virgo horoscope readingPinSeptember is largely the month of Virgo, the mutable earth sign that moves us into the autumn season.

And with the sun in Virgo at this time, our lives are influenced by the themes of this sign. Some of them are:  service, work, day to day routines, purity and health.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself:

Here are some questions you could ask yourself to help you dig below the surface and figure out exactly what you need from this Virgo season.

  1. How is my day to day routine? Are there some ways that I could improve it?
  2. What is healing for me? What keeps me in a healthier state? For example, it could be simply being in nature, visiting a chiropractor regularly or going to yoga class.
  3. What do I need to clean or organize in my life? For example, maybe your room needs de-cluttering, or work tasks would be easier if your computer files were organized, or maybe you’ve been meaning to do a detox cleanse for a while? Maybe you need to manage finances?
  4. How can I be of service to others?
  5. What is my work? Is it in alignment with my self? How are the conditions of my work life?

Virgo Themes For September

I asked the Tarot what Virgo themes there will be for us in September.

Here is what came up:

Nine of Pentacles:

This card is linked to the third decan of Virgo. It is a face of Virgo that is called ‘Material Gain’. Abundance is a big theme for us this month. Our gains may be from something we have worked for; something we have earned. Enjoy your rewards! This card is an expression of the refinement of Virgo, so enjoy with something beautiful and luxurious! It would be good to spend some time in nature as well, and enjoy its beauty.

17-major-starPinThe Star:

This is a card of health and healing, and a card of renewal. The appearance of this card emphasizes that this is also a big subject for us this month. This card is also about spiritual connection. By trusting in the universe and our connection to it, we can have a sense of abundance, serenity, hope and optimism. Also, the beauty of the Star card cannot be overlooked! This connection to the divine is inspiring!

Knight of Swords:

This card is ruled by Gemini, but the sign is ruled by Mercury – which also rules Virgo. Communication may be a topic for you this month, perhaps in your work life, or in some other significant way. Maybe there is something you need to write? Also, this is a card of swift movement (a mercurial quality!). This card may indicate that it is advised to move towards the qualities of the other cards – the Nine of Pentacles and The Star.

Have a beautiful, healing and abundant month everyone! And please feel free to drop a comment if you’d like!