Take a moment to connect with your intuition, and see which message pops out at you for the month of May: Message #1, #2, or #3.

Feel free to fast forward to your special message.

Message #1 — 00:41

Message #2 — 05:11

Message #3 — 09:40

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If you were drawn to Message #1, the cards that came up are Morality and Letting Go. You are being invited to let go of the old ways you oppress yourself. The Morality card is about black and white, rigid thinking that limits how you experience your life. This thinking maybe in the form of beliefs that were given to you when you were a child, or they may simply be beliefs about yourself that you’ve come to embrace which are not true. This letting go is happening all by itself. There’s nothing you need to do except notice that it’s happening. Notice when you feel oppressed, heavy, or guilty, and recognize that the feelings are the result of your beliefs in the moment. Consciously let them go. You’ll feel more joy and life will become lighter and freer as you do this.

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If you were drawn to Message #2, the cards that came up are Silence and Guilt. This is a similar message to #1, so you may want to read the above paragraph if you were drawn to #2. Silence is not separate from you. Your thoughts may be screaming, but there’s silence and great peace underneath. Tap into it, and know it’s always there. The Guilt card is about the inner judge’s voice in your head. It’s about all the voices that tell you you’re not enough, that you should have acted or been different. This voice is so destructive, and there’s no more need for you to believe it. It’s a lie, anyway. Guilt has no constructive purpose in your life, and it’s time to tune into the silent peace at the heart of who you are. It is time to Silence the Guilt!

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If you were drawn to Message #3, the cards that came up are Postponement and The Dream. These cards carry the same energy. You might be saying to yourself, “Things will get easier when…” or “As soon as my dreams come true, then I’ll be happy.” You are postponing your joy every time you do this. You can feel joy right now, with or without an outcome. Lots of things have been postponed in our world — events, gatherings, school, and hundreds of other things we’re all used to doing. Don’t postpone your joy or your peace. It’s available to you NOW.



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