October 1st/2nd, 2020 Aries Full Moon Forecast

Hitting her peak at 20º of fire-fueled, passionate Aries, the Full Moon will rise high into the sky at the following times across the globe…

On October 13th:

  • 14:07 in Los Angeles
  • 17:07 in New York City
  • 22:07 in London
  • 23:07 in Paris/Johannesburg

On October 14th:

  • 00:07 in Moscow
  • 02:07 in Delhi
  • 05:07 in Hong Kong
  • 06:07 in Tokyo
  • 08:07 in Sydney


Aries is the front-runner of the Zodiac

This firecracker of a sign starts the whole heavenly cycle, and every year when the Sun sails into Aries, it calls in the Spring (from the Northern Hemisphere perspective). There’s no other sign that has the initiating power of the Ram. It’s as unapologetic and brazen as they come.

Aries cracks open the heat, the light, and the creative power of the Earth, and nature herself.

If you have any Aries friends (esp. those born with Sun or Moon sign Aries!) then you’ll know first-hand how folks born under this sign are experts at getting what they want.

They’re bold.

They’re confident.

They’re leaders.

But you don’t need to have Aries feature that highly in your Horoscope to feel the bounty of this Full Moon. It’s set to be magnificent for us all…

In Aries, the Moon (like almost all planets) goes into overdrive. Fired up, and immersed in red-hot, cardinal energy, She activates our most assertive and independent sides. This Aries Full Moon will make you feel capable of anything (and when you feel something, you start to attract it, right?!)

This is set to be a mightily magnetic Moon!

So here are 5 reasons not to let this one pass you by (especially if you want to make the last quarter of 2019 count!)

1. Aries Full Moon Energy is as Fresh as It Comes!

Ok, so we’ve already touched on the very special quality of the power that occurs when Aries enters the cosmic pot. Lively, spirited and creative, this lunar frequency is just right for dynamic creativity.

We’re not talking about pushing through a block you’ve been tackling for a while already. Even with an inventive new approach. No. This Full Moon is about being totally self-starting. It’s about taking a risk, feeling into uncertainty, and not knowing where you might end up.

This is Aries’s creativity at its highest!

Aries doesn’t know what comes next. It doesn’t have the experience to have foresight. It doesn’t have the maturity to be cautious. But that’s the absolute gift of this fire-sign – it’s childlike wonder and belief that anything is possible! That beautiful, wide-eyed innocence and total lack of second-guessing impulse are driving this opportunistic Full Moon forward.

This is what’s on offer to you this week: A wholehearted, all-in “YES!”

Are you ready to use the power of this huge, magnetic Aries Moon to manifest what your inner child believes is possible?

2. The Collective Good is Balancing the Fighting Spirit

Mars in Libra

Aries ruler is Mars, the red-hot rock of war. It’s no surprise, that the influence of this planet can make people a little more, let’s say, aggressive than they usually are. Life can become a battle, with hostility around every corner, and a fight up every street.

But not today!

At 6º of level-headed Libra, Mars’ military assault is being tempered, and instead, the middle ground of sensitivity and relationships is the place to be.

What makes you happy, makes everyone happy.

What you want aligns with what the world wants.

Egos are kept in check, and the win-win paradigm (as opposed to the winner-loser paradigm, also known as the Zero-Sum Game) prevails.

This is SUCH great news when it comes to manifestation.

Why? Because often it’s difficult to tell whether what you’re manifesting is in the highest good of the collective – not to mention the Earth – OR simply a desire of your ego. We all know that wanting “more” isn’t necessarily sustainable anymore. SO how do you manifest, without depleting resources?

The day’s astrological transit of Mars in Libra will really help you to discern this for yourself.

3. An Abundance of Cardinal Energy

6 Planets in Cardinal Signs!

Sun and Mars are in Libra. Moon and Chiron are in Aries. And Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, all Cardinal signs. These are Zodiac signs that sit on the cusp of the seasons, inviting in equinoxes and solstices.

They bring in change.

They’re used to feeling what it’s like, to stand on the threshold of something new.

They aren’t daunted by the unknown.

With SO much planetary power heading our way from these corners of the skies, the collective field is just bursting with this initiating energy! This means there’s no better time to begin a new project or take the first bold step on a personal journey.

Your sails are full. It’s time to fly!

Are you ready to harness the cosmic winds of infinite abundance?

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4. DEEP TRANSFORMATION IS Available for those Who Seek it!

Sun (in Libra) & Moon (in Aries) form a T-Square to Pluto (in Capricorn)

Ok, this solar aspect has the potential to be totally transformational!

When a T-Squares crosses the sky, it’s no joke – they are intense planetary alignments that push us into making tough choices. They create friction, agitating trigger points until we move one way or another. Usually, we either stay on the surface, reacting to our circumstances (and often playing out old patterns), or we dive deep to figure out what’s going on below the surface.

Here, the focal point of this T-Square is the dwarf planet Pluto – ruler of Scorpio no less – the small but mighty shadow player who has just stationed direct, after 5 long months of retrograde action.

Pluto dives deep, with or without an astrological square to bounce off.

This Astrology will illuminate the places in your personal underworld that are ready for change. It’s not a task for the faint-hearted, but this aspect will guide you into the very truth of who you are… via what’s not working for you anymore.

Plus, with this determined Aries Full Moon, you will have the energy and the courage to face what you find head-on. And manifest something new.

5. The Lord of Luck is on Your Side!

Moon Trine Jupiter

At 20º of fellow fire sign Sagittarius, Jupiter forms a mighty trine with the Moon at 20º of Aries.

Fire trines don’t come along that often. But when they do, their energy is electric! This highly harmonious aspect will enhance your creative flare and fuel your passion.

Jupiter, the largest and most bounteous planet in the entire solar system has been in Sagittarius since November 2018. But this high-flying transit is nearing its end. On December 2nd, 2019, Jupiter will enter strict and structured Capricorn, closing the doors on 12 months of fiery and expansive fortune.


YET for one last time, this prosperous transit will be activated!

This Aries Full Moon shines a spotlight on the King of the planets, giving us all an opportunity to harvest his blessings. (Well, they don’t call this the “Harvest Full Moon” for nothing!) Jupiter expands whatever he touches. He showers luck upon those who request it. Jupiter is all about abundance!

Are you ready to make the most of this rare planetary activation and all of its manifestational potentials? Then click below to get your complete Full Moon Manifestation Guide Now!

Wishing you limitless abundance for this Aries Full Moon.

The Numerologist Team

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