What are Astrological Houses?

In astrology, your birth chart into 12 sections, containing the houses. These houses naturally correspond to each of the twelve signs and govern each part of our lives. For example, Aries is the natural ruler of the First House, which is the house of the image and the persona.

When your house chart is laid out before you, it will be similar to a clock. The date, time, and place of your birth will dictate the placement of signs in the 12 houses.

The cosmic energies in the universe land on a particular sphere of activity in our life based on the placement of signs in the houses. Each person has a unique chart that influences their traits and destiny. At the moment of your birth, the different planets will be in specific signs and houses. An astrologer examines the planet signs and their position in the houses and blends the meaning of each. Through your chart, you will unlock your gifts and unique characteristics as well as the obstacles you will face in your life.

Houses are a crucial aspect of astrology because they explain how certain events will play out throughout each aspect of your life.  The houses predict the best possible action to take during crucial moments in your life.

The 12 houses can be divided into quadrants.

The first quadrant contains Houses 1 to 3, which is known as the quadrant of personal identity. It is the most personal of the quadrants and govern physical temperament and influences the physical body and appearance. It also governs attitudes towards money and possessions and communication styles.

The second quadrant contains Houses 4-6, which is the quadrant of personal expression. Its sphere of influence includes family life, career, and self-improvement.

The third quadrant contains Houses 7-9, which rules social identity. It dictates the path of one’s greater self-expansion and thus points to important relationships and life partnerships, sexuality, learning, and education.

The fourth and last quadrant is the houses 10 to 12 and is called the quadrant of social expression. This quadrant is farthest from the self and is closer to the higher vibrations of the universe. These houses influence how one will transcend the individual ego to universal compassion and oneness with humankind.

It is essential to know the placement of the zodiac signs in the astrological houses to fully understand your personal identity, decision making, and fullest potentials.

What Is the First House?

People go through their lives searching for themselves. Often we ponder existential questions such as, “will I ever truly know myself?” and “what does it mean to know myself?”

Knowing oneself can be frustrating because, early on in childhood, we are forced to fulfill roles. These roles are dictated by our jobs, significant others, and the rest of society. But, fortunately, astrology can help us weave through the labyrinth of getting to know the complexity of our self, beginning with the First House. Essentially, the First House is where identity is formed.

Drawing on the zodiac, the First House is ruled by Aries, as this sign is known to govern the self and the ego. In this sense, the First House is anchored by the Ascendant or Rising sign, which determines not only how you view yourself but also how others view you. As such, the Ascendant sign in the First House will help inform self-image, self-perception and how you present yourself.

More than this, the First House can also define your physical appearance. Your image is influenced by the zodiac sign in the First House. For instance, if you have a particularly gentle face and soft eyes than it’s likely that you a Cancer rising sign.

The First House plays a major in shaping how we view ourselves, but that’s not all! This house also influences the social impression you make on others. For example, those with a rising sign in Leo may appear more dramatic and grandiose to others. All in all, the pairing between your rising sign and the First House crafts the mask you wear and how you’re perceived by your peers.

So, what does it mean when your rising sign is in the First House? Read on to find out…

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First House in Aries Interpretation

Those with an Ascendant sign in Aries are impetuous courageous and brave. Since the placement of Aries is in the ascendant—which governs instinct—these traits are often doubled. Aries Ascendants will meet any challenge with enthusiasm and vigor. Aries loves action, and they love goals that are short-term and immediate. If those with an Ascendant sign in Aries can cultivate patience with virtue then this will lead to tremendous success.

In the course of history, civilizations needed individuals with rising signs in Aries. Aries are the pioneers and explorers. Where angels fear to tread, they go. They are excited to be the leader, and when others fall behind; Aries rising are left standing in the dust. These people are highly competitive and are motivated to excel.

If they fall short of expectations and fail, however, the experience can break their heart. They may find release in fruitless actions. As such, Aries Ascendnts tend to be short-tempered because they hate being bored. They may be overly willful and refuse to listen to reason. As a result, others close to them may become a victim of their bitter words.

In terms of physical appearance, Aries Ascendants tend to have distinct marks on their faces and scars. These scars may have resulted from accidents in childhood. Nonetheless, they tend to have very distinct facial features as well as a strong body and an athletic build.

