PinPeaceful, Diplomatic and Self-Sacrificing: Traits of the Libra Personality

Libra, you are a peacemaker.

Symbolized by the scales, you’re endlessly seeking balance and will do whatever you can to avoid upsetting other people. You’re the diplomat, the dependable go-between, craving connection and understanding.

Relationships are everything to you. Without a significant other in your life, someone to rub up against and compare yourself to, you’re lost. You literally lose yourself without another opinion, perspective, or pair of eyes to see the world through.

Is it because yours are not enough? Do you trust yourself, Libra, or will you always need completing?


  • Date Range: September 23 – October 23
  • Element: Air
  • Quality/Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Symbol: Scales
  • House: 7th
  • Color: Shades of blue, pale pink and pale green
  • Part of the Body: Kidneys
  • Tarot Card: Justice
  • Day: Friday

Inside the Libra Personality: Who is this Peacemaker?

Absolute highest on your list of priorities, Libra, is partnership. What is life, if it’s not shared?

You make sense of the world through other people, in a way that they could never truly understand. You feed off the thoughts and visions they share with you, and then you share these visions right back with them. Constantly picking up subtle (and not so subtle) clues, you know everything there is to know about everybody, but when it comes to yourself, you tend to draw a huge blank. “Do I like tomatoes? Hell, I can’t remember. I know YOU like tomatoes.” And yes, on occasion it can go as far as, “Do I like myself? I can’t remember. I think YOU like me. Do you like me?!” Basically, you’ve been watching and learning intuitively, since birth and because of this, your psychic sensors are extremely high. Sometimes it probably feels like you can read minds, as you have such a strong sense of the needs of others. Whilst astrologers may not describe you as one of the most psychic of zodiac signs, this air sign is actually very intuitive.

Libra, you’re great at putting people at ease, you’re communicative, charming, easy going and actually insanely funny. You want nothing else than to make people happy, so will do what it takes to garner smiles around the room. One of your most positive traits is your love of laughter and you want to make sure everyone laugh with you, even when it’s at your expense. No one can cut a self-deprecating joke the way a Libra can – you just secretly wish that more people understood your sarcasm.

But at other times, you show a dreamy, laid-back kind of personality trait, that actually hides your depth of character that few get to see. We know it’s there, Libra. You just need to trust yourself a little more and express what you feel, even if it stirs up the harmony in the room, and risks rocking the boat.

Libra’s value their time, but are not selfish with it. You loathe making people wait longer than what’s considered fashionable. But your indecisiveness can hold you up, especially if you don’t have a trusted companion around to ask for an opinion or two. And whilst some people may see your hesitancy to make decisions as self-indulgent, you have a genuine fear of messing up.

Libra-born folk are some of the most creative in the zodiac.  You’re always experimenting with fashion, photography, painting, drawing, selfie-ing, writing, acting and anything else with an aesthetic flavor. Often losing yourself in the finer things, your life often resembles living art. And with the most tasteful home decor of the zodiac, and a carefully groomed physical appearance to match, Libra Sun signs are the absolute epitome of good taste and aesthetic appreciation!

Libra Shadow and Weakness (Yes, Even YOU have Negative Traits!)

Have I mentioned your indecisiveness? So determined not to create even the slightest discomfort for anybody else, you’ll often avoid doing anything if there’s even the faintest risk it could impinge on someone’s liberty. You, Libra, can be fair-minded to a fault. And this can paralyze you in life – sometimes a little friction is exactly what you need to move forward and learn.

The trouble comes, Libra, when you DO make a decision, state an opinion or draw a conclusion, and then change it 5 minutes later! It’s not always your fault – you’re just so good at changing your mind! But being easily influenced isn’t always a good thing. By picking and choosing whatever ground feels firmest at that moment, you’re placing your trust outside of yourself.  When self-resilience is what you need.

Characteristics of laziness and idleness can be tied to Libras, which is not fair. If you are holding back, it’s more often than not because you are observing a situation, picking up clues and sussing out how you can be most useful (and keep the whole scene ticking along in the most harmonious way possible). Your personality always wants to help, add value and be of benefit to the greater good. You sometimes just need a little time to figure out how.

Your love of luxury can earn you a reputation as shallow and materialistic. But we all know this isn’t true – you can appreciate opulent and beautiful surroundings without this being the center of your world. And what you have, you share. In fact, Libra, you are one of the most generous of all the signs.

Inside the Libra Heart: Love and Compatibility

Those with a Libra Zodiac sign are the most devoted of the astrological realms. Romantic relationships are number one on your list, no scrap that. THE romantic relationship takes the top spot. You desire nothing more than to discover your soulmate, have a fairytale wedding and live happily ever after.

The sticky spot comes before this soulmate arrives in your life – in usual indecisive Libras fashion, committing to him or her could be tricky. How will you ever truly know if cupid’s arrow is firing in the right direction?!

But once in a love match, you are romantic and expressive, generous and affectionate. You’ll put your heart and soul into your life together, and expect your partner to do the same. The danger comes if you feel their affections could be waning – Libras are notorious for creating minor dramas, just to need rescuing from something, to draw their partner back in. This could get tiring for the wrong (or even the right) person, so again, learning a little self-reliance could be vital for a healthy relationship to thrive, and to avoid the very real risk of co-dependency.

Inside the Libra Body: Health and Wellbeing

The Libran love for wining and dining means that this sign will often develop a taste for the richest, sweetest foods there are. Which means a little more exercise could be needed! Surprisingly, Librans don’t often think they need to move their bodies, but here’s news – you do! Joining an exercise class which has a social element could be the best way to ensure you really do keep fit. Or meeting up with friends to do your weekly workouts.

As the astrological ruler of the kidneys, these organs need to be taken care of. Watching your blood-sugar levels is paramount, as is keeping a healthy fluid intake. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are regarded as the body’s powerhouse and are associated with the emotion of fear. So even any low-level fear-based emotions should be addressed quickly by Librans, lest this collect and cause problems later on.

Libra at Home: Ruler of the 7th House

Libra is the 7th sign and the ruler of the seventh house. This means it brings in the second half of the Zodiac, which is all about selflessness, and Libra get that very first shot at it.

As the house of partnership, it covers all of the different forms this can take – from marriage, business contracts and legal ties, to negotiations and cooperation.

In numerology, 7 is the number of seeking answers. Which is fitting as you, Libra, are on an endless quest to understand yourself through first understanding others. It’s this balance between self and other, ego and selflessness that you must forever try to keep, all the while moving forward in this dance of life.

Inside the Libra Spirit: Cardinal Air

The Libra zodiac sign is the 2nd of the air signs (coming after Gemini, and before Aquarius). And just like air, you flow through the spaces in between, breathing in new life, mirroring and reflecting the truth of what you see, but somehow making everyone and everything equal.

Your cardinal quality makes you an initiator you ask the questions. You take the first step. You experiment with your creativity.

All in all, Libra, you are extraordinary. Without you, we would not see ourselves as we truly are. You accept us all, and you love us all!

And that is why we love you.

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