Card 1

The Sun

A great week for optimism and positivity, even in the throes of Mercury Retrograde. Get silent and alone in order to go inward and find what it is that is making you so happy. What changed in your life that is making you so grateful and happy? Reflect on it so that you can apply it into your life after Mercury Retrograde and use it as a tool going forward.

Card 2

4 of Swords – Face Down

You are in a state of rest this week. This is the week to plant your seeds, and plan for the future. We are so connected to nature and therefore we cannot feel that drive or ambition to start something new, because nature is not sprouting right now. Wait until the spring to flourish your ideas.

Card 3

9 of Cups – Face Down

This week is a week to start practicing gratitude and positivity. Use every negative situation to find the silver lining. When you are in that negative spiral, finding the gratitude within in. Do this practice this week and you will start to notice the shift in your life. When someone close to you expresses their negativity, you can take that as a cue to find things to be grateful for by saying “yes, but I am grateful for…”. This creates a lot of abundance and prosperity going forward in your life.