What are Astrological Houses?

Planetary energies influence our lives, shaping our character and destiny. Astrology is a scientific and metaphysical study that believe we are interconnected with the more expansive universe. Is your own self a mystery to you? Do you ever wonder why you behave the way you do? Do your surroundings reveal enough about you to unravel the mystery of your own self?

In astrology, it is not enough to know your sun sign. In fact, it is just skimming the surface. A full reading of your birth chart explores the layers of your personality and destiny.

A crucial study in astrology are the 12 houses. People have different layers to their personalities as well as different roles and responsibilities on earth. The 12 houses in astrology represent the different spheres of life. A zodiac sign governs each house. For example, the first house, which is the house of self-image, ego, and personality, is ruled by the sign of Aries.

When you see your house chart, it will be similar to a clock. The first house will be on the left side, and the houses will follow in a counterclockwise direction.

The cosmic energies manifest in your life and are revealed in your birth chart with the placement of signs and planets in the houses. A thorough investigation of the interplay of these aspects and forces will reveal how the drama of your life will play out. People study the houses and predict which part of their life will come in to focus. It can give you an idea of the best time to take action. That’s not all, the placement of planets through the houses will also give you a glimpse of where you will find the most success. Some people find more success in love and relationships, while others attract career opportunities and money.

The Four Hemispheres

When you were born, the planets will be distributed in your house charts. Depending on your time and year of birth, some houses will have fewer planets, while some will have more. The 12 houses can be divided into four hemispheres. Houses one to six correspond with the northern hemisphere, while houses seven through twelve are connected with the southern hemisphere. The western hemisphere is composed of houses four to ten, and lastly, the eastern hemisphere is made up of houses ten through three.

The number of planets on these hemispheres will influence your personality and dispositions:

If you have a majority of planets in the northern hemisphere, you are someone who is self-reliant. You are generally introspective and enjoy time alone. When you are looking for solutions, you rely more on yourself than teamwork. You enjoy working behind the scenes and behind the public eye.

A majority of the planets in the southern hemisphere indicates a personality that is the opposite of the northern hemisphere. You enjoy being in the limelight. You consult others for their opinions and to get solutions. Leadership positions are something you crave and come naturally to you.

If most of your planets are in the eastern hemisphere, you are self-motivated and self-reliant. You focus more on your needs.

More planets in the western hemisphere indicate a person who is more attuned with the needs and wants of others. You have a keen focus and sensitivity to other people.


Houses govern the different activities of life, but the number of planets in each as well as the placements of zodiac signs in each house will indicate how each house will play out and manifest in your life.

What is the Second House?

The influence of the planetary energies creates the self, but what is the purpose of the self? The Second House is all about the expression of energies in something that can be physically seen and felt. The talents, gifts, and potentials presented to us by the universe are things that are precious and have value. The Second House is the ruler of everything we own. It explains our attitudes towards possessions, such as money, talents, and skills. What is your earning potential and attitude towards material things? Do you put a great value on it or are you someone who puts less value on material acquisitions? It also tells whether you have thrifty or extravagant spending habits.

Self-esteem and Self-worth

More importantly, the Second House tells us something about our self-worth, self-esteem, and sense of personal values. Our attitudes about material things are greatly affected by the sign in the house as well as the planets within it.

Our self-worth and personal values will define our attitude towards money since we use our talents and skills to acquire wealth.

The Second House is where we satisfy our desires through material possessions. This is a very practical area since most of the energies of our lives are focused on acquiring possessions and building security. The second house placement will let us question if we are using our energies the right way.

Accomplishments and the Inner Self

Life may give us accomplishments we are not satisfied with. These accomplishments may not harmonize with our inner needs. In these cases, the energy we used up and borrowed from the first house was not well focused and properly directed. Perhaps the way in which we are making money does not follow our true calling. For example, you may be making a lot of money in your career, but you may not be satisfied with the nature of your job. You are spending your 8 to 5 on something that is not giving you real satisfaction and wholeness. The Second House tells about your level of fulfillment with material possessions. It encourages you to question many things. Are the money and possessions you are acquiring making up for your sacrifices? Do material possessions give you a sense of empowerment? Is career more important than other areas of life?

