PinWe all have spirit guides and angels protecting us and leading us in the direction we most need to go.

Some of yours will stay alongside you for your whole life as they are intimately connected to you at a soul level, and others will come and go, as and when you need their assistance.

Angels are beings of light…

Angels aren’t confined by space and time or physicality and matter like we are. And what this means is that to confine, compress and direct their presence so that it IS physical and tangible is not their natural way of being.  To be perceivable by us humans, through our earth-bound senses, angels need to come down in frequency, to meet us at our level.  And in return, if you want to be able to discern the presence of your angels then you need to work hard to raise your own frequency, to meet theirs.

Which is why a meditation practice, time in nature and working hard to live from a heart-centered space are all SO important when it comes to connecting with angels, especially if you want your connection to be strong.

(You can work with angels without sensing their presence, but let’s be honest – we all want to be able to feel them, right?!)

Angels and Real Life

But there may be times when it’s just impossible to sit in meditation for half an hour, and entering the astrals is out of the question because real life is happening right here, right now!  Or perhaps you’re slowly drifting off course and your angels need you to drift back onto it more quickly than you’re planning to. Because as we all know, time and evolution are speeding up right now, and humanity doesn’t have a whole heap of time to sit around twiddling its thumbs!

So angelic signs are on the rise.  Or perhaps our awareness of them is, or perhaps it doesn’t matter.  What does, is that your angels are trying to get your attention (because why else would you have been drawn to read these words…?)


Here are 15 clear signs that you should be looking out for:

1. A White Feather

Probably the most universally recognized of all angelic signs, these will often appear in unusual or strange places, and when you’re in most need of comfort and support

2. Orbs

We all know that throughout our human stories, angels have taken on the form of the winged messenger. But they are really beings of pure light, so when you see orbs of bright, colored light in the air (sometimes captured in photographs too) you could be seeing angels in their purest form.

3. Rainbows

Without rain. These could be in the sky but it’s more likely that they’ll dance across the inside of a room, over your skin or the face of who you’re talking too.  They’re a reminder of the beauty and magic surrounding you.

4. Cloud Formations

If you look up into the sky to see the pattern of wings, or the rays of sunlight streaming through the clouds, it’s a sure sign that you are being watched over and protected from the Heavens.

5. Tingling Crown Chakra

Due to the very high frequency of energy held by angels, it’s common to sense their presence first via the crown chakra, which is situated at the very top of the head.  This is the point at which this high-level energy enters the body, so is the first to attune to the angelic vibration.

6. Babies and Pets

If you look at babies, cats and some other pets, they can sometimes appear to be watching or playing with something invisible in the air.  Believed to be more attuned to the subtle energies, it could be that these children and animals can see an angelic presence close which is to them, and you.

7. Angel Numbers

Do you see 11:11, 1:23, your birthdate, or other numbers repeating wherever you go?  These numbers are affectionately referred to as “Angel Numbers” because, quite simply, they are one of the languages that Angels use to connect to humans.

8. Unexpected Gifts

Have you ever been in need of something, and it miraculously appeared in your life? Or perhaps received a fortuitous gift or opportunity which changed the course of your life (perhaps without knowing at the time).  These can be the direct intervention of Angels.

9. Music / Sounds

Hearing music, chiming bells or even faint, muffled sounds could all be signs that Angels are close and are trying to grab your attention.

10. Fragrance

Getting an unexpected and unexplained hit of a scent – it could be perfume, flowers, citrus, or something else clean and pure – could indicate the presence of Angels.  This is also a common sign that ancestral guides are attempting to get through the veil and make themselves known.

11. A Change in Temperature

Sensing a drop, or warming up of the air around you may indicate that angels are close.

12. Sensations Against your Skin

When angels are close, people often report the feeling of feathers brushing against their skin.  Or a soft blowing, or a gentle breeze when there is no natural, climatic explanation.

13. Direct Messages

These are clear answers to quandaries you have in your life, which show up in plain sight.  They could be words splashed across a billboard or the lyrics of a song playing on the radio.  Your Angels have put you in the right place, at the right time, to receive exactly the information you need.

14. Coins

Many regard seeing coins scattered on the ground as angelic signs and reminders of the wealth of abundance that is available to us.  The phrase “pennies from Heaven” had to come from somewhere!

15. Feelings

If you feel the presence of angels, and somehow just “know” that they are close, then don’t doubt it.  Trust this sense – they are with you.

These are just a few of the most common sign that your Angels are close, and are trying to get your attention!  But there is a myriad of other creative ways that they make their presence known, so if you have more to share then please comment below!