PinLively, Curious and a born Conversationalist: Traits of the Gemini Personality

Gemini, you’re the storyteller of the zodiac.

With your huge smile, witty and sociable nature and your unceasing need to communicate with everyone you meet, you’re our number one favorite party guest.

In order to thrive, you must connect. With your head living high in the world of ideas and opinions, you know that everything begins with a single thought. But with such a hip-hopping personality, do you have the sticking power to make things happen in the real world? We shall see….


  • Date Range: May 22 – June 21
  • Element: Air
  • Quality/Modality: Mutable
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Symbol: Twins
  • House: 3rd
  • Color: Yellow
  • Part of the Body: Arms, lungs & nervous system
  • Tarot Card: The Lovers
  • Day: Wednesday

Inside the Gemini Personality: Who is this Mercurial Trickster?

Represented by the lighter, or easier side of the planet Mercury (Virgo holds sway over the darker side), you have a good grasp on logical thinking and know that there is no true right or wrong in this game of life. Did I mention that life is a game to you!?

Represented by “The Twins” your zodiac sign gives you an innate understanding of the duality of the world. Because of this, relationships and connection mean everything to you. You’re on a constant quest to find the other side of any opinion, and your keenly inquisitive nature is unmatched!  But what you discover about the world is never tucked away and kept just for you (have you ever kept a secret!?) Your talkative, generous nature ensures that information is always shared. In fact, you often seem to miraculously find yourself in the right place, at the right time, with the exact tit-bit of information that’s required.

Your true gift is your ability to connect people together. It’s not only your keen insight – which knows exactly what different people have in common, allowing you to join the dots that exist in the ether, but that only you can perceive – but your ability to put people at ease and ride the smooth wave of small talk, which makes you such incredible company. Networking is your absolute forte, so any work that requires you to meet and greet, discuss, negotiate and connect people has your name on it.

Your need for variety also can’t be underestimated. Just like the air which is the element of your sign, you need constantly changing surroundings to feel alive! So any career path you walk needs to allow you the freedom to roam wherever the wind takes you.

Gemini, your confidence and enthusiasm for the wonders of life is infectious and makes everyone around you happy. But if you do find yourself in a bad mood, 5 minutes later the tables will turn and you’ll be all smiles!

Nothing is permanent in the Gemini world – this is the only thing that is for certain.

Gemini Shadow and Weakness (Yes, Even YOU have Negative Traits!)

Inconsistency is one of your biggest downfalls. Except for you, it can be hard to understand why others don’t share your love for the ever-changing nature of life, the Universe and everything. But this can mean you leave a lot undone in your life, moving on whilst projects half finished, conversations are half unsaid. It’s just that there is SO much more to see and do, so you, Gemini, are so easily distracted by whatever better offer comes along…

The changeable nature of your zodiac sign can give you an air of being indecisive, and others may sometimes see you as having split opinions about things (leading to your unfair reputation of being, at times, two-faced). But you know that it’s just a part of your all-encompassing nature.

You have been known to downplay your emotions, being more comfortable with a logical, rational approach to understanding (and explaining) yourself and the world at large. This can make emotional intimacy a challenge (for some, though not for all Geminis) and may even lead to impressions of superficiality. For this reason, it’s vital that in younger life, Gemini folk are taught the validity of what they are feeling.

Inside the Gemini Heart: Love and Compatibility

Those with a Gemini Zodiac Sign are the zodiac’s flirts. Of course you are – you love people in all their sizes, shapes, and colors!

You’re also known to get bored pretty quickly, so depth and commitment in relationships can be a challenge. Because of this, the early, honeymoon period is your favorite time, but after normality hits, you’re more likely than most to start looking around for new things with the promise of little freshness and excitement. So if you’re going to be in it for the long haul, any partner who holds your attention long enough needs to be spontaneous and fun, and needs to keep you guessing! But it’s vital for you to realize early on in love, Gemini, that it’s not only up to your partner to keep the relationship alive. If YOU can put as much effort into spicing things up inside the relationship, as you do outside it, there’s no reason loyalty and trust can’t blossom.

Inside the Gemini Body: Health and Wellbeing

You may not be the powerhouse of the zodiac, but Gemini, you’re strong and healthy and unlikely to get regularly ill.

You do tend to have a lot of nervous energy running through your system which manifests through your restless tapping and fidgeting, so finding ways to burn this off is a must. Exercise that leaves a lot of room for variety will keep you interested – team games are ideal as the social aspect will give you far more reason to get off the sofa, than a regular, run-of-the-mill exercise routine.

In astrology, the zodiac signs all rule different parts of the body. As well as the nervous system, Gemini rules the lungs, so you need to take care of all your precious breathing apparatus. You may be susceptible to coughs and breathlessness, so watch out for any signs of issues in this region. And avoid smoking at all costs.

Gemini at Home: Ruler of the 3rd House

Gemini is the third sign and the ruler of the 3rd house. Often referred to as the “House of Communication, here, the focus is on written and verbal connection with others. A large part of this involves conscious engagement with the world at large, as opposed to just bobbing on by, head in the clouds. This is something you could never be accused of, Gemini, for even in your most distracted states, you’re mentally strategizing, planning, understanding and about figuring out something or other of vital importance.

The 3rd House also rules early childhood, and how we learn to think and communicate as children. In Numerology, the frequency of the number 3 aligns closely to the archetypal child. Gemini Man, Gemini Woman, at your core you are playful and excitable! You have the pure curiosity of a child and are perpetually amazed at the wonder of the world!

Inside the Gemini Spirit: The Storyteller

Gemini is the 1st of the air signs. This makes you the burst of fresh air that enters the room, the gust that sweeps people off their feet and into action. You slip effortlessly between the gaps, connecting, enlivening and inspiring everyone you meet.

All in all, you are extraordinary. Without you, we would not see the connections that bring us beyond our personal worlds: You expand our minds and hearts.

And that is why we love you.

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