But how does the presence of the Second House affect each zodiac sign? Read on to find out…

Second House in Aries Interpretation

Aries is the house of impulsivity and individuality. This sign plays a high value on their instincts, and they generally follow it to create something in the material world. They are ambitious and competitive and put their fighting spirit to good use to attain material success.


This house placement has a strong desire to prove themselves in the material world. However, success is not easy, and they may have a tendency to romanticize their ideas and concepts. However, Aries is a sign that rarely gives up and will pursue its goals until it is reached. When it comes to self-worth and self-esteem, Aries in the second house creates one of the most confident personalities around. However, they can suffer greatly when they have failures and drawbacks.

Moneymaking abilities

Most of the people with the second house in Aries have become financial tycoons. They have a marked ambition to make and earn money and are quite competitive. There is a marked love for earning money as well as spending it. Those who have their Second House in Aries should watch their spending habits and learn to analyze themselves if they are spending based on whims and a desire for thrills.

One marked characteristic of this Aries placement is they have to love what they do. If they go against their natural instincts, they will tend to fail. They will tend to grow lazy and lose interest. Aries people need to discover their true calling early on so they can focus their energy in the right direction. When properly directed, these people tend to be successful. It is crucial for people with this placement to put themselves on a budget and have a plan for their retirement.

Second House in Taurus Interpretation

Taurus is the natural ruler of the Second House. These people see value in everything beyond the material. They know that relationships are important, and that family is important. They also know that experiences should be cherished. This house placement creates a person that has a great talent for earning money. They have to watch out for feelings of guilt though since once guilt creeps up in their system they may lose control and have a hard time taking too much responsibility,


Security is something that Taurus people crave. They need to feel secure in all areas, whether it be in their relationships or with their bank account. Security is a feeling and highly subjective, and even if they have a lot, they are still bound to feel insecure. They also suffer feelings of guilt when they see others who are less fortunate. A Taurus in the Second House can liberate themselves by not focusing too much on themselves. Volunteer work is something they can do that will make them feel better. These activities will remind them that it doesn’t matter how much or how little they have.

Moneymaking abilities

Tauris is the natural ruler of the Second House, so a person with this placement wants to make money and has a gift for earning it. Their minds are constantly at work on ways and means on how to generate money. If they are not focused on financial matters, they may get bored and frustrated. This placement creates an individual who will want to hold on to his possessions, whether it be savings or inheritances. This may create a rather selfish nature. However, there is also a strong urge to give since Taurus is a sign that recognizes the needs of others and would share material possessions gladly.

Second House in Gemini Interpretation

Gemini, in the Second House, creates the freelancer type. They would rather have a multitude of freelance activities rather than be tied down to one stable job. They tend to make money from communications such as writing, journalism, and public relations. They are very glib speakers and can even make money by hosting motivational classes. Their expertise in handling data can make them adept at trading. When it comes to seeing the value of things, this sign may only see the surface of things. This outlook can cause a lot of disharmony in their lives.


Gemini in the Second House, individuals are intellectual and take great pride in their brainpower. Thus, if they are put in a situation where their mental abilities are put to the test, they can get embarrassed. If a person with this placement is taking graduate school studies, they may begin to doubt themselves if they have difficult professors. People with this placement, although they are great at communication, must improve their listening skills. Being able to attune to others can help them become even better communicators.

Moneymaking abilities

In the Second House, Gemini will have a lot of money-making ideas, and they would like to try them all! They have a talent for many things, so they have the potential for success. However, this placement should be wary of expending their energy in too many activities and thus wasting money and time. Geminis will have many abilities, so they have the potential to earn money in different ways. They have to learn to focus their energies and pursue only those passions that will gain them the most profit.

