Do You Keep Seeing the Number 666?

…in which case, I bet you’re feeling a little worried?

Or maybe you’ve just seen 66 on the license plate of a car that drove past? Or the number 6666 on a restaurant bill, a phone number or any other digital display?

PinSure, it probably feels a little weird, but the truth is that every single moment of every single day, there are patterns of numbers swirling around you. From the tea that you’re drinking to the screen that you’re reading these words from, all matter and energy is vibrating at a specific frequency and it all carries a hidden numerical code.


11:11 has become widely recognized as a powerful, spiritual sign of awakening, ascension, and rapid manifestation.


But did you know the world is also filled with other repeating number sequences (also known as “Angel Numbers”) each with their own message, meaning, and magic?

If you want to understand them, it’s time you learn the language of Repeating Numbers!

Read on to discover more about this repeating pattern or download your free repeating numbers handbook here.


We live in such a highly digitalized world, that number patterns are actually one of the most efficient and effective methods for Angels to communicate with people. Especially if those people aren’t exactly looking for sacred signs. When a set of specific numbers grab your attention, standing out in the numerical crowd, it’s no mere coincidence. Angel numbers are designed to catch your attention. They are designed to break the hold of the matrix and draw your attention into the present moment.

And the number 666 is no different!

These Angel Numbers could be seen like prayers from above, requests for attention and intention from God, Spirit, Source, or whatever spiritual force you believe in.

One of the first people to start publicly interpreting the meanings behind number sequences was Doreen Virtue. But once you know some basic numerology, you can do this too.

Many people even use number patterns as a means to connect with Guardian Angels on a regular basis … this is also something you can do, too.

PinPinPinPinPin What is the meaning of Angel Number 6?

In numerology, the number 6 holds the vibration of love, harmony, protection, and sanctuary.

It expresses the archetypal maternal instincts that we all contain (whether male or female) and the primal urge to nurture and care for those in need.


If you’re seeing the number 6 repeating around you, it’s time to invite more of this energy into your life. The number 6 is showing up as a kind of cosmic parental force that’s here to nurture, protect and guide you forward, so let yourself be carried by it.

It means your Spirit Guides recognize that there’s an aspect within you that needs to be nurtured, protected, and guided forward. And now is the time.

It may be clear to you what this message relates to. There may be a latent skill or talent that’s emerging in you. Or perhaps you’re being nudged in a new direction that requires you to complete some studies or gain some certifications?

The appearance of the number 6 is in your life as a clear and strong message that it’s time to parent yourself and ensure you put YOUR time and effort where you need to.

Overall, feel supported. Feel held. Angel number 6 is a powerful sign that it’s safe to take time to parent yourself and nurture your inner gifts.

You are being divinely guided by your Angels to do this, so slow down and accept the healing energy that is abundantly available for you.

What is the meaning of Angel Number 66?

In numerology, double numbers (also known as Master Numbers) have a special significance. They hold the resonance and frequency of the original number – the 6 – and its sum. In this case, 66 reduces to 3 (6 + 6 = 12, and 1 + 2 = 3) which is the number of the child.


When you keep seeing Angel Number 66, it’s a clear sign that your inner child needs attention.

Are there are aspects of your personality that have been silenced or neglected, especially from a very young age? It could be time for them to re-emerge, and you could need to embark upon some serious soul healing to make that happen. Whilst this may be a daunting journey, the appearance of repeating 66s means that IT IS TIME!

You are ready to do this work! And the Universal energies available to you, are supporting you with each step.

Angel Number 66 reminds you to be kind and compassionate with yourself, and know that you are being held through this process. Follow the signs that are being left for you – you are not alone.

What is the meaning of Angel Number 666?

The number holds the weight of SO much distortion and pain.

Numbers do not carry a bias, they’re neither negative or positive – their vibrations are pure. But in this case, so much energy has accumulated around 666. Collectively agreed to be “evil”, “the number of the devil” or “the number of the beast” these associations are fabricated. These negative projections do not belong to the number 666, and it’s important not to be concerned if this number shows up in your life.

