Back in December 2017, Saturn entered its home sign of Capricorn

Now if you remember, this was a BIG deal back then in the world of astrology (which is YOUR world too, whether you know it or not!) because it coincided with a pivotal New Moon, a galactic centre conjunction and oh, the solstice was thrown in there too!

Saturn’s Transit into Capricorn

This move marked the beginning of a three-year foray for the planet of structure, boundaries and responsibility, into a sign holding very similar and contributory qualities.  For us down here on Earth, it meant the start of an epic and cosmically-supported time of focus, maturity and hard, hard work.

I, for one, felt this change almost instantly.  With a well-timed surge of determination and effort, my life has pretty much U-Turned since, in ways, I could only have previously imagined (and had been imagining – but not quite manifesting – for a good few years before this planetary shift). It just shows the enormous power of Saturn and its collaborative play with the energy of Capricorn. The same is true for SO many people I know – lives are upgrading and it’s due in a very large part to the extra-strong Saturnian energy we’ve all been channelling since the end of last year.  (And if you’re still waiting for your turn, this is just the beginning!  Saturn remains in Capricorn until 2020!)

And now, just a few months on, something extra is happening with this planetary vibe.

On April 17th, Saturn goes retrograde.

And planets in retrograde, as we all know, exert a very different influence from when they’re spinning direct.

Saturn goes retrograde every year, for about 140 days. So this isn’t an especially unusual occurrence, and it’s not going to be as sudden or disruptive as a Mercury retrograde can be. But it matters, and it alters the way we’ll be using – and affected by – the energy of Saturn as we move through the next 5 months.

The Father of Time

Before the telescope was invented, Saturn was the furthest visible planet: the limit of our known Universe and this symbolism hasn’t gone away. Known as the father of time, Saturn creates order. It puts us to work, it keeps records of our past efforts and it holds us accountable.

So when Saturn moves retrograde, we’re being asked to review and reframe the sense of order we create in our own lives, the value that we apply to our work and our efforts, and take a long hard look at how the whole shebang is actually going!

Recognize your Restrictions

Saturn in retrograde is a time of analysis, of course-correction and of internalising Saturn’s own critical and judicious qualities. It can be immensely useful (why else would the Universe gift us with 5 months of this valuable energy a year?!) So it really pays to use this strong energy wisely. But how do you actually use this retrograde Saturnian influence in your life, and what can you do to reap its rewards?

Start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • Do you feel restricted?
  • How are you being restricted by outside forces?
  • How are you restricting yourself?
  • What are you scared of?
  • Where have you been focussing your energies since the shift into Capricorn (Dec 2017)?
  • What is being eclipsed or concealed by the limitations of your focus?
  • And are these limitations helping, or harming you?

Take some time and really dig deep into these questions, even putting pen to paper to explore what rises to the surface of your awareness.  Saturn holds a probing and fiercely critical approach, so the more of this you can muster, the greater the insight you’ll uncover.

Breaking Free!

When you have a greater understanding of the nature of the limitations in your life (both real and illusory) you’ll be in a much greater position to either choose to grow strong within them or to move beyond them.

Limits aren’t always a bad thing – Saturn offers discipline and routine, order and reliability.  Without this energy running through our lives, we’d all be in a hot mess pretty quickly so don’t dismiss all of the limitations you uncover as negative or needlessly restrictive.

Instead, focus on your fears.  Because these are what’s really restricting your growth and enjoyment of life… but don’t be daunted.  The journey to overcome them is a large part of the story of your emergence. Working to overcome your fears is where life experience comes from, and doing this work under Saturn’s retrograde will help this work to become the dissolution of karma.  You’ll be less likely to repeat your mistakes, and more likely to take responsibility for your actions from this point onward.

Re-allocating Saturn’s Energy

You could also see this time (and your active participation in it) as a re-allocation of Saturn’s energy through your life.  Because if you’re seeking change and progress of the real, tangible kind and still waiting for results, then it may be that you’re just using Saturn’s influence in the wrong areas of your life and a little re-distribution is required:

  • For example, if you’re feeling too serious and restricted in certain areas of your life, shift that strong, knuckle-down Saturnian energy into another place, where you’re unfocused and scattered.
  • Where you’re dithering and not really committing to an end goal that you really, truly want to reach, move in some of Saturn’s persistent and resolute desire to remain focused and work hard.
  • If fear is holding you back, open up to the fiercely honest and accountable energy that is Saturn’s biggest gift.
  • And if you’ve been stuck fast is survival mode, chasing money and security above all else for the past few months (or beyond!) re-focus your efforts into beauty, pleasure, art, or whatever else makes your heart sing for a change.
  • Or vice versa – use this planetary energy how YOU need it most.

Overall, this is a wonderful 5-month opportunity to review, reframe and re-allocate a whole lot of potent and influential cosmic drive … so get to work!

Blessings to you!


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer at a truth-teller and weaver of words and stories. She specializes in reading, describing and helping others to navigate the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world.



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