heart chakra plantsSensual, Earthy and Abundant: Traits of the Taurus Personality

Taurus, you are tactile, generous and enjoy the sensory pleasures that life has to offer. But you also understand the necessity of working hard to get them. As the zodiac sign coming second in line, after fiery Aries, you slow the pace down. You enjoy the ride. Every single step.

If Taurus is your Sun sign/zodiac sign (whatever you wanna call it!) you are dependable, hard-working and methodical in your approach to life. Quality is your number one priority. Whether that means working hard to afford the material possessions you most desire, or working hard to maintain high self-esteem; you’ll have nothing unless it’s of the very highest quality.

In order to thrive, you must have a firm (and comfortable) foundation. What is life for, if it doesn’t feel good while you’re living it!? But with such a fixed and determined approach to life, can you let yourself escape from the doggedness of routine, and actually be a little spontaneous once in a while? We shall see….

Astrology Essentials

  • Date Range: April 21 – May 21
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality/Modality: Fixed
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Symbol: Bull
  • House: 2nd
  • Color: Pinks, pale, pastel greens
  • Part of the Body: Neck, throat
  • Tarot Card: The Hierophant
  • Day: Friday

Inside the Taurus Personality:

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, it comes as no surprise that you’re charming, elegant and have an earthy sexiness that comes from deep within. People are usually not prepared for this, and you seem to relish in that fact, loving to catch people off guard!

Because of this strong Venusian streak, you are a lover of harmony and strong partnerships are everything to you. You will shut out conflict whenever you can, avoiding drama and upset. But this doesn’t make a pushover: Strong and brave like the Bull that represents you, you won’t cower at a fight or be manipulated into surrender. This, of course, creates that stubbornness you’re so famous for.

You have a very selective sign. You enjoy a small group of people and don’t need a million acquaintances to shower love on you. You take pride in the fact that you’ve had your few close friends for years, as for you, it’s always been about quality over quantity.

The things you build will last a lifetime.

Positive Personality Traits (Taurus Career, Work and Lifestyle Insights)

Known as the most hard-working and tenacious sign of the Zodiac, you’re someone who loves life to run at a steady pace, and feels most secure when you can see what’s coming next. For this reason, it can take you a long time to do things that others could complete quite quickly, but you always get the job done in the end. You are reliable and trustworthy, practical and diligent. Always working slowly and thoughtfully, you live by the adage: “Slow and steady wins the race”

You’re emotionally secure and will work to maintain this state of mind. So anything which could – even potentially – rock the boat, triggers huge warning signs in the Taurean household. You’ll do what you can to maintain the good life and for this reason, you avoid taking risks. You shy away from spontaneity. Some could even say that you’re a bit of a stick in the mud.

But of all the astrological signs, you are one of the most loyal people around. You’ll stay with a friend, a career, a company… even when it may not be the best choice, simply because you can’t bear to let other people down. You have incredible self-control, are committed and true.

Taurus people are honest people.

Even avoiding the littlest of little white lies, you’ll endeavor to always tell the truth. This kind of honesty can cause pain to some, but there are more people who love your straightforward approach to communication, than not. And it’s something others have come to rely on you for.

Taurus, Money and the Abundant Mind

For you, your career, money, and emotions are all interlinked. And because you work hard to ensure a balanced, even footing and a stable, emotional state, you’re well known as one of the most abundant signs in the zodiac. This may come as a surprise to you, but not everyone’s personality contains the same deep-seated sense of self-worth that you do. And it means you’re able to command a good salary and a high level of material value to surround yourself with, because you believe you deserve it!

But you also put the work in. And your methodical approach to your life and career mean that you’re unlikely to face any nasty surprises which could leave you in precarious positions.

The danger may come when you choose work for the money and security it provides, rather than the love, enjoyment, and satisfaction it brings. That said, any work which is unpredictable, where the pay is based on performance, rather than salaried, or which may involve a lot of travel or change, should be avoided. That kind of instability is unlikely to outweigh any benefits.

Work which is practical and involves real, tangible things is likely to offer true fulfillment. Taureans are often very creative, or maybe talented musicians or singers, so time should be given over to exploring these gifts. Work in the open air (in agriculture or horticulture) is always of great benefit to those born under this sign, as is spending enough time in the open air and around nature.