The ones who control so much of our world: the governments, the banks, the media AND the ones who pull the strings from behind the curtain, have this very clever trick. They take something with hidden, or forgotten, but very sacred significance, and denigrate it. Or they sneakily re-appropriate it, giving it a new meaning so that the older, fundamental life and energy it contained is recast into something different.

Isis, for example. The name of the high Egyptian goddess of nature, motherhood, and magic has been re-appropriated to describe the Islamic Militant group, penned by the media as an enemy of the West. The power and mystery of Isis mean something very different when you hear it now, doesn’t it?PinPinPinPinPin

The Number 666 Has Been Distorted

The same thing is true of the number 666. For a very, very long time, this number has been attributed to darkness, to demons, to the devil. It is a number that conjures fear and hate, that brings “bad luck” and makes us feel suspicious and resistant.

And because of how far back into our recorded history this number and its mythology goes, it’s almost impossible to find out where the core of truth is, and what it holds.

So this isn’t an article about myth or religion or politics (those are totally different stories) because while the art of numerology may create a framework for those planes of reality, it is beyond them.

The messages offered by our Angels, through number patterns can relate to, and inform on all of the goings-on of this earthly plane, but they’re not defined by it.

Numbers are not inherently good or evil. They all contain positive and negative aspects, but they’re inherently balanced. They’re non-hierarchical and their energy is spiritually pure. So if you’re ever told differently, question your source.

The number 666 holds a strong vibratory resonance of the mother archetype.

It represents love, compassion, nurturing, beauty, creation, and service. In numerology, the number 666 reduces to the number 9 (6 + 6 + 6 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9) and 9 is a number of huge humanitarian significance. So the occurrence of 666 in your life is a sign that nurturing yourself IS nurturing others, in fact, it’s a potent reminder that you can’t give to others before first tending to your own needs.


When you see Angel number 666, you are being divinely guided towards self-love. This is the first step that your Angels and Spirit Guides need you to take on the right path of love for the rest of humanity.

It’s a beautiful and powerful sign from your Angels


What is the meaning of Angel Number 6666?

In numerology, the number 6666 is a very powerful omen.

This number carries the frequency of the divine mother principle. Combined, 6666 reduces to 6 (6 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 24, and 2 + 4 = 6) so the energy of this number wants to manifest strongly and clearly through your life.

There is no greater force in the Universe than love.

The number 6666 represents the divine love of Gaia, the Earth. Seeing this powerful number is a sign that you’re being called to ensure everything you do in your life right now in service to her protection.

Angel Number 6666 is also a sign of great creativity.

By aligning yourself with love, whatever you create will bring great abundance into your life!

It could be a new career or business venture; a space or garden, a piece of art or even a new relationship. Whatever it is (and whether you can see the outcome or not) the message of Angel Number 6666, is to nurture yourself through the process, and to see the divinity that is playing out through you. Because when you begin to use the power of the number 6 and decide to combine with Spirit to take on the role of a conscious creator, you’re sharing this role with the Earth.

It’s almost as though she is gifting you some of her creative capacity, allowing you to feel her might, and what it’s like to move and make worlds.

The strong archetypes held within the 6, are also held by Mother Earth, and by the Divine Feminine. Which explains a LOT about why the meaning and significance of the 6 has been twisted and corrupted as the patriarchy has grown out of control.


Angel Numbers Containing 6s Are a Gift!

To see 6 66 666, 6666 and any other forms of repeating 6s is an incredible thing! These Angel Numbers are gifts, so try not to be alarmed or to fall into the trap of believing the mistruths you may have heard about what they mean. Number sixes are signs that the Earth needs you, and you have been chosen to help.

So do the work! And become the person you came here to be.

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Are they just a coincidence? Or are they also significant in numerology … and beyond?

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Are the 6s showing up in your life?

Does it make sense as to why, after reading this article?

Share your experiences below, and let’s break down these misunderstandings together!