Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

The Sun has sailed into the sign of the centaur so if you were born between November 23 – December 21, then this is your month…Happy solar return!

Like fellow fire-signs Aries and Leo, you, Sagittarius, are overflowing with passion and creativity, living your life as fully as you can! And wherever you go, we know you’ll return with a tale or two to tell… As an avid collector of facts, fictions, knowledge, and experience, you also love nothing more than to share your discoveries with your friends.

And we love you for it, Sagittarius!

SO in honor of you, as you officially notch another year’s wisdom under your belt this month, here’s a list of our absolute favorite Sagittarius characteristics and traits. And why it’s unthinkable that anyone should survive without a Sagittarius in their life!

Pin1. They’re Super-Optimistic

This is a Zodiac sign whose glass is always half full.

Sagittarius will look at any situation and see the bright side – they’ll see the success and the potential, and even when the skies look really grey, they’ll seek out that break in the clouds.

Not every Zodiac sign has this unrelenting characteristic of positivity. Yet it’s sometimes taken for granted in your Astrology, Sag. And we know that deep down, it IS something you work on, so thank you for being our shining light!

2. They’re Assertive

All fire signs know how to stand up for themselves, and Sagittarians are no exception. This extrovert Astrology is confident and self-assured and knows that if you want something in life then you have to go out and get it.

Maybe it’s your idealistic nature that gives you traits of SUCH determination?

3. They’re Luck Magnets

Ruled by Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, Sagittarius is a Zodiac sign that seems to have its very own gravitational field surrounding it. Have you noticed how Sagittarians seem to magnetize luck wherever they go?

Doors open as they walk by, and opportunities fall out of the sky around them…

But it’s not that this Zodiac sign doesn’t have to try, it’s just that the Universe seems to be trying pretty hard too, on their behalf!

4. Sagittarians are Open-minded

Another Jupiter-fueled personality trait that these gorgeous people own is their open-mindedness. You can have a conversation with a Sagittarian and you’ll be taken way beyond the confines of what you thought you believed. But it’s also a characteristic of Sagittarius to sit, listen and learn. They love to have their minds opened and stretched, just as much as they love to stretch ours!

5. They’re Honest

One of our favorites Sagittarius traits is their honesty.

People born into this Horoscope are known for their silver tongues: they will tell you the truth. Sure they can come across as a little tactless at times (a negative trait that others love to point out) but this sign of the  Zodiac will never sit and talk about you behind your back. Gossip and slander are just not their style. Wouldn’t you prefer to know?

6.  Sagittarians Make the Best Travel Companions

It’s no secret that Sagittarius is the most free-spirited sign in the entire Zodiac: At the first whiff of travel and adventure, they’re in. Plus, their intrepid and daredevil traits mean they’ll say “yes” to any opportunity that arises, taking you way off the beaten track. So don’t leave home without your favorite Sagittarius-born friend (just don’t get too clingy when you’re halfway across a rope bridge high in the Swiss Alps… this sign still needs its space, right).

7. They’re Philosophical

All this spontaneity and risk can make you think Sagittarians are the kind to act now, think later. But that’s not true. Deeply philosophical, the Sagittarius Zodiac sign is always mining their thoughts and experiences for the best path forward, mentally joining the dots.

Their risks are calculated.

Their spontaneity isn’t reckless.

Ask them the reason behind anything they’re doing, and it’s always well thought out.

8. They Are Interested in Everything!

Born into this Horoscope, Sagittarius can’t help being just a little bit fascinated with everything they see. They’re like the Magpies of the Zodiac.

Which makes Sagittarius people absolute fountains of knowledge and proficiency, because they’re genuinely interested in giving everything a go.

As a mutable sign (along with Gemini, Virgo and Pisces) they’re supremely adaptable, which makes flitting from one thing to the next, a breeze!

This also gives them exceptionally enthusiastic personalities! So if you’re in two minds over the idea of learning a new hobby, or skill then run it by your favorite Sagittarius first, for an extra boost of encouragement

9. They Can’t hold a grudge

The Sagittarius symbol is the Arrow: it points firmly in one direction, and one direction only. And just like this arrow, Sagittarius men and Sagittarius woman are forward-focused, their personalities are looking straight into the future.

This means that they won’t hold onto the past, and they certainly won’t let anything that’s been and gone, drag them (or your friendship) down.

10. They’ve put up with everyone forgetting their birthdays cos they’re so wrapped up in Christmas since, like, forever

Lastly, let’s all share a little extra love for our Sagittarian friends who have endlessly suffered people forgetting (or worse, combining) their birthday celebrations with, ahem, Jesus Christ. Fair? We think not….

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! 


Now will you share something with us?

Tell us about your favourite Sagittarian people – do you have a Sag-born partner or friend? What are thier best traits and most adorable characteristics? Tell us about them in the comments below!