Have you ever had people mistake your sign? It may be because your rising sign fools them!

Astrology is a lot more complicated than it may seem at first glance.

You likely already know which of the zodiac signs you were born under. If you’re a Scorpio, you might define yourself as being very independent and private. As a Capricorn, you know that you can’t feel comfortable unless you’ve got a project to work on.

So why is it that other people often mistake your sign?

It all comes down to your astrology rising sign. The sign you’re born under is not the only sign that affects your personality. The sign on the eastern horizon has its own effects.

What does that mean?

Let’s talk more about astrology, rising signs, and the masks that we all wear…

What is a Rising Sign?

Also known as an ascendant sign, your rising sign is whichever of the zodiac signs rose on the eastern horizon during your time of birth. You can find out which of these signs affect you if you have a birth chart. Just look to the 1st house to find it.

Your rising sign has a huge impact on how you present yourself to others. Where your Sun sign may have the deepest effect on your personality, your rising sign is often what people first see of you.

Think back to that Scorpio example.

Scorpios are intensely private people who are often quite introverted. They’re certainly slow to trust people, though they take their friendships very seriously. However, you may know a Scorpio who always seems to be the life of the party.

You’re seeing the mask that they wear when around other people.

VICE’s resident astrologer, Annabella Gat, goes into more detail:

“For example, humble Virgo might be a bit flashier if they have Leo rising, or childlike Aries might be a bit more mature with Capricorn rising, a sign famous for its no-bulls***, industrious energy.”

The Masks That We Wear

Many astrologers refer to the rising sign as the mask that you wear.

That’s a strange thing for many to consider. Logically, you’d think that your sun sign would determine the traits that others see in you. However, it actually determines what you’re like deep down inside. Only those who get closest to you will see those traits.

Your rising sign determines your first impression.

Astrologer Priya Kale says:

“Being human and having a physical body is the ‘mask you wear,’ so your rising sign describes the vessel for the spirit, soul, and consciousness within you.”

That means it’s not something that you can ignore. In astrology, rising signs have a huge impact on your relationships with others. Your rising sign can even give people a false impression of who you really are. This could lead to you missing out on rewarding relationships that bring joy to your life.


How do You Calculate it?

You may need to look to your birth certificate to help you here.

You need to know your birth date, place of birth, and, most importantly, time of birth. Ideally, you will be able to determine this to the minute to get the most accurate reading.

According to Kale, a talented astrologer can still help you to figure out your rising sign without the time of birth. However, it doesn’t help the process. As she puts it:

“Without the time of birth, astrologers can get plenty of information but it’s like seeing through a blurry lens.”

If that information isn’t available, you may be able to use information about your own character to help. Identify your sun sign and then ask others what they thought about you when they first met you. Working backward from those first impressions, you may be able to figure out your rising sign.

What Effect Does Your Rising Sign Have?

The effect your rising sign has is, in part, dependent on your sun sign. Each affects the other in various ways.

However, there are a few common personality traits that you may exhibit, depending on your rising sign. Remember that these are all part of the mask that you wear when you first meet someone. They’re aspects of your personality, some of which melts away as you get to know someone.

Gemini Rising

You love to talk up to the point where many people may find it difficult to keep up with you. That’s because you find it difficult to focus on any one thing for more than a couple of minutes.

People may see you as impulsive, though your sun sign may affect to what degree. The good news is that you’re often able to make a great first impression. Even if things don’t go to plan, your chattiness helps you to talk your way out of a bind.

Cancer Rising

You empathize with people very quickly. When somebody first meets you, they’ll see a sensitive side very quickly. This makes it easier for you to build relationships as people will trust that you actually want to listen to what they say.

It may take you a little while to let them in completely. But you wear your vulnerabilities on your sleeve and may even make them a part of your mask.

Leo Rising

Leo is a fire sign, so having Leo rising means you’re able to exude confidence. You’re often the center of attention in any group situation and you may encourage this with your choice of clothing.

