The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes transition, the law of cause and effect, the beginning or end of a cycle, or a “fateful” event, usually positive in nature. You may experience lucky timing, a happy accident, synchronicity, or a sudden change in fortune; you may feel “in synch” with the universe, or have a certain sense that is everything happening is meant to be. Alternatively, you may be entering a new phase in life, or a new level of development in your career, relationship or inner being. Perhaps you are harvesting the rewards of work done well and continuing onto the next level, or experiencing the natural evolution of your career or work project.

The card also symbolizes surrender to forces that are beyond our control. No matter how much we may acquire in earthly riches and rewards, our lives are never totally within our own power, for things can always happen which totally upset or transform the current situation. No one is immune from sudden disaster, illness, accident or random misfortune, and, in the same way, positive turns of fortune can happen even in the most dire, seemingly hopeless situations. Life deals catastrophes and miracles evenly to everyone in turn. It doesn’t help to fight or resist misfortune, nor can you force good timing or “flow”.

The best you can do is study the laws of life and human temperament, take care of your essential needs as best you can and make the most of good fortune when the wheel turns that way for you. The Wheel of Fortune card captures the somewhat paradoxical feeling of fatefulness that accompanies the most random changes or radical upheavals in our lives. The very events we expect the least are the events which feel the most unavoidable in retrospect, rather like a higher power intentionally planned it that way. “Karma” is a relevant term for this card (though this is really only a different understanding of the word “fate”).

The Wheel of Fortune card may signify a new understanding of one’s life and the meaning of the events that have transpired; you may experience a vision, epiphany or revelation about why your life is the way that it is, or you may experience an event that provides this understanding. Often when we are confused and lost in life, we need only wait for the next “turn” of the wheel, which will dispel misunderstanding and clear away the clouds which have obscured the meaning of our lives.

Astrological Association:

The Wheel of Fortune card is ruled by planet Jupiter, which is known as the expander.

Card meanings upright:

The Wheel of Fortune card represents the presence of Big Destiny taking place in your life and is probably letting you know with divine certainty that the people and events in your life are there due a predestined arrangement and plan. Things in your life will work out the way in which they were intended, in accordance with a divine plan and perfect timing. You may be experiencing a strong sense that you are part of something much bigger than yourself, and you are right. You are being guided and protected by a grand plan, and you will never be disconnected even in times you feel lost. The best in life lies ahead for you, so you should always trust your divine consciousness.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Wheel of Fortune card is reversed, it can indicate that you may be experiencing a spell of bad luck, which has recently transformed your good luck into misfortune. You should not place a great amount of trust in luck right now, as getting the things you think you desire may cause you more trouble or misfortune.

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The Wheel of Fortune card can represent an upcoming change in your career, but you must be bold in the pursuit of your career dreams and desires. You might be considering leaving a good job because your heart is simply no longer connected with your work due to a bigger dream or calling you can no longer ignore. Look for mentors who share your dreams during this time, and approach them for help or guidance with confidence. Your bravery will often be rewarded.

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The Wheel of Fortune card can represent a romantic relationship in your life that needs to be examined deeply if it is going to continue to meet your needs. If you are in a committed relationship, you may need to take decisive action to make sure your relationship stays strong through clear communication. If you are single, then now is a great time to explore exactly who you are looking for and become extremely clear on the traits and qualities you desire in a partner or spouse. Then get ready to mingle and keep an open mind to connections made online or through friends.

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If you’ve been struggling financially, then the Wheel of Fortune card can signify that your circumstances are likely going to change for the better very soon. However, if you’ve been enjoying a long period of prosperity then you should prepare for the possibility of a shift in luck and be prepared should the proverbial rainy day happen in your financial life.

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The Wheel of Fortune card can represent your spiritual awareness and responsibility. You may have some things happening in your life that feel beyond your control, but you can find balance again by accepting responsibility for your role in whatever you’re experiencing. Asking others for help may help you feel more spiritually connected during this time, so reach out for the help of loved ones whenever you need support.

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