Keep seeing the Number 20?

Is it popping up on your phone (20:20?) Or on till receipts, license plates, or digital displays, wherever you look?

Well, a lot of people don’t realize that 20 is an Angel Number – it’s highly significant and holds a lot of power.
In today’s digital world, number sequences are one of the ways the Divine (the universe, Source, God, Goddess… whatever you wanna call it) grabs our attention.
So if any Angel Number is showing up for you.. you better sit up and listen!

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What Does Angel Number 20 Mean?

Number 20 is what’s known as a composite number, so it’s meaning is born from the 2 and the zero.

*Normally, in numerology, we sum and reduce numbers to find their core meaning (in this case, 2 + 0 = 2). But when Angel numbers like this appear, each number alone has huge significance.

To dig a little deeper into what Angel Number 20 means, and more importantly, what it’s message for you is, let’s break it down…

Meaning & Frequency of the Number 2

The number 2 is feminine in nature. It holds many of the essentially feminine qualities, such as receptivity, creativity and intuition. It pertains to relationships, and receptivity, cooperation, and coupledom. This number is also a deeply psychic, spiritual and intuitive number. The 2 also symbolizes healing, bringing unity and wholeness in a way that no other number can.

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Meaning & Frequency of the Number 0

The zero is such a fascinating number, not least because of the disagreements about whether it even qualifies as a number at all! Many regard the zero as simply a placeholder (to differentiate 1 from 10, or 200 from 2000, for example). Which most often means that it appears in the world as an absence of value rather than an expression of it.

But in fact, the zero has a fascinating history (follow this link to find out more) and holds so much more power than it is normally recognized for.

It’s the void, the darkness, the center-point of the storm of creation. The zero is the matrix of infinite possibilities, the zero-point field and the originator of infinity itself.

*These concepts aren’t easy to understand, especially from a left-brained, rational perspective, but the world of Spirit, Angels, and archetype don’t always make logical sense. And without a form to guide the senses (you can’t see the zero as a geometric shape), this is a number to feel into.

Meaning and Frequency of the Number 20

Angel Number 20 combines the qualities of these two numbers. It heightens them both, as well as creating its own unique vibrational energy. So what is this exactly? And more importantly, what is it here to tell you?

Angel Number 20 carries a very strong message of connection

Angel number 20 often shows up for people when they need to reach out to others. It can be a sign to surrender to outside help, support or intelligence. Perhaps you are somebody who’s very strong-willed and independent, used to going it alone? Angel Number 20 is urging you to try a different way.

Humans are interdependent creatures. Relationships are how we learn more about ourselves and the world, and your Angels can see that you are in a place of huge personal growth right now. But to make the leap, you need other people.

Maybe life around you is changing? Perhaps you’ve started learning a new skill, or spiritual practice? Or maybe you’re going through some deep healing, and this is affecting your perspective of yourself and the world? Angel Number 20 is pointing you in a very clear direction – you cannot continue alone!

Angel Number 20 is urging you to make partnerships, alliances and bonds

There is at least one other person very close, who has exactly what you need to up-level your life into its next phase. You may know them already. Or maybe they’re sitting on the periphery of your field, waiting for right the moment in the near future to enter in. Either way, the message is clear: Open up.

Set an intention to connect.

To receive help.

To join forces.

To unite.

Ask your Angels to bring them in.

Angel Number 20: The Start of a Spiritual Journey

Whenever the zero appears in an Angel Number, it brings with it a new beginning. Many believe (rightly) that the number 1 represents new beginnings, but so does the zero.

The zero stands for potential

Right now, you have huge potential – the zero is amplifying all of the promise that exists around you. In the connections, the networks, and what’s possible when you combine your efforts. The 2 also adds a very spiritual energy. It’s likely you are standing at the start of a new journey. And this journey will take you to new spiritual height, so dive in!

Your Angels are watching over you, supporting you, and guiding you at every turn. Trust the signs they leave for you. And trust your inner voice.

Angel Number 20: Crank Up Your Intuition

As the most intuitive of numbers, the 2 – more than any other number – heightens psychic awareness. Angel Number 20 appears at a time when you’re being urged to tune into your inner voice. Tune into the knowings, the feelings, the subtle nudges that come from deep within. This is a great time to flex your intuitive muscles, as the zero is here to amplify what you’ll hear.

Angel Number 20: The Sacred Feminine Rising!

This is a number of the rising feminine.

Angel Number 20 is a call to action, a divine invitation to bring the feminine back into the world. You don’t need to be a woman – both women and men hold expressions of both masculine and feminine energy – yet the true feminine (in us all) has been suppressed over thousands of years.

  • Deep connection
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Intuition
  • The wisdom of the body

We’ve lost touch with the truth, but as the old paradigm crumbles, the Goddess is returning.

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But Why is 20 an “ANGEL NUMBER”… What Does that Even Mean?

OK, Let’s backtrack for a moment. Angels are the messengers of Spirit. They communicate with us through many forms and languages, including numbers. The world we live in today is so highly digitalized, that numbers are everywhere, which makes it easy for Angels to speak through them.

Think about it – repeating number sequences like 2222, 1212 and even Angel Number 911 are actually designed to catch your attention. When certain number codes appear on the calendar, the clock, in the paper or anywhere else in plain sight, they’re actually sacred symbols. The purpose of Angel Numbers is to break the spell of the matrix, and to draw your attention towards the divine vibration of you and the Universe.

One of the first people to start publicly interpreting the meanings behind number sequences a few years ago was Doreen Virtue. But once you know some basic numerology, you can do this too. Many people even use number patterns as a means to connect with guardian angels on a regular basis. With a little practice, this will be something you can do, too.

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