That warm and outgoing nature will attract people to you. Many will see you as a leader, though others may get the mistaken impression that you’re overly-dramatic. You’re also very driven, which can work in your favor if you have a sun sign that leads you towards work.


Virgo Rising

Many of the people who meet you may think that you come off as a little aloof. This is because Virgos are very serious people who often wander off into their own minds. You analyze every situation that you find yourself in. However, this mask may prevent people from seeing the flair in your personality.

You’re not outwardly emotional as you prefer to play your cards close to your chest. You may also favor convention over rebellion as you value impressing others with your work ethic and attention to detail.

Libra Rising

Charm is the name of the game for those who have a Libra ascendant. Your quick wit and confidence make it very easy for others to talk to you. You’re also very keen to keep the peace, which is indicative of the gentle side of your nature.

You may avoid conflict, at least with people whom you don’t know very well. When meeting a group for the first time, you may prefer to sit back and figure everybody out. Once you’ve established the group’s limits, you come out of your shell and your charm takes over.

Scorpio Rising

People may think that you’re a very intense person when they first meet you. However, that intensity does not make it difficult for you to interact with people. If anything, you’ll have a natural sensuality that others find very attractive.

Even though you’re not trying to be the center of attention, people will take note when you enter the room. You have a powerful presence, which your serious side builds upon.

Sagittarius Rising

You absolutely love grand schemes that will get you involved in new things. While this gives you an adventurous nature, it can lead to some feeling a little wary around you. If you have Sagittarius rising, you likely don’t have much time for small talk and you’re not afraid to let people know it.

Despite this, you’re almost infectiously positive, even if your bluntness can lead to misinterpretation. You have a great passion for anything that you set your mind to, even if that passion only lasts until the next big idea comes along.

Will your rising sign reveal your adventurous side?Pin

Capricorn Rising

Capricorns put business before work, which can make those with this rising sign come across as very serious. Your no-nonsense nature may lead to some people treading on eggshells around you. However, they generally warm up to you once they get past the first impression.

You’re rarely the life of the party as you much prefer to find a quiet corner to have more intimate conversations. The sense of responsibility that you have will serve you well in all aspects of your professional life.

Aquarius Rising

Independence is the name of the game for you, which means you’re unlikely to conform to societal norms. This can be a very attractive trait as it makes you rebellious in the eyes of others.

You’re also not shy about supporting the causes that mean the most to you. If you don’t achieve balance in this area, you may even come across as a little abrasive. However, your passion is the thing that most will remember about you.

Pisces Rising

There’s a creative hunger inside you that you’re always trying to satisfy. This may lead you to artistic pursuits, such as music. The person with the guitar at the party is usually a Pisces or has Pisces rising.

You’re also quick to empathize with people, which means you’re able to build bonds quickly.

Aries Rising

Aries usually have an outgoing personality so they quickly draw attention to themselves. You’re bold and people won’t forget you very quickly. You’re also a natural leader and it’s likely that others will follow you based on your passion alone.

However, that passion can also lead you into trouble. If you have Aries rising, you may seem a little overbearing to some people. Again, they’ll see what lies underneath if they take the time to get to know you.

Taurus Rising

You’re a little more reserved than others. However, you have a strong work ethic and you’re not likely to take your eye off the ball once you choose a cause to focus on. You’re a very practical person who likes to think everything through logically.

However, there’s also a temper lying beneath that calm exterior. If somebody gets on your bad side, you’ll let them know about it.

Discover Your Astrology Rising Sign

Your rising sign doesn’t define your entire personality. It’s just one part of the complex makeup of who you are as a person. For example, a full moon in one of these signs could magnify the sign’s traits for a while. But once it passes, those traits may fall into the background again.

However, knowing your rising sign will help you to see why you have certain traits that aren’t common in people born under your sun sign.

What are those traits for you? Tell us how your Astrological rising sign affects you in the comments section below!