Scorpio Woman Underwater Dramatic Make-upPinIntense, Passionate and Devoted: Traits of the Scorpio Personality


  • Date Range: October 24 – November 22
  • Element: Water
  • Quality/Modality: Fixed
  • Ruling Planet: Pluto(traditionally Mars)
  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • House: 8th
  • Color: Dark Red
  • Part of the Body: Sexual Organs
  • Tarot Card: Death
  • Day: Tuesday

Inside the Scorpio Personality

Scorpio, you are full to the brim with charm. When you’re one-on-one with anybody (and let’s face it, that’s your favorite way to be) it’s like there’s nobody else in the room. With your intense gaze and unfaltering attention, you know exactly how to make others feel special. But the attraction’s not one-sided, Scorpio – you are magnetic.

Like each of the zodiac’s water signs (alongside sisters Cancer and Pisces) emotions are your lifeblood. You feel deeply – perhaps more deeply than any other sign – but don’t always show it. Playing your cards close to your chest, your life is a constant power-play and you’re on track to win.

You can be secretive.

You can be icy and cold.

Or at the other end of the spectrum, over-the-top obsessive!

In fact, one of the mainstay Scorpio traits is being in a constant state of reinvention. With Pluto as your ruling planet, how could it be any other way? You’re the king (or queen) of the ego death, continually peeling back layers of the onion skin to find the sweetness within. Themes of love, death, sex and power ripple through your life in waves, and they always will – your intensity isn’t something you can hide or ignore for long. It’s simply who you are.

Scorpio zodiac sign folk are highly skilled in the area of interrogation. In other words, your bullshit detector is on point, because the last thing you want is to waste your time with a liar or a fraud. In fact, it would break your heart to know that someone you loved was not who they said they were, and so you make sure that it doesn’t happen. You’re the zodiacs investigators. Adept at penetrating the walls of those closest to you and uncovering the deepest of secrets, people are constantly bemused by the levels of vulnerability you get them to reveal!

As a master of the psyche, you understand the intricacies of other people’s inner worlds, probably because yours is SO insanely exciting. It doesn’t matter how deep you have to probe – you’ll always keep digging until you get to the very root of an issue (some may call you the shadow hunter). You’re always wondering what people are about, and then tossing them aside when you’ve figured it out. Unless, of course, they intrigue you. Then the rest of the world should step back, because you’re smitten, and no one else has a chance.

Your passion is unrivaled. Scorpio folk are determined and devoted to their cause, whether it’s work, play or relationships. Some may say obsessively. In any case, it’s all or nothing with the single-minded scorpion which will take you to mastery in your lifetime, if you keep up the momentum.  The challenges come with this sign, though, when its energies are scattered and you lose your focus. Without a way to channel the intense amount of energy flowing through your system, there’s a real danger that your shadow aspects will rear up. And this is where you get your (unfair) infamy from…

shadow transformationPinScorpio Shadow and Weakness (Yes, Even YOU have Negative Traits!)

Like fire-sign Aries, Scorpio’s traditional ruler is the planet Mars, God of War. Whether it’s using your wits or in hand to hand combat, you too love to battle. You love to win even more. But unlike hot-headed Aries, you have the added element of patience. This in itself is no bad thing, but when swords are crossed, you can become brooding and vengeful, plotting your next move against the enemy when anybody else would have forgiven and forgotten eons ago.

If anyone knows how to hold a grudge, it’s you, Scorpio.

Your modern planetary ruler – Pluto – doesn’t let you off the hook: Pluto AKA Hades AKA the God of the Underworld. Yes, you are Hades, and we’re all Persephone – pretending that we hate you, only to get severe Stockholm Syndrome, and latching on to you forever.

In relationships (and not just the romantic kind – your connections with others are entanglements of wonder!) you can be jealous and obsessive. Theses Scorpio characteristics of tending to dominate others seriously need to be reined in – if this can be taught to the Scorpio child (by understanding, Astro-minded parents!) then all the better.

PinInside the Scorpio Heart: Love and Compatibility

To most of the world, Scorpios are known as sex-obsessed. In reality, you are passionately addicted to GOOD sex. You’re more about having that meaningful, loving connection with someone for eternity, then any old one night stand, or pointless fling. For you, sex gets better with time, and you are willing to evolve long-term with one person. You will wait for them to choose you fully, and then engulf them with your -some may say possessiveness – we say prowess.

You’d actually prefer isolation to a horrible relationship, and so are never willing to keep the peace by pretending to be someone else. Loyalty is very important to you, but very hard to come by, so it takes you a long, long time to develop trust. In your mind, we’re all guilty of deception until proven innocent, by you. Scorpio is that step up from the Libra’s keen-to-please idea of love. You are the representation of relationships when they get REAL.

Inside the Scorpio Body: Health and Wellbeing

Just like the rest of Scorpionic life, in health and wellbeing, moderation is hard to come by. But it’s something you need. Regular meals, regular exercise, and regular sleep patterns provide your best chance of channeling the constant flush of hot, powerful energy that runs through your veins. But the Scorpio born are much more likely to be fine-dining late into the night and burning the midnight oil, than you are tucked up in bed at a reasonable hour! And like most things in – your life especially – acceptance is key, and this is the way you play!

As ruler of the sexual and reproductive organs, this part of the Scorpio’s body will always be in focus – hence your sexed-up reputation. And it’s not untrue. This sign of the zodiac is on a lifelong journey to understand their own sexual energy.

You’re unlikely to relish team sports, preferring more spiritually-bent pursuits like yoga or martial arts. And like your water-element cohorts Cancer and Pisces, swimming is likely to be one way you can both get the dose of exercise you need, and unwind and relax too.

Scorpio at Home: Ruler of the 8th House

Scorpio is the 8th sign and the ruler of the eighth house.

As the darkest, and for many the most intriguing astrological house of the zodiac, it covers the biggies – sex, power, and transformation (including death and rebirth). This house also governs ‘other people’s money’ meaning things like loans and investments, wills and inheritance, as well as taxes. So it comes as no surprise that in numerology, 8 is the number of power and balance. Just like its shape, the 8 is constantly readjusting its energy, in order to rise to the top. And so do Scorpio people.

The 8th house also governs mysticism and the occult. These are areas that Scorpionic energy doesn’t shy away from – you’re likely fascinated by these subjects and willing to touch on the taboos that most would run a mile from.

Inside the Scorpio Spirit: Fixed Water

The Scorpio zodiac sign is the 2nd of the water signs (coming after Cancer and before Pisces). And just like water, you’re not afraid to reach down to touch the deepest depths of any container.

Water is always associated with emotions, and these are where you find your truth and meaning in life. But your fixed quality can mean you lack the flow and ease of some of the other signs – when you feel something, it takes over your world.

You’re persistent. Dedicated. Fiercely loyal. You’ll stand in the difficult places where others fear to tread.

All in all, Scorpio, you are extraordinary. Without you, we’d be missing the intrigue. The mystery. The unconditional, mind-blowing, passionate love.

And that, Scorpio, is why we love you.

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