies but Virgo, you’re like the human magnifying glass we all need in our pocket to show up the error of our ways! And then help us fix it…!

Virgo Shadow and Weakness (Yes, Even YOU have Negative Traits!)

Perfectionism. It could be your middle name. So focused on the details, and with a tendency to overanalyze every situation til there’s nothing left to see but dust, your need for everything to be perfect is exhausting. And not only for everone around you – Virgo, you exhaust yourself!

At worst, this can emerge as very self-critical thoughts and self-deprecating behavior. And because your earth-sign stubbornness means you’ll often refuse to listen to anyone who tells you otherwise, you keep believing the lies you tell yourself. Of course, this is all born from a deep desire for self-improvement. Virgo, you want to improve everything and everyone and believe you need to be always on that upward spiral too.

Your abundance of nervous energy means that unless you manage to channel it into something productive, you risk frittering it all away – Virgos are notorious twitchers and fiddlers!

As children, Virgos will often avoid getting their hands dirty, messy play or even accidentally smudging their handwriting in school. Which means as adults, they can carry this on as an unwillingness take a risk and get creative. Preferring to follow the rules and “color inside the lines”, these precious people may miss out on opportunities if they’re asked to stray uncomfortably far from the rhythms and routines they feel keep them safe.

Another shadow Virgos can fall prey to is workaholism. A need to be busy, and an inability to let things lie means that bringing your work home with you becomes an all-too-often occurrence if you’re not careful. And like so much in life, firm boundaries are the key.

Inside the Virgo Heart: Love and Compatibility

It could take you some time to get to relationship status, Virgo. With such super-high standards and a sometimes picky approach, you could spend forever searching for the perfect someone. But once you get there, you’re committed.

Those with a Virgo Zodiac sign are loyal companions and can make passionate lovers. The earth energy of this sign gives Virgo a sensual side and as truly attentive and proficient details people, who wouldn’t want to couple up with a Virgo Man (or a Virgo Woman) between the sheets?

But Virgo folk can doubt themselves in relationships. Too much time spent wondering “Am I really good enough?” or “What does he/she see in me” or any other variation on the same theme can put a damper on the love match and really get in the way of romantic progress. But with work, the Virgo lover can learn to take compliments and believe in their own self-worth.

Another hurdle in relationships can be Virgo’s propensity for criticism, which may, in turn, turn to nagging. Because of the virtually constant internal monologue you have going on, you can forget that not everyone’s on a one-way-trip to self-improvement and appreciates being told what they’re doing wrong. So rein it in. Give yourself and your partner a break. Be ok with imperfection.

Inside the Virgo Body: Health and Wellbeing

 Of all signs of the zodiac, this one is sensitive to anything that knocks their physical systems out of whack. Virgoans can be more susceptible than most to allergies and additives in foods and household products, so it’s important for you to eat a clean, wholesome diet and avoid a lot of processed food. And as the astrological ruler of the digestive systems, you can suffer from problems with the bowels, so again, stick to a simple (but fiber-rich) diet. You could also try Vegetarianism – the impact of a change in diet shouldn’t be underestimated

Plenty of fresh air and time in nature could be your secret weapon, Virgo, (there’s that Earth Energy again) and gentle relaxing practices like yoga and meditation are a must, to soothe that fractious nervous system. In fact, if you don’t find ways to ground and calm down your racing nerves and analytical mind, hypochondria may strike – the Achilles heel of may Virgos.

Virgo at Home: Ruler of the 6th House

Virgo is the 6th sign and the ruler of the sixth house. As the house of work and service, daily routines, diet, and physical health, you are fueled by your focus on these areas of life.

Your body is a tool, and your life is your method of doing good in the world.

Inside the Virgo Spirit: Mutable Earth

The Virgo zodiac sign is the 2nd of the earth signs (coming after Taurus and before Capricorn). You’re deeply rooted in the world, you live in the nuts-and-bolts reality of real life, but you’re not afraid of change. In fact, you’re often the one to ease it along, making it safer and easier for others to clear out the old and welcome in the new, unafraid of transition.

You inspire others to see where progress can occur and improvements can be made. ANd you do this with a delicacy, a precision and a pure love for humanity that we can all feel.

All in all, you are extraordinary. Without you, we would not have the bridge between the people we are, and the people we could become.

And that is why we love you.

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