Has life been feeling a little… frustrating, over the last few months?

Well, friend, it’s not only you who’s been feeling like this. Obviously, COVID-19 has a little something to do with this but there is another, more cosmic reason too! The solar system’s taskmaster – Saturn – has been retrograde since May this year.

The ringed planet spends around four or five months a year back spinning through the skies, so this is no unusual planetary occurrence. But for some reason, this year it’s felt tougher than most. Are we right..?

The good news is, Saturn Retrograde is coming to an end on October 10th, 2021! Woohoo!

This pesky planet has been a major instigator of the chaos we’ve seen this year, so when he stations direct, it’s a sign that you’re about to get your life back on track.

We’re about to give you the lowdown on Saturn Retrograde, Saturn Direct and some practical tips to help you sail through the rest of 2021 and beyond. But, before you read on, if you want to welcome the end of Saturn Retrograde with nothing stopping you from kicking things into forward motion, you can take a shortcut!

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Ok, now let’s look at Saturn Retrograde more closely…

Saturn in Aquarius 2021-2023

Back in December 2020, the planet of structure, achievement, maturity, responsibility, and restrictions moved on from Capricorn into independent Aquarius.

In Astrology, Saturn is a planet that creates boundaries and limitations.

Saturn’s (we say unfair) malefic reputation gets turned on its head though, when you realize that the discipline, structure and hard work ethic that this big-wig brings to the cosmic cauldron are exactly the things we all need to make genuine progress in life.

On a good day, Saturn transits manifest as discipline, good planning, and an efficient work ethic. His Astrology can be pretty useful when you need it.

But in the sign of Aquarius (especially after the structured approach that Saturn in Capricorn brought to the table), things can feel a little lighter. And things can really have a forward-focused intent under this transit.

The last time Saturn was in Aquarius back in the early 90s, the dawn of the internet was upon us; one of the greatest innovations of our time. And with Saturn in Aquarius once again, innovations of the same magnitude are to be expected.

That means big changes in your personal life, the world and humanity on a grander scale. But even though change can be scary, it is absolutely necessary…

Because Saturn Retrograde is an opportunity not to resist these things, but to use them to become stronger.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. And Saturn Retrograde has been leading you back along the chain, testing each and every one of those links, to see if they all hold.

Frustrating? Yes. Backtracking over work you’ve already done and life you’ve already lived is nobody’s idea of a good time. But here’s the thing. Now Saturn’s moving direct again, you can be absolutely sure that the house isn’t about to collapse around you.

That work you’ve been doing over the past five months – whether it’s dealing with health issues, property, finances, work, or any number of other day-to-day or long-term issues – means that your foundations are strong. Way, way stronger than they were when this retrograde transit began back in April.

Saturn Stations Direct

So now what? Now that this retrograde cycle has come to a close, what’s the best plan of action moving forward? Here are 3 things we suggest…

1. Crack open a bottle of fizz!

Give yourself a big pat on the back, star seeker!

The hardest part of this transit is over, and you survived!

But seriously – this Saturn Rx has been a long, hard slog and it’s been a tough time for many folks – we know, we’ve been reading your messages! So breathe a little deeper, walk a little taller. It’s time to let that sense of self-worth expand in the knowledge that you kept it together!

2. Reflect on your wins.

What is working now, that wasn’t working before?

It may be that this retrograde revealed dodgy ground, dubious commitments or crumbling foundations, that you didn’t even realize were problematic?

And we’re guessing Saturn retrograde either dismantled these completely or gave you ways to rebuild and fortify.

Either way, it’s done.

And the outcome is the best for all involved – so believe that! Re-evaluate anything you’ve been doubting, and see it as a win.

3. Let Go and Move On

Saturn stationing direct signals that things are about to change. It’s the turning point of your 2021. Great news, right?!

And while it is super exciting that the cosmos is finally giving you a break, it is important that you take the opportunity you’re being given. With many celestial events, many of us sit back and hope the blessings will simply wash over us (and it’s usually because we’re not really sure how to receive them in the first place!). Unfortunately, the gifts that the Universe is bringing to make the end of 2021’s Saturn Retrograde fall into the ‘if you don’t ask, you won’t receive’ bucket.

Simply put, if you don’t position yourself to reap the post-retrograde rewards, you won’t feel the same forward motion as those who do. With so much baggage left over from this absolutely chaotic year, there is one important and simple thing you need to do to be able to get back on track – let go!

Yes, let it all go!

Easier said than done, right?

Well, our Ritual of Release is a super simple way you can let go of any negative energies, blocks and bad vibes 2021 gave you (and this year, we ALL have some of that!). Click below to get your Ritual of Release guide now…

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