Second House in Cancer Interpretation

Cancer is the sign of family relationships, and Second House placement in Cancer means that this individual will have a good chance of earning through a family business. It may also indicate a person who will be working from home. There is also a tendency for inheritances to come their way. Some moneymaking ventures that this house will be involved in will be food, cooking, and entertaining. Usually, these people will rely on destiny to guide them to wealth.


This house placement has an inner desire for gratitude and love. They need validation in both their relationships and careers. If they feel rejection and failure in their relationships, they can suffer greatly. They also value their work and careers, so any disappointment in this area can cause their self-esteem to plummet. People with this placement should realize that success is always possible after failure, and they shouldn’t let small setbacks dictate what they can do in the bigger picture.

Moneymaking abilities

Cancer in the Second House is linked to materials possessions that are connected to the home. Money, investments, homeownership, and possessions are all connected to Cancer in the Second House. These people earn money well because they have a deep desire to nourish their own needs and family and friends’ needs. They may feel that enough is still not enough, no matter how big their bank account is. These individuals should examine if they have deep-seated fears or subconscious motives that manifest as an extreme attachment for material possessions. These people are often thrifty spenders, but they are generous with family.

Second House in Leo Interpretation

Leo in the Second House, creates stunningly beautiful people. Thus, money comes easily to these beautiful creatures. Models, actors, and theater people can make money merely by posing or exhibiting themselves. These people have strong confidence when it comes to money matters. Leo is the sign of the ego, so a person with this house placement should be vigilant about how they react to obstacles and failures. Any untoward incident that comes from society and other people’s opinions can directly affect their self-respect and feelings of self-worth.


People’s opinions matter to the individual with the Second House in Leo, and these opinions can have jeopardizing effects on their self-respect. Since they naturally put themselves on the spotlight, rejection can hurt them. If others reject or criticize them, it will cause them deep depression. Leos also have a great love for fashion, and they take a lot of pride in their appearance. If they know they are dressed well, it greatly adds to their self-esteem.

Moneymaking abilities

The Second House in Leo creates an individual that is talented and capable. Their growth is often slow but steady, and this goes as well with the accumulation of wealth. Material possessions don’t come instantly, but with much steadfastness, this placement will accrue it in the end. Leo in the Second House has a great desire for materials goods such as luxury and fashion. They may splurge on romantic partners and children, as well as entertainment. They have to learn to keep spending to a minimum and learn to invest their money wisely and put aside something for retirement.

Second House in Virgo Interpretation

This placement can be challenging. The Second House in Virgo creates a person who may never be truly satisfied. This individual is continuously nit-picking on past mistakes and is overly critical with themselves and others. The main challenge of people with this placement is to learn to value their achievements and success. If there is a strong Mercury placement, this person will be able to rationalize and resolve their personal issues. Money often comes to people with this placement through hard work and dedication. They are attentive to detail and get money after truly deserving it.


Despite their inner insecurities, a Second House placement in Virgo creates a person who has their act together. They are highly organized and have the potential for success. Their inner insecurities and nervousness can hold them back from their true potentials, however. Thus, they may need the help of a therapist or psychologist at some point in their lives.

Moneymaking abilities

Virgo is the Second House that creates a practical and thrifty individual. You love a good bargain and pay close attention to budgeting. You keep records and files of your spending. You know how to save and may even have a retirement plan ready. You are well organized and have a tidy approach to money. Virgos in the Second House may occasionally splurge on expensive items, but only because you want quality and think it is a better deal. Overall, you live within your means.

Second House in Libra Interpretation

Libra in the Second House creates a person whose relationship with others are crucial and vital. Their sense of worth is realized through their relationships and interactions with others. In some ways, there is a tendency to give rise to envy stemming from the possessions of others. This often occurs, especially when the planets are poorly placed. Money is often acquired through working with a team or with relationships, as well as the field of law and justice.


