Many people feel they need to be in meditation to connect to angelic presence.

Yet this isn’t true. Meditation is one way (and it’s a good way) yet there are also other ways to make your connection to the divine…

The truth is, the angelic realm is all around us.

It’s easy to think of the Angels as living on a cloud or off somewhere in another dimension, but really everything is interconnected.

When you ask Angels, Archangels or Spirit Guides for support or divine guidance, they’re right here waiting for you! Your intention, in addition to the frequency of love you hold will get your message to them.

But there’s also a short cut!

Crystals for Angel ConnectionPinUsing Crystals to Connect to Angels

There are many crystals, here on planet Earth that are closely aligned with angelic vibrations. Connecting with these crystals makes it easier to bring your frequency to a level where you have 24/7, access to Angels!

Again, it’s not that you don’t have access to the Angelic realm all the time. Remember, the Angels and Archangels are here with you! Yet certain crystals are like having a direct line to the divine. Let me explain…

“Radio Raphael, are you listening?!”

Just for a moment imagine that the Angels you want to connect with are on the radio, hosting their own show. Well, the vibration of the crystals you choose will help you to “tune in” to the angel’s show. Certain crystals, often referred to as “Angel stones” will also help you to stay tuned in.

You may have heard that quartz, amethyst, selenite, celestite are great Angel stones, and yes, they are! But my spirit guides and Angels want to offer you a few more to try. Remember, whenever choosing an Angel stone to work with, let your intuition guide you.

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Mangano Calcite

This beautiful pink and white crystal carries the vibration of love.

Because of this, it’s ideal for calling on Archangel Chamuel for guidance and support in matters of the heart.

It also particularly helpful when connecting with your soulmate, or with any kind of relationship that is based on love. The pink and white vibration heals the inner child, so if you feel abandoned or hurt by someone you have looked to for safety and love then place this stone over your heart chakra, and ask for the gift of healing.

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A translucent, milky white crystal, Petalite offers Angel healing and deep cleansing for the many dimensions of your being – in this life and previous lifetimes.

Petalite raises your vibration giving you the opportunity to let go of anything that has been holding you back. Place this stone on your third eye chakra to help you see your Angels and Spirit Guides, deepen your Angel communication, and to ask them to assist you with a vision for your future.

Pink Danburite

This is a pale pink translucent crystal that carries the most beautiful vibration of gentleness at its heart.

Pink gemstones help with forgiveness and compassion. This stone is often used in crystal therapy to help with moving deep blocks to love. The translucency of this beautiful Angel crystal supports clarity in your relationships, and through it, your Angels will guide you to know which relationships are for your highest good.

Place over your heart and third eye chakra for their support, or in your hands while in meditation to receive messages of love.

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Like the name infers, this crystal is attuned to the Angelic realm.

A soft denim blue color, Angelite helps you to communicate with your Angels and is particularly useful for healers and intuitives.

Blue is the color of communication, truth and the Divine Will.

Carry this crystal with you to help you in your everyday life. Angelite will enable you to access Angelic communication in an instant, allowing you to receive their guidance on mundane matters as well as more important decisions.

Blue also links you with your mission, so use this Angel crystal to invite your Angels to guide you towards your life’s purpose.


This striking crystal is also known as Angel’s Wing, because of the layers that look like a wing.

This powerful Angel crystal will help you to walk the earth while keeping your spiritual connection strong. My Angels tell me that this is a wonderful ethereal crystal for spiritual writers. It supports communication with Angels and helps you to bring their messages back to earth to share with others.


Black Kyanite

This crystal, like Anhydrite, looks like a wing.

You probably wouldn’t expect an Angel crystal to be black. Yet in my experience of seeing auras, black can be full of surprises.

In at least one instance, while looking at the aura of someone who had experienced a near-death event, I saw the vibration of God in the emptiness of the black within his energy field.

I feel this stone helps you see the bigger picture, allowing you to tune into past, present and future lifetimes simultaneously. My Angels tell me that this crystal helps you know when Angels are around helping, supporting and guiding energy.

Wear this stone and you will feel angelic contact whenever they are around.

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What are your favorite Angel stones? How do you use them? I would love to know your favorite crystals and techniques.