And… you’re back in the room!

Been feeling like you’re walking through a dream-world? Then the sign of the fishes could be to blame.

The Sun has entered the very last sign of the Zodiac – Pisces – and it’s here our Solar King will sail between February 19 and March 20. So if your birthday’s coming up over the next month, and you’re a Sun sign Pisces, then we’re wishing you a happy solar return!


Pisces holds a nebulous, imaginative and creative vibe that can make it feel like you’re pretty far removed from concrete reality. Like fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, fish-born folks are usually the most tapped into their emotions. Yet this astrology can be the most sensitive souls of the whole Zodiac through.

You’ll know if you’ve got a friend with a Pisces Zodiac Sign! It’s that dreamy glaze and utterly poetic imagination that gives it away… Yet these special people have a host of other qualities and traits that makes them pure magic! Here are 10 of our faves:


1. They’re Ridiculously Intuitive

Ask your Pisces pal a question and their answer may not make the most sense – they tend to look at life through a slightly different lens than most! BUT peel back the layers and what they have to tell you will probably contain the most truth of all.

The Pisces personality is SO sensitive to the subtle realms (as well as everything else) that many of them could be classed as psychic. Even if they don’t yet know it.

These people know things. They feel things. They are the embodiment of the sixth sense! So if they have something to tell you, then you better listen up, friend.

2. Right place, right time

Another symptom of their intuitive gifts is the Piscean ability to always be in the right place, and the right time.

How DO they do it?

Your fanciful friend may seem like he or she’s drifting through life on a whim, but in fact, they’re tethered by a cosmic compass which always keeps them on track.

3 Pisces are SO Easygoing

Despite Pisces’ supernatural sensitivity to emotional energy, these people rarely seem to show signs of overwhelm. Maybe they’re just saving face – paddling wildly underwater whilst their serene swan-like necks slide gracefully on by – but they seem to take life in their stride.

Which makes them a joy to be around!

So if you’re feeling in need of a little soothing, time spent with your Pisces friend is probably exactly what you need.

Pin4. They’re Spiritual

  • Need to ask a question?
  • Need to divulge a weird spiritual experience?
  • Need a dream interpretation?
  • Or a spiritual perspective on a real-life experience?

Then look NO further than a Pisces!

5. They’ll Forgive You!

This zodiac sign finds it impossible to hold a grudge!

They’re SO open-hearted that any negative energy will just eat them up from the inside… so they simply let it all go. This means that whatever mistakes you’ve made, your Piscean friend will let you off the hook with kindness and grace.

This isn’t to say you can treat these special folks like the proverbial doormat, no. They won’t think twice about ex-communicating you if you treat them with disdain. But you’ll be forgiven.

Cos their vibes are pure, right?!

6. They’re Generous

Yes, this astrology can, at times, struggle with boundaries. And that’s often penned as a negative trait, and something to overcome. But the flip side of this, is heartfelt, limitless generosity! And can you imagine, just for a moment, what life would be like if everyone had the selflessness of your favorite Pisces friend? Pretty wonderful.

When you’re in need, this sign won’t think twice about giving you what you need.


7. Pisces are Inspiring

With such incredible imaginations, a conversation with a Pisces will open the doors to your perception like never before.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, and the unconscious, it’s a sign with zero limitations. That line between fact and fiction? What line!

They may not have the quick wit of Gemini or the storytelling bravado of Sagittarius, but Pisces know how to be creative. Time nurturing a friendship with one of these precious souls is never bemoaning the state of the world… it’s dreaming new worlds into existence.

8. They Will *Never* Judge You.

The Pisces traits of radical empathy mean that they feel into who people are on the inside.

They will look past your appearance, your words, even your thoughtless/impulsive/reactive actons to see the energy you hold. This means for this friend, judgment is a no-go area.

Pisces sees the real you, the eternal you who’s just trying to survive this crazy ride we call life. And in friendship, they will hold you through it with complete compassion.


9. They’re Romantic

You don’t need to be IN a romantic relationship with a Pisces to get the benefits of their romantic spirit.

Quiet cuppa around the kitchen table, the vintage teacups will still manage to give it a fairytale air. Night out on the town? The synchronicities and quirky happenings that seem to follow Pisces people around will make you feel like you’ve walked into a Wes Anderson film.

This isn’t an escapist trait, it’s simply that Pisces loves to love! And the Universe loves them back.

10. Pisces is the Sum Total of all the Other Signs

Coming last on the wheel of the Zodiac, the Pisces personality traits tend to have a unifying quality. It seems to hold space for all the other signs which came before and simultaneously become them. So it is with the people.

Pisces boundless nature means that deep within (or quite close to the surface, depending on the day) they encompass every other quality, of every other sign.

This sign has traits that can be all things to all men. Or exactly who you need them to be. They are it all. They are miraculous!

Your turn!

What’s YOUR Zodiac sign? Does Pisces show up in your horoscope? OR do you have a brother, sister, partner or friend with this mutable sign in their horoscope?!

Let us know in the comments below – what’s your favorite thing about your most emotional and love-fueled friend?!