This placement has a lot of care and love for others. They can be extremely tactful and diplomatic. If there are challenges in a relationship, they can be very careful not to offend the other party. They will bend back and compromise to keep harmony and peace to keep their relationships intact. However, this is often not productive because it can lead to self-esteem issues. People with this placement need to realize the tendencies and habits that hurt their self-esteem. They need to make a stand.

Moneymaking abilities

A person with this house placement has great earning potential. They have a real eye for bargains and have the ability to make a good deal. However, there is also a tendency to overspend. You should learn to control your credit. These people can build sizeable assets in their lifetime. These individuals also can also earn through artistic pursuits. They will find success in this area. They also have a natural way of attracting people to them so they may come across financial opportunities through others. Libra in the Second House is fair when it comes to many and enjoy sharing. They would give value if they received something of value as well.

Second House in Scorpio Interpretation

This placement can be a challenging sign for the Second House. There is a lot of karma and retribution that surrounds the attainment of material possessions. Often enough, finances are left by ancestors through inheritances, which can be either a blessing or a challenge. A person has to do all sorts of deeds to come to the enjoyment and fulfillment of material possessions, and there may seem to be no end to it. Debts have to be repaid. It may be hard to enjoy material possessions since it holds a lot of karmic baggage.


Scorpios in the Second House may seem like they have their self-esteem issues all figured out. However, they may just be hiding behind a tricky mask. They hide their emotions from others as well as most of all their hurts and insecurities. Their self-esteem issues may go as far back as childhood. People with this house placement should realize the importance of moving forward in their life. They should get in touch with friends and family to help them. It is also crucial to get the help of a therapist to help them figure out their motivations and subconscious so they can move on from the past and into a better future.

Moneymaking abilities

Scorpio in the Second House creates an individual who has a high drive to create wealth. They have a good ability to amass wealth. Money matters to you are considered personal and private. Thus, you won’t be exhibiting the size of your bank account by flaunting your wealth through the latest designer goods. No matter how much money you have, you are a saver and know the value of money. You may have a gift for making money by spending other people’s resources through investments, banking, and insurance.

Second House in Sagittarius Interpretation

Jupiter is the sign of expansiveness and is the ruler of the Sagittarius. A Sagittarius placement in the Second House creates a tricky position when it comes to finances. It may be hard to hold on to money. However, earning money comes easily to people with this sign since Jupiter is the planet of luck. Sagittarius tends to overdo things; thus, people with this placement may spend too much as they earn much. People with this placement need to learn to be grounded and practical as well as cultivate common sense to gain true happiness with material goods.


There is a tendency for this placement to be unrealistic about their worth and accomplishments. Their main vulnerability, however, is their relationship with others. If they feel they have been betrayed or deceived, it will hurt them greatly. They may even have a crisis of faith. People with this placement also have a strong tendency to always be on the right. Losing an argument is something they despise. If they lose an argument, it can hurt their confidence. People with this placement have to learn to be flexible. They should understand that the quest for truth requires may require changing one’s belief system, especially when there is strong evidence at hand.

Moneymaking abilities

This placement attracts material abundance. However, luck with earning money can go away as fast because of extravagant spending. Sagittarius tend to be carefree and generous with their money. This sign loves the excitement that comes with earning money and may have a tendency to gamble. People with this placement have a love for the game, whether they win or lose. On a more practical level, people with Sagittarius in the Second House can gain money through teaching, publishing, and travel.

Second House in Capricorn Interpretation

This is a challenging placement for the Second House. There is a lot of guilt involved when it comes to finances. If there are mistakes made with one’s money or possessions, they may suffer a lot of guilt. This house placement will rarely recover if they have made bad choices in trusting others with their money. They will rarely forgive themselves. Material possessions will come to people with this placement, but they have to be ready for the responsibility that comes with it.


