Card 1: 8 of Swords

Angel Oracle Card: Expression

You recognize that this week you are feeling powerless. You have no idea what to expect next week, next hour, next second. You are out of control and this makes you feel uncomfortable.  However, it is needed.  It is sparking your inner child because it is reminding you that as a child you had no control, you were completely restricted in your day to day and daily freedoms. You are remembering what that felt like as a child to not have autonomy or authority. However, keep in mind that a child feels safe and free knowing that their parents are taking care of everything without having to worry.  Embrace the lack of control and trust your Spiritual parents–the Universe that they are taking care of everything for you.

The Angel Oracle Card is Expression.  The only thing that you have any control over this week is how you are expressing yourself through this lack of control. Whether it is through dance, writing, music, you are being asked to use this week to express yourself now that you do not have the constraints of fear, responsibility and worry about being in control over everything. Enjoy it!

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Card 2: The Fool

Angel Oracle Card: Time To Create

This is your week to take a risk. Just go for it! If you have been thinking about starting something new or doing something different, go for it. You have a very small window of opportunity so don’t live with regret. Take the first step, create what makes your heart sing and ask for help where it is needed.

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Card 3: Ace of Pentacles/ Page of Cups

Angel Oracle Card: Ask for a Sign

This week you will be presented with the opportunity to invest in a young water sign; Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. This is a new venture that will require your trust and faith into this young person. If you are hesitant about starting something new or investing in this water sign, ask the universe for a very specific sign. Get specific about what kind of sign that you want from the Universe. When the Universe gives you the sign–wait for it and listen to it! When you see the sign, that is your confirmation to go for it.  This tells the Universe that you are willing to listen to it and take the signs seriously.  This week ask for a specific sign when it comes to investing your time, energy or money into a young water sign, and then listen to the sign when it comes to you.

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