November 19, 2021 Taurus Full Moon Forecast (Lunar Eclipse)

On one of the most mysterious days of the year, the Full Moon in the abundant, fixed earth sign Taurus. She’ll reach her climax at the following times across the globe…

  • 01:02 in Los Angeles
  • 04:02 in New York City
  • 09:02 in London
  • 10:02 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 11:02 in Moscow
  • 13:02 in Delhi
  • 16:02 in Hong Kong
  • 17:02 in Tokyo
  • 19:02 in Sydney

This lunar eclipse is the longest lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years and will last over 3 hours. In many places across the world, you’ll see the Full Moon glow a deep red as the magnificent eclipse makes its mark on the world…

Taurus brings a slow, steady and magnetic power.

Whilst Aries comes first on the wheel of the Zodiac, initiating and sparking life, Taurus grounds life into being. Gives it form. Matter. Substance. It’s why this sign’s astrology is known as the most abundant of all.

People with Taurus energy in their charts are often tactile, creative, and crafty folks. They’re good at making things, especially with their hands. And they’ve got tenacity, too. Symbolized by the Bull, Taurus is known for its hard-working approach to life. But not because these people are gluttons for punishment. Taureans work hard because they understand about magnetism. They understand, on an innate and intuitive level that’s usually deeply subconscious, that the kind of joy felt when working hard directly affects the kind of joy felt when not working hard. Because Taurus-born folks also love to play! To luxuriate, wallow and lounge in the empires they have created.

As everybody knows, when you have put your heart and soul into earning something, the enjoyment it yields is sublime.

We can all do well to learn a little something from our favorite Taurus folks at this Full Moon. (Though you don’t need a Taurus Horoscope, or even to know someone who has, to revel in the riches that this Moon brings).

Here in the sign of the Bull, the Moon is exalted!

She expresses herself slightly differently in each sign of the Zodiac, and here, well, here it’s about as good as it can get.

Bathing under the light of this Moon, and still held safe on the Earth, within the reverberating vibrations of the psychic portal of 11/11, some very special astrological aspects are aligning.

There are 5 things you need to know, to sprinkle a little magic on your manifesting during this Taurus Full Moon:

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1. Full Moons are Illuminators – Lunar Eclipses Are The Biggest Markers Of Transformation

Just like giant spotlights crossing the sky, Full Moons shine like a beam, into aspects of our lives that may be hidden in shadow.

Although we’re just about to jump into Sagittarius season, we’re still in the sign of the scorpion. Scorpio season is synonymous with underworldly themes, and at this darkening time of the year (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) shadows loom large. And that’s especially true during an eclipse…

A combination of the lower light, colder temperatures, and the natural contraction of energies at this time means that many of us are called to withdraw a little. Think of that Scorpion, scuttling to get back under its rock.  It’s at these times, when you simply can’t be SO focused on your active, creative passions. What comes into focus instead are those pieces of your inner world, that you usually get to ignore.

It’s a natural process. It’s the order of things. And when the Moon becomes Full  – especially under this Zodiac sign, sitting pretty opposite the Sun in Scorpio – that shadow is illuminated further.

Yet this is a gift!

It’s an opportunity to open your eyes, and to see yourself with wide, caring kindness and compassion, in your entirety, and your wholeness.

Because here’s the interesting thing about shadows and manifestation: The vibration that your shadow emits, is very often the vibration that’s running the show. That is what’s drawing in and creating your reality. (Because we all know that manifestation is a game of vibration and frequency, right?) So when it’s unconscious, ie. when you can’t see what your shadow contains, you are never really in control.

So stand under the spotlight of this Taurus Full Moon, let it shine into the darkest recesses of yourself. And re-claim your wholeness.

2. This Full Moon Directs You to Renew and Release

The Zodiac sign of Taurus represents the bounty of nature.

Its energy is abundant, bountiful, and copious. It’s in part, because of its resolute steadfastness, plus this sign’s inability to give any less than it can.

But Taurus also resonates with the lush sensuality of the natural world – to the sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and textures that this garden of earthly delights is made up of.

Yet if you look out of your window it’s clear that at this time of year, the Earth isn’t as bounteous as Taurus would have us believe. Instead, She’s in retreat – drawing back, releasing, and in many cases dying.

So here at the center of the worlds, the Moon holds us. Here we get to feel both sides of the scale. We gain perspective, as the long-term view is laid bare.

The plenty, and the paucity.

This Taurus Full Moon, sitting exactly opposite the Scorpio Sun, reminds us that even the less abundant phases of life, are still totally necessary and part of the human experience. In fact, these times of darkening retreat are when we all go through the renewal that we need. Like nature, we get to release what’s no longer needed and drawback resources for the next phase of growth.

As Luna wanes, we also get to live it out: releasing, renewing, and going through whatever ego-death of our own, that we most need.

3. You Must Work With Taurus

Taurus is about money, financial security and possessions. But really when you go beyond that, it’s about self-worth. And when with this lunation being more powerful than a regular non-eclipse moon, these themes get stronger.

It’s your responsibility to think about the things you hold dear, think about the things that are yours that you’re not necessarily sharing and think about how those things affect how you feel about yourself and others.

If you’re a fixed sign, you might have trouble with this but working with Taurus, instead of fighting against it will deliver you to a happy outcome, even if it feels a bit counter-intuitive.

4. Careful With Communication

The other planet that influences this eclipse is Mercury, planet of communication.

During this lunation, the things that are said will be long lasting. Words hold power and you must remember that when you say something, you can’t take it back.

And it might be a little difficult to keep any tense words under wraps thanks to the eclipse’s wide square to fiery Mars.

If you harness this power well though, you might just say the right things to get where you want to be whilst maintaining the status quo.

5. Gratitude is King!

Yes, it’s something SO simple and something you’re probably tired of hearing. But as the Full Moon rises in Taurus, it’s truer than ever:

Gratitude is the number one way to manifest and generate more joy in your life.

Why? Again, it’s all about vibration – and holding an attitude of gratitude will attract more to feel gratitude for.

The Taurus Full Moon is one of the most magnetic lunations of the year. The Zodiac sign of Taurus positively swells with blessings, and it creates a snowball effect. So join in with the roll.

  • Begin each day, before your head lifts off the pillow, by whispering three things to yourself that you’re grateful for.
  • Start a nightly ritual over dinner, where each person, in turn, shares one thing that happened to them, they’re grateful for (brilliant if you have kids).
  • Text your partner, a friend, parent or child during the day, telling them something you love about them and are grateful for.
  • Start a gratitude journal, and at the end of each day, write down a minimum of 5 things which happened, that you’re grateful for.

This isn’t about creating work for yourself (though we all know Taurus isn’t afraid of a little grind!) This is about gently, over time, shifting your frequency. Start now, under this Taurus Full Moon and you’ll get a serious head start.

This lunation’s astrology is literally begging you to get clear on what you want, and manifest it into the world! So, if you’re not hearing the message clearly, you may be in trouble!

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