People with this house placement tend to be busybodies and overworked. They neglect themselves by putting so much energy on their careers that they neglect their health. They should understand that they are responsible for their own well-being and should make time for proper rest. They should enter a healthy routine to attain well-being and satisfaction. Although this placement creates super hard workers, they may often not have a clear career path. This can lead to a lot of confusion and self-esteem issues. They are also often hard on themselves even if they are enjoying much success in life. The reason for this is they tend to compare themselves with others. Competitiveness can make them miserable. People with this placement can benefit from life coaching and mapping out their life to see if they are accomplishing their goals.

Moneymaking abilities

Capricorn is an Earth Sign, so this placement will be savers. Capricorn in the Second House will tend to create tightwads, however, and who can be miserly with money. They are extremely thrifty and cautious. This is a placement that has all its energies directed towards material gain. Since they have a conscientious attitude towards money, they can amass great wealth. Cultivating their talents and being consistently responsible will ensure that they attain their goals even if it takes years and hard work to achieve.

Second House in Aquarius Interpretation

A house with this placement creates a person who has a different approach to financial matters. What they value most are friendships and transformational goals of society. When it comes to money, they will often take risks. They may find it hard to commit to one job or have a stable financial position. However, this placement will have surprises because the First House will be in Capricorn. Because of the earth sign’s influence, Aquarius in the Second House becomes stable with a definite plan in financial matters. This windfall allows them to have financial freedom.


People with this placement tend to be visionaries and non-conformists. They have great talent and are innovators. However, they will tend to doubt themselves. Standing out too much is also a cause of concern, which may give them self-esteem issues. Independence is something this placement values, so relationships can be a problem and a burden. They have to work out with their partners and loved ones the amount of distance that they need as well as the amount of closeness they long for.

Moneymaking abilities

This placement creates a highly imaginative person with great moneymaking ideas. However, it may not always be realistic. A person with Aquarius in the Second House will benefit from sticking to their most creative and practical ideas. There is much luck and success to be gained if this placement networks with others. There needs to be a collective effort when it comes to earning potentials. If they are putting up a business, this placement may integrate humanitarian values into their products and services, such as sourcing goods in a sustainable environmental-friendly-fashion. Their financial efforts may benefit a favorite charity or organization.

Second House in Pisces Interpretation

The Second House in Pisces indicates upheavals. An individual may rise and fall during their life. Belongings will tend to get lost at times, and this person will tend to lose keys and other crucial items. In the same breath, there is much financial insecurity in that they may not know how and when they will be earning money, if at all. There is no great desire for this person to have material wealth. If they desire money, there is a tendency to never be satisfied and to strive for having it all. There is also a tendency to have delusions and to overestimate their talents and skills. The real goal of people with this placement is to find their true calling in this lifetime for them to attain real and true satisfaction.


Worry and self-esteem issues can take hold of Pisces. What is unfortunate is these feelings may not even be their own because they are empaths. They tend to pick up and be affected by other people’s emotions. Pisces in the Second House also creates a lot of insecurity in the material sphere. These people may have esteem issues if they think they are not gaining material success. They need to understand that they have to balance between the spiritual and material aspects. Success comes in many forms, and they may be successful in their own way.

Moneymaking abilities

Pisces is a sign that creates extremely gifted artists, musicians, and dancers, so this placement may find wealth in the arts and entertainment field. Pisces is also a sign that creates individuals with unique and highly inspired ideas which they can use to create money-making ventures. The person with this placement has faith and trust that the universe will provide, which often happens. However, people of this placement must avoid being naïve and avoid investing in quick rich schemes. If negativity overcomes them, they also tend to get involved in illegal moneymaking activities.


Does money bring happiness? It certainly brings good food on the table and gives us everything we want and need. Our potential to earn money stems from our talents and skills. Our self-worth will define our success in career and business. Astrology gives us insights on how we will operate in this crucial sphere of earthly activity and whether material possessions will be a primary or secondary goal. In the end, self-fulfillment and satisfaction require wisdom and the balancing of forces.

What did you learn about yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


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