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First House in Taurus Interpretation

Taurus Ascendant signs in the First House can be some of the most determined people you will ever meet. They are often very willful and stubborn. Once a Taurus rising has made up their mind, that will often be it. Of course, before they arrive at any decision, they make sure that they have applied the utmost caution. They do not decide merely on a whim.

Taurus Ascendants strive for material success, so financial decisions play a major role in their lives. This desire for material possessions is partly due to the fact that Venus rules this sign. On the surface, this desire may others to think that Taurus Ascendants are greedy and selfish, but in actuality, they are striving for material success to assure security for themselves and those they love. Though, in saying this, there may be times when Taurus Ascendants become overly attached to their material possessions and neglect spiritual matters. Don’t let this throw you off though! Naturally, Taurus Ascendants are down to earth and will quietly celebrate their success.

Taurus Ascendants have an appreciation for the arts but particularly architecture. This sign is a builder at heart.

Taurus rising people can be easily spotted by their appearance. They will have bovine like features. The eyes are rounded and rimmed like the Astro-bull itself.  Since Venus rules Taurus, they are quite beautiful characters and have an undeniable magnetism that you can’t ignore!

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First House in Gemini Interpretation

Gemini Ascendant in the First House is a sign of mental agility.  As such, those which this alignment tend to be sharp and highly intellectual individuals.

If you hate dullness and boredom, be ready, because life is never dull with a Gemini Ascendant! These people can be tons of fun to be around. What makes a Gemini Ascendant tick? They can be quite complicated individuals since they love duality. Thus, duality is often carried over in every aspect of their life, in their relationships and their career.

For example, they both have a desire to be connected and to be free. They go through periods where they stop calling their loved ones or stop showing up. In this way, Gemini Ascendants want to be close to their peers while also maintaining some personal boundaries.

When it comes to their professional lives, Gemini Ascendants are dynamic and can easily adapt to a variety of scenarios. They are quick-witted and can handle many challenging situations with ease. They can file through facts and data without a misstep. It’s safe to say that a Gemini Ascendant could juggle a number of different jobs with ease!

An evolved Gemini Ascendant uses the power of his intellect to uplift humanity and contributes to the areas of literature, music, and politics. Less evolved types will degenerate into being gossips.

Physically, Gemini Ascendants are most notable for their desire to change their appearance frequently. They probably change hair colors more than anyone you know. They can also be identified by their slender frame, nervous energy, and quickstep.

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First House in Cancer Interpretation

Cancer Ascendants are maternal individuals and generally have a motherly concern for others. They will hold your hand, ask you about your health, and take off your jacket’s lint. These people make you feel warm inside, just like your mother. They love to talk about their emotions, so prepare yourself for a few deep and meaningful conversations. Cancer Ascendants are always there to lead an ear and offer you some encouraging guidance.

These people have extremely sympathetic and understanding natures. Because of this, they can be quite seductive and magnetic. However, they must protect themselves against people who may want to take advantage of their generous natures. There are people who would take advantage of a Cancer Ascendant’s energy, and leave them feeling drained and negative.

Cancer Ascendants are ruled by their emotions, which means that they can be rather moody. However, no matter what a Cancer Ascendant is feeling they will still most likely be the most empathetic people in the room. As empaths, Cancer Ascendants will try their best to listen to reason and do whatever they can to protect themselves from feelings or situations that will drain their energy levels.

Cancer Ascendants are notable for their extreme love of food and other oral activities— it is their own unique form of self-care. They may take up the bad habit of smoking. Cancer rising people have trouble keeping to a normal weight because of their tendency to overeat.

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First House in Leo Interpretation

Leo Ascendants make grand entrances and are bigger than life. They can’t help it. Attracting attention and being magnetic are their natural gifts. Born under a Leo rising sign means the royal sun sign rules them. They are kings and queens and have all the strengths and pitfalls of being royal-like.

A person born with this Ascendant sign, just like a monarch, is in control of any situation. They have the ability to organize others and themselves. They are natural-born leaders who can make others see their vision. People naturally look up to them because of their leadership and executive ability. They can inspire others with their warm personalities and charisma.

