As one of our closest neighbors, Venus is a planet that has a strong connection to the Earth.

You may know her as the planet of love, romance, or money. Ruler of Taurus, that slow, sensual zodiac sign that aligns with the element of earth, is it any wonder that crystals – minerals of the Earth – are also influenced by Venus?

PinOnce every 18 months or so, a Venus retrograde occurs.

She moves backward in the sky for around 40 days, transitioning from an evening star, to a morning star. And as she does this, She guides us all through a healing journey of our own.

Often Venus retrograde will coincide with a foray into your own personal underworld. As she dips into darkness, below the horizon, so do we. Matters of love, relationships, and personal worth in the world can all take a hit under this Astrology – Venus retrograde encourages us all to look closely at what we hold dear.

So despite the gentle reputation of this planet, the collective “horoscope” during these Venus retrograde times, can be harsh. BE prepared!

Venus Retrograde 2021 Dates:

19 December 2021 until 29 January 2022

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Astrology & Crystal Healing

Using healing crystals is a powerful and effective way to soften the retrograde blow, as well to enable deep healing to occur. Here, with the thread that weaves between the Earth, her minerals, and her element, crystal consciousness is crying out to be of service!

You may already work with clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, or carnelian, for example. By no means put these powerful healing crystals aside – all the help you can get during a planetary retrograde is needed! Yet there are three I’m being called to share with you, to help you to ride these strong waves of astrology.

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The general message from them is to take advantage of this natural retrograde flow to move backward and inward, while awakening the desires you may have nurtured previously and did not fulfill.

Crystal 1: Morganite

The first crystal to support you during this retrograde time, is Morganite, a pale pink stone that oozes gentleness. Morganite will support your journey through Venus Retrograde, until the planet turns direct on June 25. It won’t take away the pain of growth or the relationship turmoil that goes with it, but it will wrap you in cotton candy while you figure out what you most want in your life.

Pink is the color of unconditional love. Wearing pink can help to open the inner recesses of your heart. This kind of crystal healing is especially important during a Venus retrograde, as the heart is where the inner work is targeted. Using this healing crystal has at least two effects:

  1. It can make you more vulnerable because pink crystals open your heart wide and there are no defenses when this happens. This vulnerability allows any emotional “stuff” to rise to the surface and is it this release that enables healing to occur. Morganite helps reveal unexpressed emotions.
  2. It opens your heart wider than usual so you can receive more blessings in the form of unconditional love.

Placing a piece of Morganite crystal over your heart and then setting an intention to heal, will begin the process of karmic release.

Crystal 2: Citrine

Citrine, a beautiful golden yellow stone of abundance, prosperity, and success. With so much chaos going on in the heavens (we’re looking at you Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn!) this healing crystal offers a glimmer of hope.

Citrine is perfect to provide the light at the end of the tunnel, and the glint of treasure in the underworld. It’s like the pot of gold at the end of a very haphazard rainbow.

I feel this is a magnificent opportunity to bring abundance into your life by using a crystal grid. Retrogrades are times of active clearing. WHich means that its important to sow seed for what you desire in place of all that you are releasing.

Citrine will act as a magnet for good vibes! It will help attract blessings into your life, especially if you create a grid using quartz, to amplify its power.

Crystal 3: Phosphosiderite

The final healing crystal is relatively rare, yet if you are supposed to work with it, a piece of this crystal will find its way to you.

Phosphosiderite is a lavender-pink crystal that can calm and de-stress emotional situations. Venus retrograde will likely churn up a lot of emotional baggage for you, pulling on your heartstrings and asking you to look deep within. This crystal links with the heart and the spiritual levels of this astrology.

I feel this crystal is being called in to help us completely let go of anything that has been weighing the soul down.

Phosphosiderite is also a crystal that works through all the chakras, raising your vibration and making it easier to communicate with your angels and guides.

I am shown the best way to work with them during this time is to have one under the pillow and one in your hand while sleeping or meditating.

Everything is energy, so if you don’t own the crystals mentioned here, invite your guides and angels to bring in the matrix vibration of each crystal.

Drop me a comment below and share how you’re feeling about Venus retrograde, and how you’re planning to use crystals to move through this challenging Astrology!