angel-messengerPinI have seen angelic energy in the auric fields of Angel Messengers for as long as I can remember. I love it when I get to see and feel it in this way, it’s like coming home. I have been fortunate to work with the Angels for many years, but I didn’t choose to be their messenger. They chose me and maybe they have chosen you too. I want to share 9 things you might already be doing that reveal your purpose as an Angel Messenger.

1. When someone is in need whether you know them or not, do you offer support, guidance and hope without thought of reward?

2. Are there times when words of wisdom come into your head out of the blue and an inner urge guides you to share them with someone you’re with, only to discover that what you said is just what that person needed to hear?

3. Do you feel the need to touch someone gently on the arm or shoulder and gaze into their eyes, intuitively knowing this is all you need to do to bring them comfort?

4. Have you heard music coming from no physical source around you, felt comforted when you heard it, and deep within your soul recognize and resonate with the melody – as if you have sung or heard this tune before?

5. Do people just “pop into your thoughts” and when you reach out and contact them find that this person had been praying for help and was in need of a friend?

6. Is your home, office space, studio, garden, or/and car filled with pictures, statues, oracle cards, crystals, and jewelry all devoted to Angels?

7. Do you own at least one Angel card deck and love giving and receiving Angel Readings?

8. Do you use or wear special crystals to help connect and call on your Angels for support?

9. Do you feel your purpose is to transform the energy on the planet, to take her to the tipping point where LOVE WINS and all negativity, pain, hurt, and suffering becomes a thing of the past?

Did you answer YES to any or all of the questions?

If so, how many resonated with you? I would love to know, please share your answers in the comments section below.

If you did answer YES then you may well be an Angel Messenger. You don’t have to be employed full time to be in service to the Angels. Many messengers have regular jobs and this is probably the best way to share guidance with people unlikely to seek the help of the Angels, and this is where you come in. You’re right there where you need to be, waiting in the wings so to speak.  Not everyone knows about Angel Messengers, so the ANGELS take action in an inspired way – they go to those in need through YOU! 

Maybe you’re a store clerk, accountant, teacher, nurse, marketing tycoon, secretary, gas pump attendant, gardener, military personnel, government employee,  or a housewife. You could be in any career and be an Angel Messenger too. You don’t have to memorize the names of the Angels either, giving them titles is human and something we do to identify their qualities.

My physical name is Elizabeth, but my true name, the one my guides give me is “the sound of love.” That’s your name too, we’re not separate, we are one within that sound of love. If you align with the energy of love then you are one with the Angelic Realm too.

As an Angel Messenger I know that you can make a difference in the world. You are needed now more than ever to offer loving guidance, wisdom and hope to those in need. They are not always close physically, they may be thousands of miles from you, but if you think of them and ask the Angels to intervene, then help will be there and your job as an Angel Messenger will have been fulfilled.