Has life been feeling a little… frustrating, over the last few months?

Well, friend, it’s not only you who’s been feeling like this. The solar system’s taskmaster – Saturn – has been retrograde since April this year. The ringed planet spends around four or five months a year back spinning through the skies, so this is no unusual planetary occurrence. But for some reason (and we’re looking right in your direction, Capricorn) this year it’s felt tougher than most. Are we right..?

Saturn in Capricorn 2017 – 2020

Back in December 2017, the planet of structure, achievement, maturity, responsibility, and restrictions moved on from Sagittarius and entered its native Zodiac sign of Capricorn.

In Astrology, Saturn is a planet that creates boundaries and limitations.

Its influence can feel harsh and restrictive in a normal Zodiac sign, but here at home, it’s felt like a marathon of disempowering circumstances and jumping through hoops. This is all because, in Capricorn, Saturn’s “firm father” vibe has been majorly amplified. (Plus its cosmic dance with Pluto isn’t helping!)

Saturn’s (we say unfair) malefic reputation gets turned on its head though, when you realize that the discipline, structure and hard work ethic that this big-wig brings to the cosmic cauldron are exactly the things we all need to make genuine progress in life.

On a good day, Saturn transits manifest as discipline, good planning, and an efficient work ethic. His Astrology can be pretty useful when you need it.

But on a bad day, Saturn in Capricorn expresses as red tape and democracy, impenetrable hierarchy and Patriarchy at its worst.

We’ve seen a lot of both sides of the circle since this transit began in December 2017, (and we’re guessing you have a list as long as your arm, describing this Saturn transit’s attack through your life!) And it’s not going to stop until March 2020, when the ringmaster sweeps into Aquarius.

Now imagine Saturn’s task-master mentality kicking into reverse.


  • May 11 : Saturn stations retrograde at 1º of Aquarius
  • Sept 29: Saturn stations direct at 25º of Capricorn

Under this planetary retrograde, many of Saturn’s demands – the burden of responsibility, the rule of authority and the might of tradition – are intensified. Making it all the more likely that – on a personal level – we buckle under the weight.

More likely, but not a given.

Because Saturn Retrograde is an opportunity not to resist these things, but to use them to become stronger.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. And Saturn retrograde, since April 30 has been leading you back along the chain, testing each and every one of those links, to see if they all hold.

Frustrating? Yes. Backtracking over work you’ve already done and life you’ve already lived is nobody’s idea of a good time. But here’s the thing. Now Saturn’s moving direct again, you can be absolutely sure that the house isn’t about to collapse around you.

That work you’ve been doing over the past five months – whether it’s dealing with health issues, property, finances, work, or any number of other day-to-day or long-term issues – means that your foundations are strong. Way, way stronger than they were when this retrograde transit began back in April.


Saturn Stations Direct 18 Sept 2019

So now what? Now that this retrograde cycle has come to a close, what’s the best plan of action moving forward? Here are 3 things we suggest…

1. Crack open a bottle of fizz!

Give yourself a big pat on the back, star seeker!

The hardest part of this transit is over, and you survived!

But seriously – this Saturn Rx has been a long, hard slog and it’s been a tough time for many folks – we know, we’ve been reading your messages! So breathe a little deeper, walk a little taller. It’s time to let that sense of self-worth expand in the knowledge that you kept it together!

When Saturn Stations Direct Will You Receive An Energy Boost?

2. Reflect on your wins.

What is working now, that wasn’t working before?

It may be that this retrograde revealed dodgy ground, dubious commitments or crumbling foundations, that you didn’t even realize were problematic?

And we’re guessing Saturn retrograde either dismantled these completely or gave you ways to rebuild and fortify.

Either way, it’s done.

And the outcome is the best for all involved – so believe that! Re-evaluate anything you’ve been doubting, and see it as a win.

When Saturn Stations Direct Will You Reflect On Your Successes?

3. Beware the Saturn Retrograde Shadow

Bear in mind that in Astrology, after every planetary retrograde lies a shadow period.

This is the time it takes a planet to trace forward over the same astrological degrees it has just covered, whilst it was in retrograde.

When does the Saturn Retrograde 2019 Shadow End?

Saturn won’t return to 20º of Capricorn (the degree is was on when it kicked into reverse in April) until around the 20th December.

When Saturn stations direct, it’s possible for some of the same issues that were hounding you during the retrograde, to bubble up again for one last round.

Not definite, but possible.

So be aware.

Don’t let it keep you on the back foot any longer – your need to keep those defenses raised are over. But if there are still things that aren’t quite working in your life, and you want to make them stronger, then this is your time to tackle them one-on-one.

Now it’s your turn:

What have you been living through since April? How has Saturn Retrograde 2019 affected your life?

Share with us in the comments below!

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