This lunar cycle peaks on February 27th, 2021, in the mutable earth sign of Virgo.

This fast-paced, efficient and hyper-organized Zodiac sign is the one I know a lot of people wait for. Virgo brings order, clarity and a fresh pair of eyes upon a sea of chaos. SO when you need to make changes, and give your life a bit of a facelift, Virgo brings the energy to the party!

In all honesty, this Virgo Full Moon might have you feeling a little bit crappy about the current state of your life. But, she also has the solution for you to change EVERYTHING too!

The February 2021 Virgo Full Moon will rise at these times across the globe:

On February 27th

  • 00:19 Los Angeles
  • 03:19 in New York
  • 08:19 in London (UTC)
  • 09:19 in Paris / Johannesburg
  • 11:19 in Moscow
  • 13:19 in Delhi
  • 16:19 in Hong Kong
  • 17:19 in Tokyo
  • 19:19 in Sydney
  • 21:19 in Auckland

The Virgo Full Moon Forecast

Full Moons are all about shining a light on something you’ve not seen before. Whether it’s revealing the fruits of your labor or highlighting an area of your life that needs attention, Full Moons are usually sources of much personal enlightenment.

This Full Moon in Virgo is all about paying attention to the detail but not getting so caught up in it that you miss the big picture. This is particularly true when it comes to relationships and money, mainly because Venus is currently opposite the Moon.

Uranus in Taurus is also involved in this Full Moon, putting a deeper money-spin on this Moon, and it could mean you’ll have unexpected surprises in your financial life.

But it goes a little deeper than that…

This Full Moon asked you to think about the value you place on certain things (especially those things which are priceless). You’ll be challenged to consider whether you’re currently allocating your time and energy towards the things that will pay off. And those things don’t need to necessarily hold a financial pay-off; your own happiness, health and joy is something that you must consider too.

And while all this is brought to light, it may give you a really good look at the bigger picture of your life. And you won’t always like what you see.

Good news though, this Moon, as well as highlighting areas for improvement, gives you the tools you need to manifest the new life you want to lead. If you realize that you’re not walking the path you want to walk, this Moon helps you set intentions and sends them into the Universe with high hopes!

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Moon Mantra

Need an extra boost? Repeat this mantra whenever you’re feeling the strain:

“I am held and supported by the Earth. It is safe for me to change and grow into my highest possible version”.

How To Channel The Virgo Full Moon’s Energy

Understanding the unique energies of any Full Moon is key to making the most of the lunation. With a Virgo Full Moon, looking at how you currently do life and making subtle changes to improve the way you do things is the best way to make an impact…

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1. Treat Your Body as a Temple

Like most good clichés, this one happens to be true.

All earth signs bring the focus back to the body, yet Virgo perhaps more than most.

So shower your body in love.

Around March 9, anything that you’re doing that’s out of alignment for your physical health will likely come under the spotlight (think unhealthy food habits, bad posture or a lack of regular exercise). And if you have allergies, expect them to flare up a little. So whether you have this Zodiac sign in your horoscope or not, take extra care of yourself.

2. Set Intentions

Every thought, wish and desire that crosses your mind has power, if you put intention behind it. And this is no truer than during a Full Moon. What you manifest during a Full Moon has even greater chance of eventuating for you.

So, don’t just mindlessly pass over the fleeting wishes you have during this Moon. Actively recognize them and will them into reality.

If you need a little extra help with this, click here to get your Full Moon Manifestation Guide. It’s good for every single Full Moon so you can use it every month to super-charge your manifestations.

3. Thought Detox

Mercury rules the mind, which explains why even though Virgo is an earth sign, when it’s being activated, your thoughts can run away with themselves. Yet instead of letting that monkey mind take over, use this particular quality of the Virgo Full Moon for your advantage.

Thoughts rising? Stop. Listen. Analyze them. Turn them over and question whether they’re serving you. If they’re not, then bringing them into your conscious awareness will help you to let them go.

4. Spring Clean

This is the ideal lunation for getting serious on ya dusters. So stop fretting about those piles gathering dust in the corner of your closet and pull the whole lot out. Virgo brings all the available energy to the table so we can tackle those tasks we’d normally rather avoid. This zodiac takes no-prisoners, so if there’s clutter getting you down, hop to it.

5. Pray

There’s a purity to Virgo’s energy that’s often overlooked as it’s so action-oriented. Yet the Moon here in Virgo is opposing both the Sun in Pisces (at 19º) conjunct Neptune in Pisces(at 18º). Together, these two bring a dreamlike, ethereal, otherworldly energy, which dissolves boundaries and thins the veil.

Push through – it won’t take much effort.


Speak to the divine.

Call to the Goddess.

Laugh with the Spirits.

This Full Moon is SO full of opportunities – they are yours for the taking!

Blessings to you.