Things are heating up with a fiery Full Moon in Leo and a move of relationship-ruler Venus into sexy Aries! You could be feeling extra empowered and passionate when it comes to all your relationships – love and friendship both – and able to assert yourself to get exactly what it is you really, really want! This Full Moon is also a time to see the hard work you did around the middle of 2019 finally come to light – so, take your place on the stage and shine, baby, shine! It’s also a time of important decisions, and decisive action is taken – there’s no twiddling of the thumbs going on right now! Take advantage and seize the day by going out there to get exactly what you want; but do think before leaping ­– with Mercury moving into befuddled Pisces, make sure your decisions are coming from a place of gut feeling rather than a logical source. Logic ain’t gonna get you anywhere with Mercury cruising through the sign of dreams and fantasy, so there’s an ever-so-careful balance to be struck, a pause to be taken, just before that crucial moment of moving forward.

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It’s your time to throw down some moves, Aries, as Venus spells sexy time, giving you an irresistible air that will draw in whoever – and whatever – you want.




The Leo Full Moon asks you to make a decision about your career and living situation, Taurus, prodding you to pick your priorities. In romance, avoid deception.





Beware: Someone in authority could be peddling deception, Gemini. And, Venus in your money-earned zone may burn money fast. A hot flirtation with a friend could bring a smile.





The Full Moon allows a financial issue to culminate and pushes a money decision. The stability helps, as Venus moving into your career zone may spark an overreaction – or maybe a boardroom romance.




Chances are good for you to expand your horizons, Leo, and perhaps fall for someone from a different walk of life or make friends with people who have unique beliefs.




You’ll likely feel annoyed at the lack of clarity around your relationships, Virgo. The truth is, you must listen to the feelings underneath the words, rather than the words themselves.




You’ll either fall in love fast, Libra, and fall out just as quickly – or have a month of passion with your existing bae. A Full Moon in your success zone could bring rewards.




Your ambition knows no bounds this week, Scorpio, and it’s time to reach for the stars as the Full Moon in Leo shines a spotlight on your professional sector.




When you’re not throwing your clothes off in glee, Sagittarius, the Full Moon will remind you to celebrate recent scholarly achievements or shine a light on what you love most.




After all that work, Capricorn, the financial rewards are going to start showing themselves. And be authentic in everything you say, and demand the same clarity from others.




The Full Moon brings affairs of the heart to a head, Aquarius, as you navigate the ever-tricky line between commitment and freedom. Allow some warmth to come into your life.




Mercury moves into your sign this week, dear Pisces, helping the rest of the world finally get on your mental level. Money looks good but don’t be impulsive.