So What’s The Meaning of the Number 10?!

10 is a unique number. Stretching beyond the single-digit numbers in our base-ten counting system, it’s not only the first double-digit number, it’s also the start of a new cycle.

Its symbolism is perhaps a little less known in numerology, than the numbers 1-9. Yet since ancient times, the number 10 has been recognized (and used) for its’ power.

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But what does all this really mean?

Well, using the ancient art of Numerology, you can see that numbers are SO much more than just digits; they hold unique vibrational patterns (or archetypes) and are containers for the currents of divine, universal life, in which we all flow.

Numbers can be used to describe everything from the DNA sequences that connect you to your ancestors, to your most ordinary and everyday encounters.

Everything in life has a sacred meaning and purpose, and numbers can help you figure out what that is. For this reason, we like to think of Numerology as “decoding the voice of the Universe”.

As well as describing the world around you, numbers and their archetypal, spiritual energy will often serve as signposts, indicating the best decisions to make and the next steps to take. This means that getting to know their unique qualities can bring a huge amount of insight, meaning, reassurance, and guidance for you, whilst you navigate the path of your life.

But let’s look at the meaning of 10 throughout the world and the ages…

The Number 10 and Astrology, Mythology and Religion

  • Pythagoras believed that number 10 represented the Universe, and the sum of human knowledge.
  • Pythagoreans (his followers) believed this to be the holies of numbers and took their oaths by swearing on the symbol of the 10.
  • According to H Blavatsky, the digits 1 and 0 indicate the masculine and feminine principles together.
  • In Greek myth, the war of Troy lasted 10 years.
  • Odysseus spent 10 years on his journey home.
  • In China, the number 10 is believed to bring completion and totality.
  • In ancient Mayan and Aztec times, 10 was believed to be the end and the beginning of the cycle, bringing both death, and new life.
  • The tenth sign of the Zodiac is Capricorn (where the Sun sails from December 22nd – January 20th)
    In Tarot, card number ten is the Wheel of Fortune.

The Number Ten in Numerology: Strength and Encouragement

Normally, in a numerology chart, we sum and reduce numbers, to find their core meaning. But if it appears as a repeating number in your life (also sometimes called an Angel Number) then both digits are taken into account for interpretation.

In this case, the ten is what’s known as a composite number.

Formed from only the 1 and the zero, it has a narrow and exacting numerological meaning which makes its message pretty clear.

Let’s break it down by looking at both digits first:

Meaning of the Number 1

In Numerology, the 1 is the beginning, the very first of all numbers. It brings new beginnings and holds an energy that is pioneering and assertive, initiating and motivating. People with this number in their personal numerology charts (as the Life Path, Destiny or Soul Urge Numbers, for example) are often destined to become leaders. Even as children they stand out as the risk-takers and the ones who are unafraid to go first (bet you know someone like that…?)

Numerologists regard the 1 as masculine (though it’s important to note there’s no gender bias in numerology). So it symbolizes the most primal and traditional masculine traits, such as ambition, confidence, bravery, and self-expression. This number is pioneering and independent, and closely related to the ego and the self.

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Meaning of the Number 0

The zero is such a fascinating number, not least because of the disagreements about whether it even qualifies as a number at all! Many regard the zero as simply a placeholder (to differentiate 1 from 10, or 200 from 2000, for example). Which most often means that it appears in the world as an absence of value rather than an expression of it.

But in fact, the zero has a fascinating history (follow this link to find out more) and holds so much more power than it is normally recognized for.

The zero stands for potential.

It’s the void, the darkness, the center-point of the storm of creation. The zero is the matrix of unlimited possibilities, the zero-point field and the originator of infinity.

*These concepts aren’t easy to understand, especially from a left-brained, rational perspective, but the world of Spirit, angels and archetype doesn’t always make logical sense. And without a form to guide the senses (you can’t see the zero as a geometric shape), this is a number to feel into.

The number 10 combines the qualities of these two numbers.

It heightens them both, as well as creating its own unique vibrational energy.

What Does it Mean if You Keep Seeing the Number 10?

When you see the number 10, you’re being given a highly encouraging sign. You are being urged into a place of radical self-trust. You are being encouraged to have faith in the events that are happening around you.

The zero places you (the 1) within the zero-point field of unlimited potential, magnifying what you are capable of! It’s a clear sign that you can achieve whatever you put your intention and action into.

But this number also warns of becoming self-absorbed and isolated. The number 1 is exacting and sharp, determined and intense. So use this energy to move closer into alignment with your greatest potential. Yet not to the detriment of others. Be sure to act in service to the greater good.

Number 10 and Manifestation

Containing the ignition spark of the number one, the ten is often used in spiritual circles as a tool to help with manifestation.

We talk a lot about finding your life purpose. This number often appears when you’re aligning closely with it. It may not be clear, or obvious to you so tune in to your feelings and let them guide you. Its appearance in your life is a hugely encouraging sign!

Perhaps the number 10 appears on the clock? Maybe on a till receipt, license plate, or calendar? Whenever it pops into your reality, pause. What were you thinking of, feeling or dreaming about at that moment?
If you’re seeing this repeating number regularly, it could be a sign that your inner vision eye is being opened up!

See the contrast of the wide, open zero, and the fixed, centered and precise number 1. The ten is calling you to deepen into yourself, to meditate, connect with Spirit and see where your dreams and your purpose overlap.

Are you are scattering your focus and not doing enough to uncover what your true calling in life is. Perhaps you are spending too much time comparing your life to others? Are you daydreaming, without setting clear intentions? Are you emotionally hopping from one place to another?

The Number 10 is calling you back to yourself.

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