Free-Spirited, Optimistic and Philosophical: Traits of the Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius, you are the explorer of the zodiac.

Whether you’re charging to the ends of the earth (or that seventeenth holiday of the year), or loosing yourself in a huge, rambling book, you’re on a perpetual quest of discovery.

Braver and more foolhardy than many of the other signs, you’re not afraid of unknown territory. But when it comes to settling down, committing to a goal and promising you’ll stay on for the long-haul, Sag, you’re not always first in line!

Red Haired Woman Archer Shooting Bow & ArrowPinASTROLOGY ESSENTIALS

  • Date Range: November 23 – December 21
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality/Modality: Mutable
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Symbol: Centaur
  • House: 9th
  • Color: Dark blue, purple
  • Part of the Body: Hips, thighs, the liver
  • Tarot Card: Temperance
  • Day: Thursday

Inside the Sagittarius Personality: Who is this Firestarter?

Sagittarius, you have no equal!

You are where otherworldly intelligence, open-mindedness, quick humor, and spirituality all collide. Just like Gemini, your opposite on the wheel of the Zodiac, you’re what’s known as a dual sign. This gives you extraordinary versatility and flexibility, which are such desirable characteristics in today’s world. You can spin SO many plates in the air, Sagittarius. And keep them spinning long after many others have crashed to the floor!

You’re the Zodiac’s philosopher. But the planet that rules your sign – the expansive and open-minded Jupiter – will often take your gaze away from the details, preferring to see the bigger picture, the highest potential, the ideal.

Sagittarius, your astrology makes you an optimist. Other people hunger after your positive outlook, making you popular, respected and well, everyone’s favorite! You walk among the stars and still manage to find time for us ordinary folk, down here on Earth. That’s probably why everyone is lining up to be around you, blowing up your phone, and getting angry that you haven’t called them back—even though they’re perfectly aware that you have no time left to give (did we mention your penchant for multitasking…?) Sagittarians are the true celebrities of the Zodiac and whether you want the spotlight or not, it belongs to you.

Symbolized by the mythical centaur (half horse, half archer) you’re someone who knows how to take aim. Sagittarians set goals and head straight for them, sharp and direct as an arrow shot from a bow. And with every achievement made, Sag, you set up another challenge to be beaten.  And beat it you do.

You’re also the zodiac’s risk taker. With the archer’s bow aimed high and far, you’re always focused on what could be, rather than what IS. Unafraid of the unknown, you see the highest potential that life has to offer and head straight for that. Your speed is admirable – as a mutable sign, you’re always hopping from one thing to the next (one place to the next, one adventure to the next). You’re someone who never sits still.

One of the most interesting thing about all of this is that it’s virtually impossible to find an egotistical Sagittarius man or Sagittarius woman. You seem to be your own worst enemy and biggest critic. Yours is a zodiac sign which is very self-deprecating, sometimes to a fault. In fact, you probably haven’t even noticed your ever-increasing fan club…

You are known as the lucky sign, but rarely have you actually relied on luck to get you through. You work very hard. You have more ambition in your little finger, than most of the zodiac does in our whole bodies. (We know that you hate cliches, but that one fits.)

Born to achieve and to succeed, you are the racehorse that never comes in second. The skilled archer that rarely misses a target. But when you do miss, this fire sign will work religiously, until you can confidently say that you’ll never miss again.

shadow transformationPinSagittarius Shadow and Weakness (Yes, Even YOU have Negative Traits!)

Sagittarians, your speedy, light-footed approach to life means that you can struggle to commit to one thing at a time. With a personality that’s always on the lookout for the next big truth, you can be more inclined to search outside of yourself, than deepen into what you know. This flighty, inconsistent approach can gain you a reputation for lacking the sticking power that comes SO easy to some other signs.

Impatience can be a sticky spot. Full of mutable fire, you’re not daunted by change and flux. But when bringing others along for the ride (esp. the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) exercising a little extra tolerance of others’ pace could truly serve.

As one of the signs aligned with the teacher archetype, Sagittarius people have a way with words. But this can flip the other way too – unless expressed thoughtfully and with compassion, the Sagittarius tongue can be fierce.

PinInside the Sagittarius Heart: Love and Compatibility

In the early days of love, you’ll undoubtedly dive straight in. With your characteristic passion and enthusiasm, the life of a potential soul mate is another quest, another adventure to embark upon. But the Sagittarian love life must have space for freedom. A partner who’s possessive, jealous or even slightly too controlling for this fire sign’s liking won’t last 5 minutes.

Ideally, you need a love match who’s a free-spirited and travel-thirsty as you are! Otherwise, the confines of domestic bliss (or should we say imprisonment) will drive your spirit crazy. And not in a good way!

PinInside the Sagittarius Body: Health and Wellbeing

Sagittarians needs enough movement and exercise. With such lively and curious personalities, those folks born under this sign of the zodiac need to channel all of that mental activity somehow. And without tiring out your body sufficiently, you could find sleepless nights ensue as that monkey mind goes into overdrive.

Your risk-taking tendencies probably mean that high-intensity and extreme sports appeal. Just watch out for the sprains and even broken bones that could follow (and with the legs and hips activated by this sign, Sagittarius people need to take extra care of this part of the body.

PinSagittarius at Home: Ruler of the 9th House

Sagittarius is the ninth sign and the ruler of the 9th house. As the house of higher learning, education, and long distance travel, your focus here is firmly on where you can go.  Everyone needs something to aim for, and you, Sag, take it to the next level. But the closer you come to the truth, the more that your personal moral code becomes a concern for the collective moral code. This house also rules over ethics, laws, and governance. So it’s these, that your edges so often rub up against.

In numerology, 9 is the number of compassion, humanitarian concerns and completion. Sagittarians are the ones who strive to the ends of the Earth. And you do it selflessly.

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Flames of FirePinInside the Sagittarius Spirit: Mutable Fire

Sagittarius is the 3rd of the fire signs (following on after Aries and Leo), and you contain all of the transformative power of fire itself. You see the potential in all things, you believe in a higher truth, and you strive to get there. Sagittarians are passionate and encouraging. You’re the way-shower and the cheerleaders when it comes to collective evolution.

Chock-full of mutable energy, you’re also undaunted by change. this zodiac sign rarely ever get stuck in one place, state, or looping thought pattern. And ruled by our solar systems giant planet, you’re never afraid to grow.

This makes you absolutely vital when it comes to our collective, human journey towards truth and enlightenment. But you ensure, Sag, that it’s not all work. With your fun-loving, broad-minded attitude, everyone’s invited, and everyone’s in for a good time.

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