Although Leo Ascendants may seem intimidating, they are kittens at heart! The key to knowing a Leo Ascendant is to observe the lions in the wild. After a great kill, they play around. At their heart, Leo Ascendants just want to be appreciated. So, this meant that recognition and kind words melt their heart. They want others to see their value and worth.

Although Leo Ascendants tend to gravitate towards the spotlight, they will not hog all the attention. They have big hearts and are kind and generous to others. They will willingly sponsor and give their resources if that person is someone who will have the potential to succeed in their endeavors.

There is a long list of people with Leo Ascendants who have succeeded in different fields, from literature to art to politics. This is because these people have a natural ability to attract recognition and acclaim.  In this way, Leo Ascendants strive to have a high approval rating from colleagues and their work.

Leo Ascendants have distinct lion-like features, and their hair is one of their best assets. They also have a regal bearing that inspires respect.

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First House in Virgo Interpretation

When Virgos are in the First House, a person will have tremendous energy and focus on dealing with details. Many people will hate nit-picking, dealing with spreadsheets, facts, and data, but these areas are a Virgo Ascendant natural domain.

People with Virgo Ascendants get lost with the details in life. They are so preoccupied with mundane rules of should’s and shouldn’t’s. They have a realistic view of life. Financial matters and their career is a primary factor in all their decision making. They have high standards and are perfectionists in all they do.

Virgo Ascendants are masters at being objective, collecting data, and its analysis. They are thrilled with research and in the revelation of facts. They will make great super sleuths and scientists.

A dead giveaway that a person is a Virgo Ascendant is how much they want to organize their environment. These people simply cannot work in cluttered and messy surroundings, even if they are certified workaholics. Department stores that sell organizers, shelving, and compartments can make a good buck out of Virgo Ascendents.

As a rule, Virgo Ascendants are not idealists. They stick to practicality and details and often do not see the bigger picture. The truth is this kind of mindset is their self-defense against the disillusionment that failed idealism may bring. Thus, Virgo Ascendants can be overly critical of others and of themselves. This doesn’t make them mean-spirited though! Virgo Ascendants have heart of gold and love doing what they can to help out others.

Virgo Ascendants are distinctive with their elegant and well-shaped appearance. They always look clean and neatly groomed and may have the same nervous energy as a Gemini Ascendant.

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First House in Libra Interpretation

A person with the Libra in the First House will say the things you want to hear. This may seem rather pleasing, but it may not always be the objective truth.

Libra Ascendants aim to please and keep harmony in the House. Peace and diplomacy are the overwhelming desires of these individuals. This is not such a bad thing. Many Libra Ascendants make great statesmen and politicians because of their ability to balance and handle power.

It is crucial for Libra Ascendants to never compromise their sense of individuality for the sake of others. These people tend to be vulnerable because they build their identity based on the reaction of others and society. They don’t feel complete unless they have a partner. Thus, even if a relationship is bad, they may want to keep the peace and compromise.

Libra Ascendants may have a tendency not to stand up for themselves. They may shirk in situations when it is crucial to fight back. They should realize that struggle is often necessary. These individuals may hide their true desires to adapt and keep the peace in a situation. As a result, Libra Ascendants may have trouble realizing their true selves or identities at all. Libra Ascendants have a strong desire for beauty, peace, and order in their lives. They need a truly strong partner who will give them the harmony and love they crave to be fully happy.

Libra Ascendants are ruled by Venus and are notable for being charming and magnetic individuals. They have beautiful, well-shaped faces and bodies. They have graceful mannerisms and behave appropriately.

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First House in Scorpio Interpretation

A Scorpio in the First House creates a person with an intense personality. But, this sign tends to keep their cards close to their chest – they will only reveal what they want you to see.

Scorpio is probably the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Many things have been said about them, including that this sign is manipulative, oversexed, and secretive. These might be true, but no other sign has such potential for transformation and self-transcendence than a Scorpio. They can be as capable of self-indulgence as they are with self-control. They can swing from dark energies to higher energies in the course of their lifetimes.