Due to your way with money (thanks to Venus!) work in the financial sectors could also be a good match, providing the risks and stress are not too high.

Taurus Shadow, Weakness and Negative Traits

Your love of the materiality of life can, at times of stress and upset, lead to obsessive or possessive behavior. Partners can be perceived as mere extensions of every other object in their life, so remembering to allow enough freedom to others is vital.

Your ruthless adherence to routines can also, at times, make you a slave to them. This can be a real shame when it means you miss out on opportunities that fall just outside of the parameters of your strict timetable. When this happens, and you find yourself saying “no” to things, for no other reason than it’s not in your master plan, you must try to recognize your “bull-headed” stubbornness as a limitation, and not a strength.

At worst, you can find yourself in a rut that you can’t get out of. Because change is so often perceived as a rupture of the comfort of life as you know it, you’ll often avoid making even the smaller changes which would make the larger, more immediate changes avoidable. So instead, you keep your head down and carry on. A good tactic for you would be to make change part of the plan. At least this way, it will be manageable, and you’ll feel like you’re the one in control.

Inside the Taurus Heart: Love and Compatibility

Those with a Taurus Zodiac Sign are loyal to the end.

Relationships are important, and physical and emotional closeness is something that you need. Emotional stability is your lifeblood – without this, nothing else in your life stacks up. But you also need to feel these things coming back – without an equal display of affection shown in return, you can begin to wonder why, and an obsessive, jealous streak may appear.

But this isn’t typical. In fact, a loving, stable, contented and drama-free relationship is your ideal. At your core, you’re down-to-earth and value the simple gestures. You are caring, loving and generous.

Highly sensual in and out of the bedroom, you need a partner who shares your tactile, physically-devoted approach to love. But … following the echoes through the rest of your life, there’s a real risk of becoming stuck in a rut, and a slave to routine, when it comes to love and sex. So being with someone just a little bit more spontaneous and adventurous than you, could help you avoid falling into this trap.

Inside the Taurus Body: Health and Wellbeing

Taurus’ love of the finer things in life can sometimes lead to self-indulgent behavior. Typically, one of the most attractive of all Zodiac signs, you LOVE being wined and dined and sharing time with loved ones which, and this often involves food. So it’s more important for you, than most, to keep a gentle eye on your waistline and ensure you do enough exercise to keep those extra few pounds at bay.

Your devotional attitude means that sticking to an exercise plan isn’t too hard. And despite being slower than most when it comes to dancing or aerobic exercise, you can do it! (Any struggles will be seen to by your stubborn-mindedness!) And you should do it, too – being encouraged to pick up the pace once in a while will do you good!

In astrology, the zodiac signs all rule different parts of the body. Taurus rules the neck and throat, and Venus is intrinsically linked to the thyroid gland. So you need to take care of this part of your body – wear scarfs to protect you from the cold as the temperature drops. Also be aware that any mood drops or weight gain may be due to the thyroid (if no other reasons are obvious).

Taurus at Home: Ruler of the 2nd House

Taurus is the 2nd sign and the ruler of the 2nd house.

Two is the archetypal feminine number, whose attention spreads outward, after the driven and assertive “I am” number 1 – just as you come after pioneering and individuating Aries.

The 2nd house is the house of surroundings and material possessions, also governing routines, work, and money. These things are the foundation from which the rest of life blooms. They create the safety, the stability from which we can grow.

Taurus Man, Taurus Woman, you are the rock which anchors others safely in the storm! Whilst some signs will spend their time talking and dreaming, you are busy making things real. Using good old fashioned hard work, you realize your plans, reap the rewards, and then enjoy them!

Inside the Taurus Spirit: Fixed Earth Rooting Deep

Taurus is the 1st of the earth signs, leading the way for Virgo and then Capricorn. You are rooted, connected, a true child of the Earth. You have no shame in taking real pleasure living the life you have been given, on every level of your being. And you’re richly rewarded for it!

You have an innate, even unconscious understanding of the glorious feedback loop of abundance on our planet, which means the more earthly delights you experience, the more you will receive!

All in all, you are incredible. Without you, none of us would be able to live the lives we have: You offer the momentum we need to grow. You will achieve all that you set out to, because you work for it. And because you know you deserve it.

And that is why we love you.

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