Do you see numbers repeating, over and over during specific times in your life?  Like when big life decisions are being made, or when you’re feeling stressed, stuck or seeking direction? Or perhaps you see repeating numbers so often that it’s a weekly or even a daily occurrence in your world?

Seeing Repeating Numbers is a Message

I’ve known people to express deep, deep fear when they see repeating numbers, believing themselves to be targeted by some invisible force bearing bad luck or misfortune.  But from a Numerological perspective, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Because when we see repeating numbers – and notice that we’re seeing repeating numbers – it’s not just some small coincidence.

It’s the Universe’s way of communicating through code – it’s just a matter of learning how to crack it!  You could think of it a little like Morse code, where hidden information is contained in a series of dots and dashes.  Well, It’s the same with numbers!

The decoding part depends on the numbers (of course!) but the most common, overarching message that’s available to you, when you see certain messages repeating is that:

You are loved and supported, exactly as you are. You have a team of energetic guides, angels, totems and ancestors who are incredibly eager to assist, support, and validate you.

All you have to do is ask, set an intention, and be open to information coming to you from unexpected sources and in non-linear ways.

How To Spot Repeating Number Messages

What do we really mean when we talk about “repeating numbers?”  Let’s look at a few examples…

Birth Dates

I know somebody who sees his birth date (month and day) at least five times a week on receipts, car registration plates, digital displays, and just about anywhere and everywhere else. He’s an extremely abundance-minded individual and is something of a tour de force in terms of the Law of Attraction in action.  Seeing his birthdate mirrored back to him reminds him of his purpose in life and propels him forward on his path.

123 v 321

How about the sequence 123?  It’s important to understand the beautiful simplicity that the Understand uses to speak to us… Yet we often like to complicate matters, don’t we!? 

So when you keep seeing the numbers 123, you’re being reminded that life is as “easy as 123!”  It’s a sign that you must simplify something in your life and could benefit from delegating, releasing and streamlining your life.

So how about the opposite?  If you’re seeing the sequence 321 – which a friend of mine asked me about because she was waking up at 3:21 a.m. every morning – this could be mirroring your own resistance to your path, a sign that you’re making things much more difficult than they need to be.

What you resist will persist.

11:11 and each other repeating number …

Of course, the most common repeating number is 11:11.

Most often, 11:11 is a sign of awakening.

Repeating 1s are often perceived with increased frequency when people are just embarking on their spiritual journey.  They’re a sign of awakening, almost a symptom of your stirring, rising consciousness.  1111 is like a nod from the Universe, that you’re on track, you’re walking the right path and just need to keep on going.

There is a huge amount more to say about this sequence (and repeating forms of every other digit too) so scroll on down, and click on each image below to find an in-depth reading for each repeating number in turn.

Welcome in, we hope that you’ll uncover all the numerological wisdom that you seek..!

How To Interpret Repeating Numbers “By The Numbers”

Before we begin, it is important to remember that these are guidelines.

As numerologists, we are the keepers of the ancient wisdom inherent in the numbers that surround us. But when interpreting their meanings in YOUR lift,  you must always trust your own personal experience and intuition first.

1111 – the start of a new journey

Focus on the positive. You have the power to consciously manifest whatever you put your attention on. So in other words, what you ‘wish for’ is in perfect alignment to be realised.

Oneness, feelings of unity, creativity and limitless potential are yours if this number is making itself known to you!

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2222 –  the energy of balance and partnership

It’s a sign of the necessary bringing together masculine and feminine energies to find inner balance.

Trust and patience are what is needed to resolve whatever situation with which you’re grappling.

Repeating 2s are a message that it’s time to be your own nurturing mother and to cultivate and care for yourself and your desires as a priority: Right action, healthy emotional boundaries, and love are required.

This number may also appear to tell you something in your life is out of balance.

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3333 –  playful creativity and trust are needed

It represents the trinity of mind/body/spirit and the magic that occurs when these come together.

It’s the energy of communication, joyful self-expression, and emotional sensitivity.

It’s a potent reminder that you must live in joy and childlike innocence, as fully as you possibly can! possible.

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4444 –  remember your physicality

You exist here on this physical plane, and all of what you feel, think and say out loud filters down onto this third-dimensional realm and manifests here for you to experience.

This number indicates you have an opportunity to grow in a grounded, practical way. It may mean that some hard work is needed to achieve a goal, but you have an abundance of energetic support to put the right pieces in place.

It could also be a sign that you’re either craving security or feeling boxed in by limitations, so embodying your physical world with joy and gratitude is key.

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5555 – positive change is coming!

The kind of change this number brings is always in your best and highest good and aligned with your personal and spiritual evolution.

Repeating 5s offer a strong message of confidence and daring, but also of light-footed flexibility, so it’s a sign you must embrace the change, let go of the old and tap into a sense of adventure!

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6666 –  a symbol of love, compassion, nurturing, beauty, creation and service.

When it shows up repeating as 66, 6:66 or as 6666, its message relates strongly to the mother archetype, and how it’s appearing (or deficient) in your life.

It may show up in your life when you’re feeling worried or in need of caring and support. It’s the Universe’s way of telling you to relax –  you are being divinely guided!

The 6s also come as a message to take care of yourself as well as caring for others.  Or alternately, it may be a message to you, to step up and take responsibility for yourself and the direction of your life!

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7777 – a deeply mystical and lucky number!

When repeating 7s show up in your life, regardless of how this fits with your own personal numerology, it’s a sign that you have powerful learning to do in your own life.

It marks both beginnings and endings.

When this number appears, you’re being given the message that you’re on the right path and whatever happens will exceed your expectations! But you will need to work relentlessly to delve beneath the surface of life.  All may not be quite as it appears…

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8888 – the energy of power and prosperity, mastery and balance

When repeating 8s start to show up in your life it’s a clear message that your turn has arrived.

It’s an incredible omen!  But it’s one which requires your participation because 8s also indicate that there are obstacles and challenges to overcome.

It’s the number of cosmic consciousness and Infinity.  If this number shows up, it’s to tell you that there is an endless supply of abundance in the world.  IT’s time to step up and claim it!

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9999 –  the energy of endings, completion and fulfilment

When this number keeps showing up for you it’s a sign that you’re close to the end of a cycle or phase that you’ve been moving through for a while.

It’s an indicator that it’s time to let go, to make room for the new.  The presence of this number could be a sign that this is difficult for you, and requires trust.  Something better WILL arrive, but this last piece of the puzzle is a necessary stage of closure.

You have gained wisdom from your current situation, but you have graduated from it, it’s time to say goodbye.

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