Undeniably, Scorpio is an alluring sign. For Scorpio rising most notably, their magnetism and energy can be so powerful as to overwhelm people. Scorpio Ascendants have the power to knock your socks off.

One of the greatest gifts of Scorpio Ascendants is their ability to see through lies and deceit. They know what lies beyond the surface and will judge a person upon first impressions. They have powerful and sensitive intuition. They either like you or they don’t like you.

Scorpio Ascendants can be deceiving and manipulate to get what they want. But, they will do this to get their desires. They know how to fight for what they want. If they fail, they will tend to suffer greatly. Nonetheless, Scorpio Ascendants are willing to risk a lot to take what they truly want. But, they are prepared to handle the consequences of their actions.

The primary need for a Scorpio Ascendant is that they need to spread their wings in order to soar! They need to express their greatness and majesty on a wide scale and to a mass audience. The realm of politics and showbiz is a good outlet for people with a Scorpio Ascendant.

Scorpio rising people have large penetrating eyes. They often have sharp features. Their faces tend to be unexpressive and hide their real emotions.

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First House in Sagittarius Interpretation

Sagittarius in the First House tends to contribute to a happy-go-lucky approach to life. Like their symbol, the centaur they do not like to be chained. They want freedom. In particular, they do not like any kind of negativity. They do not like drama or negative emotions. They don’t like anything that will limit their spontaneity.

Essentially, Sagittarius Ascendants are independent individuals who dislike any restrictions or impositions on their behavior.

Since they don’t like restrictions on their behavior, people with this Ascendant signs need to cultivate their own correct personal responsibility and ethics. Sagittarius is a highly philosophical sign, so this sign stays away from lower energies more often than not.

Sagittarius Ascendants are highly driven individuals. They need goals to keep them motivated. They have a positive outlook on life that can be infectious to others. They always look on the bright side and believe everything will turn out ok. Even if facts are to the contrary, they stick to being positive. They prefer to adopt a sunny outlook rather than allowing negativity to infiltrate their process.

Sagittarius Ascendants are deeply sincere individuals, and they always mean well. They expect others to assume the same attitude. People with this sign in the First House need to feel excited to deal with the routine of everyday life. They must either explore new hobbies or travel. These people love nature and children. People with this Ascendants sign may hurt others without meaning to because of their bluntness and truth-telling.

Because of their generosity, Sagittarius Ascendants can often attract the wrong kind of people. They might get used because of their trusting nature. This is something that will hurt them deeply.

It is easy to spot a Sagittarius Ascendant because they have boundless energy. However, at times, they may lack grace, and tend to stomp their feet and drag while walking. One of their distinct features is their broad smile.

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First House in Capricorn Interpretation

Capricorn in the First House creates an individual that is cool, self-restrained, but deeply intriguing to others. Typically the First House governs impulses, but the Capricorn Ascendant is anything but impulsive. In fact, Capricorn Ascendants can be restrictive and prone to self-denial. They are objective and wise and are willing to work for long-range goals. They have the tenacity and steadfastness to see things through.

Capricorn Ascendants do not take their duties lightly. They believe that they are responsible for those around them as well as responsible for themselves. In this way, they can be sticklers to tradition.

Capricorn Ascendants have an elegant quality that attracts others to them. Despite their beauty, they have an innate shyness that is quite endearing. Capricorn is the most responsible of all the signs and the most reliable. Saturn is known for routine and drudgery, but it is also a great teacher. People learn more from difficulties and challenges rather than from ease and luxury; therefore, Capricorn Ascendants have a great deal to teach others.

People with this Ascendant sign have a weakness, and that is low self-esteem. They continuously bombard themselves with self-criticism.  However, despite this secret vulnerability, Capricorn Ascendants tend to be highly independent individuals. They build walls and strive for a sense of security so they do not appear helpless. They are desperate to connect with those around them, but this isn’t always easy them – an issue that can lead to an inability to trust others.

Capricorn Ascendants know that they are destined for something great. However, they will procrastinate and delay their destiny because they desire perfection. This stems from their immense fear of failure. They need tremendous amounts of reassurance. They need to ease up and learn to relax.

People with this Ascendant sign are tremendously patient and may not reach their true calling until a later age. They have the ambition and the drive to succeed.

