So What’s The Meaning of the Number 9?!

The number Nine is the last of the single-digit numbers in our base-ten counting system, and represents the end of the cycle. Ancient mathematical philosophers called it the “finishing post”, and the ancient Greeks called it “the Horizon”. It’s unsurpassable, and represents the uppermost limit of what can be discovered, and expressed inside of our human experience.

Through effort, comes experience

Numerologists understand that the number 9 holds an exceptionally wise, spiritual energy. It contains every other number that has come before it (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45, and 4 + 5 = 9). So symbolically, the number nine is the container for all worldly experiences. As well as this, it’s also made up of the sacred trinity, thrice (3 x 3) which gives it additional sacred power. When something is repeated 3 times, its potency is increased. When it’s repeated three times three, it’s power is ultimate!

The 9 is also regarded as widely tolerant, loving and compassionate, though the love that it offers tends to be expressed as universal, rather than romantic – the number nine has a widely humanitarian edge.

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meaning, mystery and magic of the number 9

But what does all this really mean?

Well, using the ancient art of Numerology, you can see that numbers are SO much more than just digits; they hold unique vibrational patterns (or archetypes) and are containers for the currents of divine, universal life, in which we all flow.

Numbers can be used to describe everything from the DNA sequences that connect you to your ancestors, to your most ordinary and everyday encounters.

Everything in life has a sacred meaning and purpose, and numbers can help you figure out what that is. For this reason, we like to think of Numerology as “decoding the voice of the Universe”.

As well as describing the world around you, numbers and their archetypal, spiritual energy will often serve as signposts, indicating the best decisions to make and the next steps to take. This means that getting to know their unique qualities can bring a huge amount of insight, meaning, reassurance, and guidance for you, whilst you navigate the path of your life.

The Number Nine and Taking Life to the Limit

Think about how the number nine is used in sayings and expressions in our language.

  • “A cat has 9 lives”
  • “On cloud 9”
  • “Dressed to the nines”
  • To go “the whole nine yards”
  • “A stitch in time saves nine”

“Nine-ness” seems to be synonymous with the maximum, with the furthest extent of what’s possible. With fullness, completion, and when every effort has been exhausted.

The Number 9 and Astrology, Mythology and Religion

In the ancient world (which is, let’s face it, is where numbers and their spiritual power were understood SO much more than they are today) the number 9 resonated with sacred structure, and the furthest limitations of this world, before human experience meets the Divine. Perhaps more than any other, the number nine had an extra special significance, which spread far and wide. It features across pretty much all cultures, worldwide, rippling through culture, mythology, history, law and time.

  • Nine is the central number in the ancient Celtic tradition.
  • Nine expresses through the triple Goddess (see Number 3) and in myths of the nine Celtic maidens, or sorceresses. In fact, stories of nine mystical women presiding over nature spread from England, Ireland and Wales, to Scandinavia, Iceland and even as far as Kenya. Even today, it’s tradition for nine groups of nine men to dance around Beltane fires. The limit of winter (which is what Beltane
  • Almost all of the mythological tales from around the world have patterns of the number 9 weaving throughout.
  • The Northern European sagas tell of Odin, who rules over the nine Norse worlds. His trial, to win the secrets of wisdom for mankind, was to hang on the Yggdrasil tree for nine days.
  • Demeter, the Greek Goddess of the Earth searched for nine days for her daughter Persephone (who was in the underworld with Hades). Demeter is often depicted holding nine pieces of corn. Once recovered, Persephone was obliged to spend three months per year below the ground, and nine months above.
  • Native American, Mayan and Aztec myths tell of a total of nine cosmic levels (and many of the temples comprise 9 stories).
  • And in ancient China, nine was the most auspicious number of divine power: the Chinese had nine sacred rites, nine social laws, nine classes of officials in the government and built nine-story pagodas.
  • In astrology, the planet Mars vibrates to the frequency of the nine.
  • The ninth sign of the Zodiac is Sagittarius (where the Sun sails from November 22nd – December 21st)
  • In Tarot, card number nine is the Hermit.
  • In Hinduism, nine is the number of Brahma.
  • In the Greek Sagas, the city of Troy was under siege for nine years.

Hands Holding Earth Glowing

The Number Nine in Numerology: Compassion and Endings

In Numerology, it’s recognized that the number 9 contains all of the lessons and challenges of the numbers 1 through 8.  It’s wise, mature and often instills a sense of trust and safety.

People with this number in their Numerology charts – as the Life Path NumberDestiny (Expression) Number or Soul Urge Number often seem “worldly wise”, almost as though they have lived many lives here on this Earth plane. And along with this, they’re compassionate and deeply, unconditionally loving. Many call this number “The Humanitarian” as it people often put the needs of the collective well above their own.

Because this number comes last, the nine represents endings. But people with this number in their charts often seem to struggle with letting go, saying goodbye and graduating on from stages of life, from which they have outgrown. (In fact, the reason for this difficulty is, as with so much of Numerology, due to the fact that both the challenges and the gifts of this number lie in the same place).

Number 9s may find their life is peppered with loss, though each is an opportunity to grow and reach a level of mastery that only the nine can.

Shadow Traits of the Number 9

Due to the highly compassionate and sympathetic nature of the number nine, it is prone to over-giving. Both in kind, in material or monetary ways or in advice. Because this number holds so much experience within, a “know it all” attitude may prevail, however unintentional. A person whose personality is formed from the nine must be careful their good nature isn’t taken advantage of.

As an exceptionally idealistic number, this can come with its own pitfalls. Unrealistic standards (for the self and others) and the darker side of this – hopelessness when those standards aren’t met – are risks for this number.

Coming at the end of the numerical cycle, the 9 is often through to indicate death. And whilst it does often coincide with the end of a project or phase of life, it indicates a valuable stage of release and surrender, which must come before the birth of something new.  So with the 9, always comes hope.

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