October 20th, 2021 Aries Full Moon Forecast

Hitting her peak at 27º of fire-fueled, passionate Aries, the Full Moon will rise high into the sky at the following times across the globe…

On October 20th:

  • 07:56 in Los Angeles
  • 10:56 in New York City
  • 14:56 in London
  • 15:56 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 16:56 in Moscow

On October 21st:

  • 01:56 in Sydney

Aries is the front-runner of the Zodiac

This firecracker of a sign starts the whole heavenly cycle, and every year when the Sun sails into Aries, it calls in the Spring (from the Northern Hemisphere perspective). There’s no other sign that has the initiating power of the Ram. It’s as unapologetic and brazen as they come.

Aries cracks open the heat, the light, and the creative power of the Earth, and nature herself.

If you have any Aries friends (esp. those born with Sun or Moon sign Aries!) then you’ll know first-hand how folks born under this sign are experts at getting what they want.

They’re bold.

They’re confident.

They’re leaders.

But you don’t need to have Aries feature that highly in your Horoscope to feel the bounty of this Full Moon. It’s set to be magnificent for us all…

In Aries, the Moon (like almost all planets) goes into overdrive. Fired up, and immersed in red-hot, cardinal energy, She activates our most assertive and independent sides. And while an Aries Full Moon usually makes you feel capable of anything… there are a couple of things to watch out for if you want to be able to use the Full Moon energy to manifest your desires.

The Full Moon is always a time for calling upon Lady Luna to help with personal transformation and radical forward motion. And while this one is no different, it will be a little more difficult to access the Moon’s magic.

Harness the magnetic energy the right way, and you’ll become an unstoppable force in manifesting your own destiny.

Go about it the wrong way, and frustration, flared tempers and anger will stunt your progress.

Read on to discover 3 ways this Full Moon in Aries could derail you, and what you can do to stop it. Or, if you want to make absolutely sure you’ll have the tools you need to harness the manifesting magic of this Full Moon, click below to get our Full Moon Manifestation Guide.


1. Immature Energy Could Spell Danger

Ok, so we’ve already touched on the very special quality of the power that occurs when Aries enters the cosmic pot. Lively, spirited and creative, this lunar frequency is just right for dynamic creativity.

We’re not talking about pushing through a block you’ve been tackling for a while already. Even with an inventive new approach. No. This Full Moon is about being totally self-starting. It’s about taking a risk, feeling into uncertainty, and not knowing where you might end up.

This is Aries’s creativity at its highest!

Aries doesn’t know what comes next. It doesn’t have the experience to have foresight. It doesn’t have the maturity to be cautious. And while this childlike wonder can sometimes be seen as the gift of this fire-sign, it’s something that you need to watch out for.

The belief that anything is possible is a wonderful perspective but when things don’t happen the way you thought or you come across unexpected roadblocks, Aries could throw you into a toddler tantrum.

So, make sure you jump into things with the enthusiasm of a child, but apply some adult-like caution as you tread.

2. Areas of Excess Will Be Highlighted

This Aries Full Moon is forming a challenging T-Square to Jupiter, the planet of excess and inflation.

During the Full Moon, if you’re overdoing anything or you have excess in any area of your life, these will certainly be highlighted.



Over exaggerating?

Essentially, if you’re doing anything that begins with those 4 letters, O-V-E-R, the Full Moon will shine a light on these areas and force you to address them before you can even hope to reap any of that Full Moon magic.

So, look inwards and consider the OVERs in your life before the Full Moon graces the skies. If you’ve not identified it by then, instead of reaping the Full Moon goodness, you’ll be dealing with unnecessary internal drama.

3. Mars Retrograde Adds To The Frustrations

During any Astro-events where fire-signs are at play, there is always an element of intensity in the air.

But during this Full Moon, the lunation is not only ruled by fiery Aries, but it is also influenced by Aries’ ruler, Mars. Which is also in Aries right now. Oh, and it’s also Retrograde.


With a cosmic concoction of tense energies, feelings of frustration will plague this Full Moon. Lack of progress and troubles with authority figures may irritate you this week, but it’s important to remember one thing…

If you want to rise from the embers of this Full Moon like a glorious Pheonix, rather than going up in smoke, you must be patient. If you’re feeling stuck, or you’re not able to move forward in a certain area of your life, don’t force it. If you push forward before the Universe is ready for you, it won’t end well.

So, instead of rushing in and letting impatience get the better of you, use this Full Moon to take stock of where you want to be and visualize it. You don’t need to take too many steps to get there right now. You just need to remain focussed on your goals and let the Full Moon’s natural manifesting magic wash over you. The Universe knows what she’s doing! Trust her!

Don’t want to risk letting the Aries Full Moon derail your opportunity to seize its manifesting magic? Then click below to get your surefire guide to harnessing this Full Moon’s power.


Wishing you limitless abundance for this Aries Full Moon.

The Numerologist Team