Capricorn Ascendants can be spotted by their notably slender figures. Women in with this rising sign tend to be flat-chested. They can have a cool demeanor and may come across as unapproachable and snobbish.

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First House in Aquarius Interpretation

Aquarius in the First House makes for exciting individuals that stand out from the crowd. You will immediately notice them because of their vibrant hair colors or quirky wardrobe. However,  if appearances are not a dead giveaway,  talking to them will reveal them as an Aquarius Ascendant. These people often have an interest in philosophy, esoteric knowledge, and humanitarian causes. Aquarius Ascendants have a different vibration from the rest and are true originals. These people are highly individual and need to express themselves in creative ways. They may excel in a variety of hobbies such as art or writing. Whatever they touch expresses their unique vision and philosophy.

Aquarius Ascendants may seem like they just landed on earth but are from another planet. They are idealistic and are not afraid to challenge establishments and tradition. They have a difficult relationship with groups and organizations. Establishments restrict their sense of individuality, but there is a great need for them to have social participation in order to fulfill their vision and goal for mankind. They will only join an organization if it lets them keep and promote their individuality.

Aquarius Ascendants are unique thinkers and have the potential for genius. They are at the forefront of humanity due to their inventiveness, enlightened, metaphysical, and scientific inclinations. They are Avante Garde and produce ideas that are out of the box. Since they see things differently, they may become rebellious and attracted to anarchic philosophy. An Aquarius Ascendant will fight for what they believe. They are often present in protest rallies with their banners calling for social change.

Aquarius Ascendants are the greatest humanitarians of the zodiac, but they tend to abandon the family for the sake of their causes. They can be the best friend you are looking for all your life.

You can spot an Aquarius Ascendant by their weird sense of fashion. They are often attractive with well-formed facial features. They often move fast and in an unpredictable manner.

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First House in Pisces Interpretation

Pisces in the first House creates a dreamer and an individual with a sensitive nature. Among all the signs, Pisces is the most spiritual. They are inspired and are driven by idealism, vision, and lofty inspiration. Pisces Ascendants view life with rose-colored glasses. They believe the best in any situation. They need to have this perspective for their own survival. Disillusionment from their ideals can cause them extreme suffering and depression.

Pisces Ascendants are highly impressionable and sensitive to their environment. They need to withdraw from influences, especially negative ones. They can be like sponges that soak up the world around them. When in the First House, Pisces Ascendants can benefit from expressing themselves in creative ways to have an outlet for the energies they are absorbing. As artists, Pisces personalities are one of the most gifted and ethereal.

Pisces Ascendants may have difficulty dealing with reality and drudgery. However, they will go through routine work and practical applications as long as it is necessary for their ideals and visions.

They tend to be naïve and glamorize situations, and the people around them. Pisces Ascendants expect perfection from others and for them to live up to expectations.

They tend to avoid facts and focus on their own interpretation and inner world that is disconnected from reality. Once they wake up, they can be disillusioned, and subsequently, find it hard to accept their own naivete. Pisces Ascendants tend to go through extremes. They can go from being high to the depths of despair. As such, this sign can be vulnerable to the indulgence of alcohol and drugs.

A distinct trait that can make Pisces Ascendants maddening to the people around them is their indecisiveness. They may use their powers of intuition to arrive at a decision one moment only to abandon it at the next opportunity. Despite this, they seem to be able things on their own.

Pisces Ascendants have a true need to save the world and maybe attracted to religion to support their idea of a world beyond the material realm. Utopia is the ultimate home of the Pisces Ascendant

The distinct physical features of Pisces rising individuals are their dreamy eyes that are often thick lashed. They tend to be small in stature and have small feet.


The First House is only the initial journey through self-exploration with astrology. The rest of the houses provide a deeper understanding of attitudes and traits. It is crucial to travel through the houses and explore the placement of signs and planets to get a better view of the self and one’s destiny. As you journey through the remaining 11 houses you will slowly peel back the layers of your unique identity. Through these houses, you will move into a place of feeling at home with yourself. You will move into a place of knowing.

But, this is only the first one of the journey! So, buckle up!

What did you learn about yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


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