Should I stay or should I go? This is one of the key questions I am regularly asked to investigate as a soul reader. You know, our relationships are some of the key things that will align us and let us know who we are and what we stand for.

Every relationship that comes into our life has a meaning and has a purpose. And the key relationships in our life are vital. They are important to uplift us, nourish us and nurturers rather than causing misery.

So as we begin to evolve on the spiritual path, we look for joy, we look for meaning, and we look for purpose. Relationships that we may have been in before this great awakening may feel like they’re still supporting us or they maybe feel a little bit outdated or they may be causing complete misery.

Where the vibration of the old relationship is no longer what you need, there is a whole mismatch going on between what you need and what the other person is able to offer you.

Firstly don’t make rushed decisions about your relationship. When you’re emotionally charged, when conflict has come in and you have ended up in a heightened state of emotions and you feel trapped and you feel there is no way out, that is not a very good place to make your decision from. You need to hold yourself through the storm and combat this a few days later when your emotions have settled and when you feel more at ease within yourself.

The only situation where I do not advise this is where there is emotional or domestic violence that is a threat to your life. This situation holds a whole different set of criteria because you’re in survival mode and the instincts that will be coming up would be very strong because you know you need to get out. These should be listened to and it is important that you actually listened to your gut.

What I’m spiritually guiding you through is situations where you are not in fear of your life. Where there are a lot of emotions, there is a lot of heart, and maybe a lot of anger and fear. When you’re highly charged like that, it’s not a great place to make those decisions from. So yes, feel into the body but bring in the rational mind as well and really take time to see.

What am I trying to solve here, what’s coming up for me and how am I feeling?

Think through the reasons that you want to stay in a relationship. If you use the power of the pen and actually sit down and write down the things that are supportive that the relationship, look at the things that this relationship gives you.

Here are some steps to help guide you towards your decision.


will your soul guide you towards the right decision?

Reach out to a Spiritual Counselor for help.

Perhaps if you feel comfortable, you should share your feelings with a counselor. Somebody who’s a professional. Someone who can connect with your soul to see what’s really needed. Your soul will often call your relationship when your mind wants to stay. So there are times when the logic would see the mind needs to stay here. This is the only place for you. Why would you be running away? Why would you be needing more? But that’s the mind. That’s the mind, not the soul. The soul may not feel enriched.  If you are someone who’s following a soul path, it’s very important to find a spiritual counselor who can really know what your heart and soul needs when you are in a confused state.

Take your time, and ask your Angels for guidance.

Life is a long journey for most of us and there is time, so don’t feel like you’re running out of time and ask your angels for guidance. Draw your Angel cards, look at your numerology, and use all the tools that you have in your spiritual toolbox to bring in the clarity you need.

This may be a time when your spiritual awakening is really ripe because as you face this big challenge, your faith system and something that is beyond you, may come to you in a very real way and unfold your gifts in a more sacred and meaningful way romantic element isn’t there, both that your relationship serves you in a different way.

Not all Relationships are about Romance

What I have found is that there’s so many different types of relationships. The relationships that make you laugh, those are relationships that elevate you. There are relationships that come in to support you. There are relationships that you have with people you were supposed to have children with.

There are other relationships where people feel that that’s the truth, but the source says no, this is a conflict you’re going through because it’s a time for growth. So the soul always knows the answers. It always knows how to help you. So connect with your soul, find your answers within you and allow this relationship conflict to be a soul search of meaning and purpose.

Make Each Day Count

So all emotions should be brought to the heart center because from this center, your heart will begin to show you where it’s in pain and what it is longing for. So don’t forget to listen to the hidden beat of the heart because your heart holds all those treasures and longs for you to fully fulfilled and to feel love in your heart.

I know this is a huge topic. I hope you can really listen to your Spirit guidance from source today.

Remember whatever you’re feeling at the moment will not last forever. This is not the story of your life. It’s how you’re feeling.  I hope you can hear the peace and tranquility that your soul is trying to give to you in relation to this burning question: should I stay or should I go?

I would love to hear your thought so leave your comments below.

About Julianna Jay

Irish mystic Julianna Jay is a poetic word smith, soul reader, scribe and pure channel. Her words reveal divine guidance from a higher council of light beings through Source energy. Julianna channels from the archangel realms, the ascended masters, and saints, filling her writing with the unconditional love and energy of the divine. She has been interviewed many times in the U.S. and Europe on radio and television and her scribings are often featured in 11.11 Magazine, a U.S.-based publication with a global readership. Connect with Julianna via her website at HERE or on Facebook

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