This lunar cycle peaks on March 9, 2020, in the mutable earth sign of Virgo.

This fast-paced, efficient and hyper-organized Zodiac sign is the one I know a lot of people wait for. Virgo brings order, clarity and a fresh pair of eyes upon a sea of chaos. SO when you need to make changes, and give your life a bit of a facelift, Virgo brings the energy to the party!

The March 2020 Virgo Full Moon will rise at 19º, at these times across the globe:

On March 9

  • 10:47 Los Angeles
  • 13:47 in New York
  • 18:47 in London (UTC)
  • 19: 47 in Paris / Johannesburg
  • 21: 47 in Moscow
  • 23: 47 in Delhi

On March 10

  • 02: 47 in Hong Kong
  • 03: 47 in Tokyo
  • 05: 47 in Sydney
  • 07: 47 in Auckland

Ruled by Mercury, the sign of the Maiden has a speedy, connective quality. Yet unlike air sign Gemini (also under the trickster planet’s rulership), Virgo expresses through the element of earth. This means she’s grounded. She’s rooted here on the Earth plane, and, like all Earth signs, is one of the Master Manifersters of the Zodiac.

Ever spend time with a Virgo (Sun, Moon or any other natal planet!) and you’ll know what I mean. These people make things happen. Maybe they’re quietly working behind the scenes, clearing out the cobwebs. Or maybe they’re up at the front, Marie Kondo-ing the whole organization. The point is without them (and their astrology) we’d all be going nowhere fast.

It’s an archetypal energy that implicitly understands the principles of refinement and purification. Virgo makes space. And creates from the ground up.

Virgo Full Moon

Ready for a Little Supermoon Mayhem!?

As peaks in the lunar cycle, Full Moons have a reputation for being times of high emotion, frenetic activity and manic behavior. It’s a Moon phase of literal fullness, and brighter than bright illumination.

Yet this week is no ordinary Full Moon. The March 2020 Full Moon is a Supermoon.

Closer to Earth on her orbit than she’s been all year (almost meeting that point called “perigee”) the March 2020 Full Moon is the first of three.

Yes – buckle up, friends, this is just the beginning!

Supermoons are like an amplified version of the regular Full Moon phase. So prepare to feel this astrology – as the tides rise and fall to greater extremes than normal, so will the vital fluid, and the raw emotion running through your veins.

But channel the powerful astrology of this Moon wisely, and there’s no reason you can’t rise with her.

Virgo Full Supermoon 2020 Forecast

The skies are busy this week.

Mercury retrograde (in Aquarius) finally ends (hurrah!) on the 10th, just one day after la Luna peaks. Yet rather than the rush of relief, you may be hoping for, the standstill of this trickster planet will more likely double up the intensity levels. When planets station (before moving either retrograde or direct) it’s like a drilling down: Their influence amplifies.

If you’re someone who feels anxiety, or nervous tension on a normal day then be warned – the double dose of Mercurial mischief at this Moon phase is unlikely to pass you by. But the good news is, this is temporary. As the speediest planet in the Zodiac, this will pass. Quickly.

With 6 planets in Cardinal signs at the time of the 2020 Virgo Full Moon phase (we’re counting Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, plus Eris and Chiron in Aries) there’s a good deal of motivational energy in the ether. With Mars having only recently joined the party in Capricornia that you’ve been hearing so much about this year, expect the old boys club to get stirred up a bit.

As the red hot warrior planet streaks through the sign of the sea-goat (the sign he’s exalted in, no less) we should all feel a boost of strategizing, confident and determined energy, as this phase peaks.

Instead of being daunted at challenges, this astrology will help you feel enlivened by them. And instead of feeling confined by the rules, Aries-ruled Mars will help you burn right through them.

Yet this Moon’s not all hot air. With 7 planets in Earth signs (that’s the four already mentioned in Cap, plus the Moon in Virgo, and Venus and Uranus in Taurus). The grounded vibes that La Luna carries through are gaining roots all around.

Mutable signs will likely feel the greatest impact of this lunation (That’s Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), especially those will planets or points between around 11º and 27º.

But for all of us, the March 2020 Virgo Full Moon holds practical energy. It’s materialistic, in all the best ways. What you want to do this year, and be this year, and change in your life this year, begins now. La Luna is calling you to NOT just set the intentions but to set the ball rolling. That’s right – to do something. To act. To step outside of your comfort zone and make some changes.

Why is she calling you to do this now? Because the astrology of Virgo can support you. As a mutable sign, change is what Virgo does best!

Moon Mantra

Need an extra boost? Repeat this mantra whenever you’re feeling the strain:

“I am held and supported by the Earth. It is safe for me to change and grow into my highest possible version”.

5 Ways to Channel Virgo’s Mutable Vibes Without Turning into an Emotional Wreck!

So we’ve already mentioned the central role of Mercury, the Virgo Full Moon’s ruling planet – so how can you embrace this Moon, without tipping over the edge? Here are 5 ways:

1. Treat Your Body as a Temple

Like most good clichés, this one happens to be true.

All earth signs bring the focus back to the body, yet Virgo perhaps more than most.

So shower your body in love.

Around March 9, anything that you’re doing that’s out of alignment for your physical health will likely come under the spotlight (think unhealthy food habits, bad posture or a lack of regular exercise). And if you have allergies, expect them to flare up a little. So whether you have this Zodiac sign in your horoscope or not, take extra care of yourself.

2. Serve

Virgo lives for service. For giving, doing and praying for other people. So as much as it’s vital to do the work on yourself this Full Moon (in the words of Gandhi: BE the change you want to see in the world), try to frame your efforts so you have the greater good in mind.

Think about what you can give, instead of what you can get.

3. Thought Detox

Mercury rules the mind, which explains why even though Virgo is an earth sign, when it’s being activated, your thoughts can run away with themselves. Yet instead of letting that monkey mind take over, use this particular quality of the Virgo Full Moon for your advantage.

Thoughts rising? Stop. Listen. Analyze them. Turn them over and question whether they’re serving you. If they’re not, then bringing them into your conscious awareness will help you to let them go.

4. Spring Clean

This is the ideal lunation for getting serious on ya dusters. So stop fretting about those piles gathering dust in the corner of your closet and pull the whole lot out. Virgo brings all the available energy to the table so we can tackle those tasks we’d normally rather avoid. This zodiac takes no-prisoners, so if there’s clutter getting you down, hop to it.

5. Pray

There’s a purity to Virgo’s energy that’s often overlooked as it’s so action-oriented. Yet the Moon here in Virgo is opposing both the Sun in Pisces (at 19º) conjunct Neptune in Pisces(at 18º). Together, these two bring a dreamlike, ethereal, otherworldly energy, which dissolves boundaries and thins the veil.

Push through – it won’t take much effort.


Speak to the divine.

Call to the Goddess.

Laugh with the Spirits.

This Full Moon is SO full of opportunities – they are yours for the taking!

Blessings to you.

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