Leo, it’s your season to shine!

Hot on the heels of Cancer season, from July 23 – August 22 each year (approx) the Sun sails through the boldest, brightest and most brazen of Zodiac signs: Leo!

In the Northern Hemisphere, this horoscope coincides with some of the hottest months of the year. So is it any surprise that the Sun is the ruling planet of the fifth sign of the Zodiac? Sharing many of the ambitious, ego-driven, live-out-loud traits of our Solar King, those born under this sign – can sometimes get a bad rap.

After all, it’s their confidence and “king-of-the-jungle” vibe that so often precedes the Leo-born folks in our lives, right?

PinBut that’s not the whole story!

Leo’s are the hugest-hearted folks you’ll ever meet. And they possess many of the most gorgeous personality traits you’ll ever need in a best friend. Here’s just a few of them…

1. They’re Generous

Leos are supremely generous!

These friends won’t just give you the shirt off their back, but they’ll give you the cash to buy a whole new wardrobe. There’s no question when it comes to giving – if you’re in a friendship with one of these fabulous folk, your needs are their needs.

…But it’s not just quantity, right..?

2. They Give the BEST Presents!

Whether it’s their sixth sense for what makes other people tick, OR the fact that they listened, observed and worked SO hard to understand you last time you met, Leos just ‘get’ gifting. Their impeccable taste in pretty much everything (and refusal to skimp on style) also helps ensure a gift from a Lion is the best gift you’ll ever get!

Pin3. They Give You REAL Attention

When in the presence of a Leo, you know you’ll be heard, seen and felt. Ruled by the heart, how can this Zodiac sign NOT soak up every detail of you? Yeah, we all know that this Zodiac sign is number 1 when it comes to taking the stage, but they’ll just as soon put you up there, too…

4. They Make You Feel Like the Centre of the Universe

And while you’re up there in the limelight, you’ll be feeling like the most important person in the world. Which, of course, you are, in the eyes of your Leo-born buddy.

5. They Go ALL IN

Leos don’t do half measures.

Whatever they’re up to, in work, rest and play, the Leo Zodiac sign does it with passion and a ridiculous amount of wholeheartedness. And being in a friendship with someone like this is inspiring – how can you not take a little of their medicine, and commit 110% to your life, too?

Pin6. They’re Brave

A true friend, a new friend, or a total stranger… any person with Leo in their horoscope will stand up for you. This Zodiac sign (along with other fire signs, we’re talking about you Aries and Sagittarius) doesn’t need to be asked twice! And doesn’t need an explanation. They’ll be there, fighting in your corner.

7. They’re Loyal. To the End.

Once you’re inside the circle of Leo friendship, you’re there for life. Other friends may come and go but this fixed sign (alongside Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will always keep a place for you close by. So if you need an astrological definition of true friendship, look no further than your fire-fueled best friend.

8. They’ll Protect You

As the Zodiac’s “Leader of the Pack”, you can be sure that your Leo friend will be looking out for you. Because leadership (Leo’s specialty) isn’t just about going first. It’s about protecting the vulnerable and extending that hand of support when you need it…

Pin9. They’ll Take You on a Wild Ride!

…But as a natural leader, your Leo bestie’s personality is a bit about going first! Stick with your Leo friend, and they’ll take you on a wild walk through uncharted territory! Leo people rarely stick to the path, so be ready for an adventure!

10. They’re Proud!

And before you pipe up like this is a BAD thing or a negative trait for a friend to have, think about it for a minute. Being proud of yourself and your achievements is like an act of self-love. It’s an expression of self-honor and self-appreciation. And Leos do this best.

11. They’ll Celebrate YOU

…but their pride doesn’t stop with themselves! Your favorite fire-sign friend will just as soon celebrate your personal wins. These very real friends of the Zodiac can be relied upon to ensure that you are recognized for the Queen, or King that you are.

12. They’re SO Entertaining!

Did we mention Leos’ love of being center of attention?!

But this isn’t an attention-grabbing weakness, no! Leos capture our gaze by being so darn entertaining! The Leo star sign is a natural in front of an audience. They’re charming, fun and always larger-than-life.

Pin13. They’re Hilarious!

The Leo personality loves to laugh! And who better to rely on to crack joke after joke, and keep the laughter rolling in, than themselves? So whether it’s their super-dry wit, or laugh-out-loud slapstick humor, your Leo friend – more than any of the other signs – is the one to keep you chuckling away for hours.

14. They’re the King (or Queen) of In-jokes

But the most special side of Leo’s humor is how they mix it with their characteristic affection and make sure that only you know the punchline.

15. They Know How to PARTY!

Need we explain?

Anybody with a dose of this fire-fueled astrology is worth keeping top of your guest list. Great friends to have if you’re planning a party – Leo’s are guaranteed to ensure that the good times turn into great times!

16. They Won’t Ever Manipulate You

The Leo Zodiac sign can be relied upon to tell it like it is. Sure, this astrological sign may be prone to a little exaggeration but they certainly won’t lie – they’re honest to the bones. You can trust this friend to walk their talk.

17. They Will tell you they Love you!

…And in the spirit of telling it like it is, if your best friend’s Leo-born then you’ll know exactly how loved you are! Don’t underestimate the power of the Lion’s love and affection. These folks’ clear expression is invaluable in a friendship!

Pin18. They Make the Hottest Lovers!

If you’re lucky enough for your relationship with this Zodiac sign to have reached the next level, you’ll know that a Leo lover’s about as hot as it gets! With all that fire and passion blazing through its way this astrology, need we say more?

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19. They’ve Got the Most Playful Personalities

This sign of the Zodiac really knows how to let their inner child shine. So life’s always fun and games, sunshine and delight when you’re spending time with the sign of the Lion!

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20. They’re Eternal Optimists!

Of all the irresistible Leo personality traits, optimism could come top. These people lead from the heart, and at the same time seem to understand that everything happens for a reason, so why resist? They’re determined to see the good. SO they do.

21. They Always Bounce Back

There’s no need to hover on the sidelines, being ready to catch a Leo in a relationship. They won’t be asking you for a pity party. These peeps know how to get themselves back up and carry on! And you’ll never be far behind…!

Now it’s your turn! Are you a Leo? (in which case, happy birthday!)

Recognize these top traits in yourself?

Or perhaps your SO or a good friend was born under the zodiac sign of the Lion? Can you see them in the words above?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!