Wondering whether the number 16 has a special, spiritual meaning?

If you’re seeing it crop up in your life just a few too many times to fall into the “coincidence” category, then you’ve come to the right place!

Repeating number patterns AKA Angel Numbers, are definitely no coincidence. Plus, sightings are being reported with increased frequency by thousands of people across the globe! Are you one of them?

In today’s digital world, number sequences are one of the ways the Divine (the Universe, Source, God, Goddess… whatever you wanna call it) grabs our attention. And these patterns hold very specific meanings, so listen up – Angel Number 16 has a message for you!

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What's the Meaning of Angel Number 16?What Does Angel Number 16 Mean?

This is a sign that there is a deeper understanding to be found, about a situation you’re currently in. Number 16s appearance comes as a powerful indicator that you need to seek a place of sanctuary, to find rest and recuperation. But it also points towards leadership and honoring the self.

16 is what’s known as a composite number. It’s formed from the numbers 1 and 6, as well as the frequency of the 7*, so it contains undertones of all three numbers.

*Normally, in numerology, we sum and reduce numbers to find their core meaning (in this case, 1 + 6 = 7). But when Angel numbers like this appear, each number alone has huge significance.

To dig a little deeper into what Angel Number 16 means, and more importantly, what it’s message for you is, let’s break it down…

Meaning & Frequency of the Number 1

In Numerology, the 1 is the beginning, the very first of all numbers. It brings new beginnings. It holds an energy which is independent, pioneering, initiating and motivating. Numerologists regard the 1 as masculine (though bare in mind there’s no gender bias in numerology). So it symbolizes the most primal and traditional masculine traits, such as ambition, confidence, bravery, and self-expression. This number is closely related to the ego and the self.

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Meaning & Frequency of the Number 6

The number six symbolizes beauty and harmony and is often called “the love number”.

In numerology, the 6 holds the vibration of unconditional love, protection, and sanctuary. It holds the archetypal expression of the maternal instincts that we all contain (whether male or female) and the primal urge to nurture and care for those in need: The Number 6 also represents service, both divine and human.


Meaning & Frequency of the Number 7

In numerology, the number 7 is a deeply mystical, spiritual number.

It represents the meeting point between Earth and Spirit, the place where embodied learning occurs. It holds the search for understanding and it represents the deeper meaning to be found beneath the surface.

This number has a unique, solitary vibration and often represents the need to go within, reflect, and seek inner wisdom


Meaning and Frequency of the Number 16

When Angel number 16 shows up for you, its message always involves the blending of the two digits 1 and 6. Through understanding and doing this, you’re being invited to step up in the higher frequency of the 7.

Any Angel number that contains the 1, is calling you into your power. This number code is urging you to make positive and assertive life choices. It’s a reminder that what you’re thinking and feeling holds huge potential, so focus your intent consciously. Become aware of unconscious thought patterns and behaviors (as much as is possible!) and redirect your gaze. Personal willpower can be a miraculous tool for good things to manifest, so use yours wisely.

It’s time to trust yourself and act with full integrity.

The appearance of the number 6 within this composite Angel Number brings an added layer of meaning, bringing love and witness. How can you offer that to yourself? This number often comes as a warning that you’re being too hard on yourself, too tough and uncaring. Often, it’s actually those of us who are on the path to awakening who offer the least understanding to ourselves! This is despite giving freely it to those around us.

Are you treating yourself with the kindness and care of the archetypal mother? Can you stop, for a moment, and tune into what you really need?

  • More rest?
  • Better food?
  • Time to relax?
  • Time with friends and family?

In our high-octane, “go, go, go” world, it’s easy to think that spending time not working, being useful and achieving goals is time wasted. But your angels and Spirit guides know better! Taking time out for yourself, and embodying that powerful, nurturing, maternal number 6 energy is exactly what you need right now. See Angel Number 16 as a sign to soften, to hold and nurture yourself just a little more than you have been in recent times.

The combined frequency of these numbers – of the 1 and the 6 – results in the 7. This powerful digit implies there is a deeper meaning inherent in a situation you’re involved in.

It’s time to seek a greater understanding…

Look below the surface. Look beyond the horizon. What you see unfolding before you is not the whole story. Your Angels want you to widen the doors of your perception. Do so without judgment or criticism for anybody involved (including yourself!) Remember – the number 6 is urging you into a place of compassion.

Perhaps you need to do a little research? Do some background reading, ask some questions? Or maybe you need to shift the way you are looking at what’s going on around you? Is the frame you’re looking through too narrow? Are you avoiding some of the facts because you don’t want to see them? This Angel Number can appear as an encouragement to DO things a little differently. Use your intuition to sense into what needs to change about your approach here. But be aware – this is rarely a sign that requires someone else to make changes. The number 1 in this Angel Number makes it all about you. So avoid finger pointing and blame. Follow your heart.

Go Within to Find the Truth

But perhaps you’ve done enough fact-finding, and asked enough questions? Angel Number 16 often appears as a potent reminder that the truth lies within.

Every one of us has all we need, already inside of us. It’s very easy to forget that, and exist in a state of constant searching. But whatever question you’re seeking an answer to, is already within you! Angel Number 16 is urging you to turn inwards, to trust your intuition and follow your inner compass.

Allow yourself the time to sit, be alone, be in silence and allow the deeper truth and understanding rise. You are in this place, at this time, for a reason. Nothing is accidental, and Angel Number 16 is your beacon of truth! So trust in the unfolding. But don’t avoid the present moment, don’t run away from the truth of where you now sit. Maybe a day-to-day meditation practice could really serve you right now? There is a wealth of understanding that is yours to uncover – you simply need to allow it.

You are being called into deep reflection.

Your spirit guides recognize that this is a turning point for you. There is an unconscious element about the way you are behaving in your life right now, and the Number 16 has come to awaken you into a place of deeper clarity. s a positive aspect within you that needs to be.

It’s important to realize that Angel’s don’t have the ability to intervene. They can’t make positive changes in your life, without your permission. Angel Numbers are nudges in the right direction to encourage your own assertiveness – you must make the change for yourself. Ask, and they will enter in but you must be willing to transform.

The highest expression of Angel Number 16 is understanding

This is ALL within your reach!

But your journey to get there requires self-trust, self-loving behavior, and deep introspection.

It’s important to realize that this may take time, so be kind, be compassionate and find places of sanctuary for yourself.

Ultimately, through embracing the vibrational qualities of the 1 and the 6, you’ll ascend towards the truth.

But Why is 16 an “ANGEL NUMBER”… What Does that Even Mean?

OK, Let’s backtrack for a moment. Are you new to Angel Numbers?

Angels are the messengers of Spirit. They communicate with us through many forms and languages, including numbers. The world we live in today is so highly digitalized, that numbers are everywhere, which makes it easy for Angels to speak through them.

Think about it – repeating number sequences like 6666, 1010 and even Angel Number 911 are actually designed to catch your attention. When certain number codes appear on the calendar, the clock, in the paper or anywhere else in plain sight, they’re actually sacred symbols. The purpose of Angel Numbers is to break the spell of the matrix, and to draw your attention towards the divine vibration of you and the Universe.

One of the first people to start publicly interpreting the meanings behind number sequences a few years ago was Doreen Virtue. But once you know some basic numerology, you can do this too. Many people even use number patterns as a means to connect with guardian angels on a regular basis … and with a little practice, this is also something you can do, too.

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Now if you’ve been seeing Angel Number 16 pop up in your life, then we wanna know about it!

Share with us where it’s appeared, in the comments below!

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