In this video, I’ll be revealing 10 powerful ways to instantly raise your vibration so you can release resistance and start manifesting the life of your dreams.

Your vibration, which can be measured by the emotions we feel, cultivate our thoughts. This frequency is projected into your energy field and either attracts and repels circumstances and events by the Universal Law of Attraction.

Your auric field is a body of energy that encompasses your entire body. This magnetic field is alive too and can splay up to 9 feet around your body. When it is strong and healthy, the aura is bright and expands in all directions and enables your heart’s desires to manifest effortlessly. However, a weak aura can leave you feeling depleted, insecure and frightened.

Your most dominant thoughts and emotions attract the corresponding events into your auric field. Everything in your life is created this way. So if you want to change your experience you must take responsibility for your thoughts and feelings and consciously raise your vibration…

1. Focus On What You Want

Becoming more conscious of your thoughts and deliberately looking for things that make you feel good is the secret to keeping your vibration high. Start consciously looking for positive thoughts by taking baby steps along the way. By refocussing on what you want instead of what you don’t, this will change your point of attraction. This will help you to start attracting your desires and will instantly make you feel better.

2. Observe Your Emotions

Begin to become more aware of your emotional responses to various triggers. Simply allow them to wash through you. Try not to judge them or feel bad for experiencing negative ones like anger or jealousy. Don’t feed the negative and avoid reacting to situations that make you feel bad. It’ll just make you feel worse. To raise your vibration or frequency you must move up this emotional frequency scale towards joy, peace and enlightenment as you can see in this diagram. The lower-lying ones like shame, guilt and grief will keep you stuck in a cycle of victimhood. Remember that everything happens for you, not to you.

3. Release Junk Programs From The Subconscious

Start rewiring your mind with guided meditations and positive affirmations to release negative thoughts in your subconscious. Your shadow patterns may be taking you off on a completely different path to your intended one. If you are trying to make a change and can’t, it’s because your subconscious is programmed differently than your conscious mind and guess who always wins? That’s right the subconscious mind. Both minds need to be aligned for you to flow with your manifestations.

Release yourself from subconscious patterns to raise your vibrationPin

4. Transmute Trauma From The Cellular Memory

A cellular memory that triggers fear always goes back to a wrong interpretation of the original event. Whether we would define our past experiences as “traumatic” today makes no difference to our subconscious or spiritual heart. What’s important is to heal the cellular memory and the fear signal it is transmit­ting. The Color Mirrors will help you to identify and remove the lie created from the past painful memory and replace it with the truth. This can span many lifetimes so to pair the color therapy up with some ancestral clearing will radically upgrade your DNA.

5. Practice Self-Love & Forgiveness

The most profound way to raise your vibe is to consciously choose to love and forgive yourself at a soul level. This does not mean, condoning your poor behavior in the past but choosing to learn from it and let it go so you can feel free to love yourself again. Remember guilt and shame sit at the lower end of the vibrational scale and until you have confronted and embraced your shadows you’ll be stuck in a vicious cycle.

6. Eat The Rainbow

Practice self-love by honoring your body. The golden rule here is to consume fresh, organic produce with color. Try to steer clear of beige food of low vibration and make sure you drink plenty of water. Ideally, water that has been infused with crystal frequencies. Remember that everything is energy so everything we put in will either raise or lower our vibration. Choosing high-quality foods that are free of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and other low vibration ingredients will help raise your vibration. Other low vibration things to avoid are medications, drugs, alcohol, meat and sugar.

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7. Practice Appreciation

Begin each day by journalling 5 things about the day ahead that you are grateful for. This will help you to focus on all of the things you love in your life and will instantly change your point of attraction. Remember that gratitude changes the anatomy of the brain and is a very high emotional state of being. Again start with baby steps and observe how your day goes from strength to strength.

8. Mindfulness In Art Therapy

It’s the process, not the end result that is important here. This uplifting modality uses various mediums including acrylics, watercolor and oil pastels on canvas and paper. It is designed to encourage you to express yourself through color, movement and even sound to transform any negative emotions and release old blockages. You do not have to be an artist to benefit from this process as it is more about using color freely.


9. Move Your Body

Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. This will help to change up the energy in your body and you will instantly feel the difference both physically and mentally. Enjoy spending time in nature and try and be outdoors as much as possible. Sit by the water when you can. The oceans, lakes and rivers are a blessing from God and water has healing and therapeutic properties. Alternatively, you can introduce yoga into your life a few times a week as it helps to realign your mind, body and soul with mindfulness and breathing techniques.

10. Laugh Out Loud

You’ve probably heard the phrase that laughter is the best medicine. Well, it’s true. The more we laugh, the better we feel. It releases endorphins and makes you feel amazing. Even if you are feeling depleted, try and start the ball rolling by faking laughter at first. You’ll find that the more you practice this the easier it becomes and soon you will find that you are roaring with hysterics until your belly is aching. Give it a go…

To help you get the ball rolling, here is a powerful 5 minute guided meditation to help you to instantly raise your vibe.

Which of the other steps are you going to implement in your life today? Leave a few comments below to let me know.

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