Whether the second Mercury Retrograde of the year has been good, bad or ugly for you, we’ve got some good news!

It’s finally coming to an end! 

The trickster planet has been back-spinning since the end of September and will finally come to an end on October 18th, 2021.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of communication, technology, travel, and connections. With Mercury retrograde happening in emotional Cancer, things can get muddled in the communication sphere.

The Last Mercury Retrograde of 2021

Mercury retrogrades happen 3 to 4 times in a year, and it can stretch for three weeks at a time. It pays to be aware when this tiny planet is in retrograde because its impact is strongly felt by us earthlings. From our viewpoint on earth, the planet seems to be moving in the opposite direction; hence it is called a retrograde. Astrology connects humans to the movements of planets, so expect some surprises when Mercury backward spins for the first time this year.

Technology can crash…

Travel plans get altered…

Communication gets muddy…

And the walls of our organized lives begin to crumble.

Well, that’s not strictly true for everyone but its reputation is enough to instill enough fear in most people, that the internet starts to heave under the pressure as soon as the first forecast is out…

But here we are, close to the end. Yet it doesn’t mean you ought to hide in a closet to wait it out until Mercury stations direct! In fact, the opposite is true. Because these last few days, as Mercury appears to slow down and stand still on its trajectory around the Sun before switching direction, this alignment offers a powerful time for course correction. 

No matter how tough or how easy the last three weeks have been for you, there’s a simple way to make the whole thing worthwhile. We have three questions that you need to ask yourself before the maker of mischief moves direct:

1. What loose ends do I want to tie up before Oct 18?

By now, you’ll know that a Mercury retrograde is not the time to start new projects, sign contracts, begin diets, new habits or even relationships. The best course of action, rather, is to engage with the kind of activities that begin with “RE”…

  • RE-vise
  • RE-visit
  • RE-view
  • RE-consider
  • RE-clarify

So when Mercury stations direct, you really want to have all your “RE- themed”  activities done and dusted, your loose ends tied up, and all your contracts and agreements gone through with a fine-tooth comb.

Don’t leave any “i”s un-dotted, and “T”s un-crossed!

So ask yourself the question, find out what needs finishing off, and do it.

Why is this so important? Because when the momentum of Mercury returns, you’ll want to be ready!

2. What Insights Have I received?

Sure, we all know about the downsides of a tough Mercury retrograde. Things like miscommunication, buggy technology, missed appointments, and frustrating gaffs are par for the course.

But the (often untapped) positive side of this planetary backspin can include hints, nudges, insights or straight-up messages about a direction you should turn in or a new project you may want to take on.

The trick, of course, is to be open enough to receive these kinds of messages from the winged messenger during his Rx. Not only are people often turned the other way, engaged in damage limitation, but it’s just not what we’re told to expect…


SO take a little time out. Perhaps pour yourself a cuppa, take 5 and sit down with your journal to write it out (remember, Mercury loves the written word!) What whisper-in-your-ear insights has this planet offered up over the past three weeks?

3. What’s My Vision Now?

It’s not often that you get to feel positively justified in NOT taking active, practical steps forward. Modern life likes us to be working pretty much non-stop.

But these last few days when this tiny planet – which has SO much to say about how we live our fast-paced, globally-connected, limitlessly communicative lives – is switching direction, are pivotal. Yet NOT ideal for action, just yet.

SO instead, use this time to get clear on your next steps. On your vision.

After having tied up those loose ends, and cleared the decks. And after having listened in and gleaned those Mercurial insights.

Ask yourself: What’s next?

Moving your way through these three questions could just help you get clear on this, and also help you to understand a little more about the purpose of those thrice-annual retro-phases of that quick little planet we call Mercury :)

Many blessings.

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