Summer is over, and our children are already well into a new year at school. As most of us can remember ourselves, school can be really rewarding, but also extremely challenging. Bullies, mean teachers, and insensitive kids can leave your child feeling heartbroken or afraid at school.

Everything in you wishes you could be there in person, to prevent your child from harm. Although you may not be able to physically be with them throughout the day, there is a way to offer your support and protection to your child through magick…by giving them a protection charm!

A charm is a small item charged with magical energy and intention. A protection charm is any small item that you have charged with your own magickal focus to have the energy to protect. It is really simple to make, as well!

Craft this protection spell to defend your child while they're at school

How to Craft a Protection Charm

You’ll Need:

  • A Red, Black or White Candle, for protection. Use one candle per child.
  • Olive Oil
  • Sage or Incense smoke
  • Nail or Screw
  • A Keyring with which symbolizes protection to you. You could use a key ring with a powerful animal, such as a Lion or Bear, on it. You could use one with a symbol, such as a lightning bolt, on it. Or you might use a Harry Potter, or a dragon key ring. You get the idea. Be sure to have one Keyring per child.

8 Magickal Steps

1. Smudge the keyring with sage or incense smoke. This will cleanse and clear the keyring’s energy, and prepare it to be charged with your intention. To do this, simply light a bundle of sage, blow it out, and waft the smoke around the keyring.  Do this for a few minutes.

2. Carve your child’s full name onto the candle using the nail or screw.

3. Next, carve the word “protection” onto the candle. If your child is having a specific issue, you can carve what you want to protect them from specifically. You might carve protection from bullies, or protection from their strict teacher, etc.

4. Light the candle. As you do, begin to imagine your child surrounded by a strong shield of light. Begin to feel the feelings of how safe and secure your child is. Imagine your child coming home from school saying the bully is no longer an issue, and that he or she has had a great day.

5. Put a drop of oil on your finger, blow on it once, and charge it by saying,

Watch over my child, throughout the school day,
protect him (her) from harm and keep all fears at bay

6. Press the oil to the keyring and state your intention

My child [child’s name] is protected from all harm. So mote it be!

7. Lay the keyring before the candle until it has finished burning.

8. Attach the keyring to your child’s backpack.

Protection Charm

If you don’t have a keyring readily available, you can use this same spell to create a protection charm out of any small object that your child can carry in his or her backpack.

A small crystal, stone or rock makes a great substitute for a key ring. You might charge a small necklace pendant your child likes to wear, to turn it into a protection charm.

Another good substitute is to create a protection bag of herbs. Simply gather a few herbs from around the house, such as bay leaf, cinnamon, basil, or chamomile, and place them into a small pouch or bag. Do the same spell above, substituting the bag for the keyring, to make a protection sachet for your child.

An easy and quick substitute is to take chalk or a pen and draw a symbol on the inside of your child’s backpack that symbolizes protection. Do the spell above, substituting the symbol for the keyring.

The most important element in the spell is your own magical intention and focus. When you cast the spell of protection for your child, they will feel your love, your light, and your energy protecting them at all times, especially at school. This feeling of love surrounding them will make a difference in so many ways.

All of my love to you and yours!

Sirena Moon


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