libra womanPinWhen is Libra Season?

September 22nd marks the start of the Sun’s foray into easy-going, fair-minded and oh-so-agreeable Libra. Here, the celestial solar God will stay for an entire month, until taking flight for the waters of Scorpio on October 22nd.

After Virgo Season, and its energy of organizing, cleaning, clearing and basically re-designing life on Earth as we know it, the energy of Libra comes as a gentle and welcome reward.

Libra slows us down.

Libra cooperates.

Libra looks for beauty, poetry and all things designed and executed with the skill and artistry of a master connoisseur. Libra holds an unassuming energy, so gentle that it can sometimes be hard to even detect.

Nothing to worry about, right?


If you’re not careful, Libra season will come along and in one short month, undo all the hard work you’ve accomplished, to get yourself to where you stand today! Unless you’re prepared, that is. So clue yourself up with these 5 ways that Libra season could sabotage your life … and avoid them happening to you!

1. Libra Season Can Make You Lose Yourself

Symbolized by the scales, Libra is the archetypal harmonizer. It looks for balance everywhere it goes, and where it finds instability, inequality or chaos, it looks to put things right. Libra season turns us all into mediators. Into diplomats and peacemakers. Which is wonderful – the world needs more peace! – until everyone’s got their own way, except, well … little old you.

The energy of Libra is determined to appease everyone. It finds even the thought of somebody walking away from a situation without exactly the outcome they wanted, SO unbearable, it will happily put its own needs and desires right at the base of the pile. Libra will sacrifice its own comfort, rather than create a “problem” for somebody else.

Which means in Libra season, we can all quite unexpectedly find ourselves giving up on what we’ve all worked so hard for, and advocated for, in previous months. Fueled by the sign of the scales at this time, we can all strive for balance over personal purpose. And unwittingly sabotage own hard work in the process.

2. Libra Season Can Make You Overindulge

Libra energy loves the finer things in life. Those with their natal Sun in Libra (Happy Birthday, friends!) are often the most tastefully dressed, have the most beautiful homes and basically just do everything in an artful and decadent way. Librans know how to live!

But they also know how to indulge.

So when Libra season comes around, and we all get fueled by this elemental air energy for the month, you may find that you start to see things, beautiful things, that you really, really want. It could start with a box of artisan chocolates; or diner at a particularly fine restaurant. Or perhaps a spot of online shopping – a designer pair of shoes, or a new set of feather pillows for your bed….?

Libra season can be a dangerous time for your credit limit. With your aesthetic senses honed and your desire for sensual pleasure piqued, be sure to keep your own sense of proportion in check. Because when it comes to beautiful, shiny things, that’s where Libra (surprisingly!) loses a little of its own internal balance!

3. Libra Season Can Turn you into the World’s Worst Procrastinator

So, be wary of making the wrong move, creating a mess, stepping out of line or hurting someone’s feelings, Libran energy can cause you to p.r.o.c.r.a.s.t.i.n.a.t.e. NOT making a decision, for fear of making the wrong decision is a serious problem for those with charts full of Libran energy (as you’ll know if you are one, or even more so, if you live with one!)

During Libra season, when we’re all under the spell of this gentle and tentative sign, indecision can become a real issue! But the truth is, there’s no such thing as a wrong decision. They are all just steps along the path, and by not making one, you’re actually blocking the flow of energy through your, and everybody else’s lives.

So say “yes” or say “no” and let’s all move on!

4. Libra Season Can Turn you into a “Yes Man”

The better answer may actually turn out to be “no.”

Libra is an eager-to-please sign. It likes to say “yes”, to always be in agreement and go along with the status quo. But stick to this pattern too many times, and the people around you will get used to it. And could even start to expect it. Then before long, the people with a slightly stronger will and sense of determination than you could begin to take advantage of your good, Libran nature.

So take extra care, during this season of harmony, that your “yes” is a “yes” for everyone involved, including you.

5. Libra Season Can Give You Backache!

Every astrological sign rules a different part of the body. During the solar seasons, any emphasis – whether it’s healing or stress – on a particular body part can be heightened by the astrological forces at play.

Libra rules the kidneys and lower back. For a lot of people, this is already a tender spot of their physicality, especially if they spend a lot of time sitting, bending or driving (which means most of us, these days, right?) This means that any weakness you have in your lower back could really play up during this season, and be more vulnerable to added strain.

Take extra care!

Strengthen, nourish and be highly aware of this part of your body over the next month. Drink enough water, don’t overload your system with heavy food and …. Relax! In Chinese medicine, the energy of the kidneys becomes most active in the winter seasons, so do what you can to gently aid their awakening as you move through their solar season.

Now it’s your turn:

How do you feel about Libra Season? Do you recognize the energy of this sign in your life?

Share your thoughts with us below!

And we hope you have a soft and breezy (but also assertive when you need it!) Libra season.

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